#MUSICMONDAY feat. Brandon Callies

Brandon Callies & the American Revival is an Austin based rock n roll outfit. "Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet" describes the band pretty well, since they are just as inclined to do stripped down acoustic sets as they are to do loud rock sets. 

Each track on this list played a pivotal role in my musical journey. They all influence my writing in some way, and I may not have even started playing if it weren't for some of these bands/artists.

Things to Know When Dating a PR Girl

So you found yourself hanging out with this girl who works in public relations, but what does that even mean? She’s organized and outgoing but she can be so demanding sometimes! There are a few things you need to know before dating a girl who works in the competitive PR world. We warned you first. 


She is determined

Working from her laptop on the weekend or taking conference calls is part of her work. When it comes to her clients she puts in the time to get them the credit they deserve. Expect this to be one of the most challenging but rewarding relationships you will ever have.

Communication is Key

If you mix up you’re and your in texts to her. She will most definitely correct you. The way to over this communication girl is to always be up front and say what you really mean. 

She knows news

Don’t be surprised when she brings up breaking news you haven’t even heard about yet. It's her job to be on top of how her clients can utilize breaking headlines. For example, if a story about texting and driving goes viral she will craft a story for her cellphone client. She may excitedly tell you "x client can write a blog post on how to best stop teens from texting and driving". Her mind is always analyzing what people are talking about. 

She could be a lawyer

Don’t start an argument with this girl unless you have facts to back it up. Be prepared to face a strategic communicator with a sharp memory. If you only started a fight to blow off steam than you're with the wrong gal. 

She thinks about photos & social media more than most people

“Which hashtag should I use on this post?” or “What would be the best time to post this on Instagram?” are typical phrases you will hear. Along with "Can you believe Martha posted that?". If she offers advice for your social media image she's only trying to help. It's nothing personal. Oh, and don’t you DARE touch that calamari appetizer before she snaps a pic of it!

She knows EVERYONE

You could be at the grocery store near midnight on a Tuesday and she will still manage to run into someone she knows. After awhile it will just become the usual. Sorry, everyone knows everyone in the biz.

Expect to Plan Ahead

Last minute plans to visit your grandparents this weekend? Don’t think so. This girl most likely has her planner full of to-dos and meetings for weeks. This doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. But spontaneous trips can be the biggest source of anxiety… or finding out how to kindly cancel.

She finds it hard to relax

A publicist doesn't earn national media coverage for clients by sitting on the couch. Since she works so hard during the week it will probably spill over on the weekend. t’s a type A, communication, perfection obsession thing. Don’t make her explain it. Just understand it’s a thing. 

She expects the best

This girl is going to expect the best from you. In return, you will have the most thoughtful, hardworking and loyal partner. Us PR girls can be a lot to handle but there are a lot of things that make us great girlfriends. At the end of the day, what matters the most to us are relationships. Whether it's regarding our client or significant other that is what fulfills our lives. If you can win her over, that PR girl will give you her best. 


Image 1 courtesy of Huffington Post, Image 2 courtesy of buzz2luxe.com. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Silas Nello

Silas Nello hails from Dallas. Like so many other people that call Dallas home, he grew up somewhere else.

Silas Nello weaves the spirit of these conversations in the music. Half rock and roll, half folk - blending the domestic dialogue with frustration, the music is playing for you. He's been a server. He's been a bartender. He's been your confidant at the bar and shared a long conversation with you while you waited in line at the store. 

Silas is on the Hand Picked Tour Aug. 22 to Aug. 27. You can find more information about the tour here.

"These songs came to me either organically or through friends over the past year while I was working on my album and broadened my creative outlook tremendously.  I think there's something to be said about "timeless" works of art and I feel that all of these tracks fall right into that category. Enjoy."

5 Phrases to Stop Saying at Work

Think of the last conversation with the most negative co-worker. How did you feel after that conversation? Most likely you will be ignoring that person from now on instead of looking for their advice and friendship. How about a coworker you met who was extremely nice but sounded like they had no confidence? That’s probably not someone you trust to be on your team. It’s clear that none of us want to be THAT girl at the office. Here are 5 phrases to stop saying at work so you can sound like the poised, assertive and confident #GIRLBOSS that you already are. 

“Don’t worry about it” 
Not only does this demonstrate that the work you did didn’t require much effort but it also makes that person feel silly for thanking you. Instead, own up to the great work you did and acknowledge them by appreciating it. Also, this phrase is super casual and not quite professional for the office. Better yet, show gratitude by saying “you’re welcome”. You deserve to be valued! 

“I’m not an expert but…” 
By doing this you are listing flaws in your thoughts before you even share them. This is not a good way to start a sentence because it immediately primes others to think “Well, she said she’s no expert…”. This along with other negative introductory phrases disqualify your idea before it’s even acknowledged. It is most likely a sign of modesty or shyness. Definitely not a good idea for future reference.

“I feel like…” 
Guilty! This phrase is typically used to set up a phrase you feel unsure about or could be offensive. Our advice, cut it to stop sounding like a valley girl to the max. Picture telling your boss “I feel like I deserve a promotion.” That doesn’t sound very compelling, does it? The same goes for the phrase “I think…”. Instead, save time by telling people what you really mean.  

I am not telling you to never apologize because that is definitely wrong. What I am saying is do not be that girl who apologizes for EVERYTHING. When her boss gives her one piece of advice, she replies “Sorry I…” or trips over a trash can and yells “Sorry!” to those around her. This are all mundane/ small situations that do not issue an apology. By constantly saying “sorry” are not only annoying others but also continually putting yourself in the wrong. If you do feel the need to apologize or address a situation please utilize other phrases like “Okay, I know not to do that next time” or “That’s a great idea! I’ll try that next time!”. That way you’re only apologizing when it’s sincere and appropriate. 

"Uhmmm" and "Just"
Even though all of us are blameworthy for saying this at one time or another doesn’t mean we can’t erase them now. Speakers who routinely say “um”, “uh” or continually sigh prevent their listeners from grasping their message. We’re all human but eliminating these unnecessary fill words will improve speeches to the nth degree. Another annoying filler you may not notice you use is “just”. It may sounds respectful but it always put you in the inferior end. Erasing this qualifier makes you sound much more confident.  

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Stocksy. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Raquel Talamantes

Raquel is a 2017 summer CultureHype intern! She graduates from UNT next May with a bachelor’s in journalism and a concentration in public relations. She aspires to be a music journalist or work in the music industry as a public relations professional. Outside of going to class, you can find Raquel endlessly listening to tunes, drinking tea, doing yoga and eating pho.

Follow her on Twitter @xraquelv!

This playlist is a mix of new favorites and old favorites that have stuck with me. Whether it’s the feeling of happiness, peace, nostalgia, sadness, or excitement I get when listening to these songs, they all take me back to past memories.

Listen to #TimesLikeThese down below.

How to Get More Work Done (Without Working Harder)

We all wish there were more hours in the day. Sometimes it just seems impossible to finish everything that needs to get done. Luckily, the team here at CultureHype has some tips to share for top level productivity. Read on to become the ultimate #GIRLBOSS who gets work done and has free time for brunch.

Designate optimal work time

When are you most alert? Do you find it easiest to tackle projects right after your morning coffee? Or are you a late riser who can concentrate best in late morning after reading the paper? When you designate this work time is up to you and your internal clock. This is so you can avoid those times in college when you tried to cram a late-night paper with no creativity or effort left in your bones.

Walk away – but come back!

The most productive employees are the ones who take breaks. If you feel your energy depleting grab a snack and water or watch a funny video on YouTube. Doing something you enjoy will energize you for whatever you work on next.

Make a to do list with deadlines

Even with the endless amount of list apps sometimes the best thing is a to-do list on a physical piece of paper. Put this on your desk where you will see it throughout the day. Not only will seeing it make you accountable but checking off that box is oh so fulfilling.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything that needs to get done we don’t fully focus on the task at hand. This is an ugly cycle of being stressed that leads to not finishing tasks and guess what? Being more stressed! To avoid this conundrum, get rid of all distractions and clear your mind before starting a task. This way you will finish it faster and with less pressure. 

Now, go get work done! Be proud of the extra hours you’ve earned to slack off now. 

Images courtesy of Exabytes.

Girl bosses we love: BTS in entertainment


Patty Jenkins

You’ve probably heard of a little film called Wonder Woman — it’s only the highest grossing live-action film directed by a woman. But Jenkins’ career didn’t begin with the awe-inspiring Amazon. Her 2003 film Monster (produced by & starring fellow #GIRLBOSS Charlize Theron), was named one of the best films of the decade by film critic Roger Ebert. Jenkins found her ultimate success through her hustle. To raise the money to make Monster, she made many short films, wrote her own screenplay & cast a young actress named Charlize Theron, who went from being relatively unknown to winning the Oscar for Best Actress. This lady never quits & we can't wait to see what she makes next. 

Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay.jpg

If there’s any one person in the film industry to look out for right now, it’s powerhouse director Ava DuVernay. In 2012, she directed the immensely powerful historical drama Selma, becoming the first black woman to have a film nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. But she didn't stop breaking ground there; DuVernay is also the first woman to direct a film exceeding a budget of $100 million for her work directing Disney’s upcoming A Wrinkle in Time. Her movies aren’t the only reason we love Ava DuVernay — before jumping head-first into the film-making world, she ran her own public relations firm The DuVernay Agency. Throughout her entire career, she has never stopped helping other artists and creators. She often uses her voice to call for inclusion and empower women and people of color, both within the industry & without.



This. Woman. Does. It. All. Known by her stage name Grimes, Canada native Claire Boucher writes, produces, engineers, & performs music as well as editing & writing videos. The ultimate musical Renaissance woman, Grimes began her life in Canada studying neuroscience before she went on to become one of the most eclectic & forward-thinking artists out there. When she’s not spitting out ethereal experimental music or writing the next big hit, she devotes her time & resources to advocating for equal opportunities for girls in STEM fields, even doing an interview with Teen Vogue from the 2017 Apple WorldWide Developers’ Conference.


WondaGurl is the the alter ego of Canadian-Nigerian Ebony Oshunrinde & she is absolutely SLAYING the scene right now. The kicker? She is only 20 years old. That’s right. Twenty. Since winning The Battle of the Beat Makers contest at 15, her career has skyrocketed. While most of her peers were graduating high school & starting college, WondaGurl was creating music with artists like Jay-Z (bringing to life the song “Crown” from his “MCHG” album), Travis Scott & Drake. This young producer has a big bright road ahead of her — & we’re happy to join her ever-expanding fan club.


Bozoma Saint John

Named Billboard’s  “Executive of the Year” in 2016, Bozoma Saint John is everything we aspire to be. Currently the Chief Brand Officer for Uber, Saint John cemented her legacy as one of the greatest names in music as the Head of Global Consumer Marketing at Apple, where she spearheaded the successful Apple Music streaming service. Saint John has come a long way from the pop-culture-obsessed 13-year-old girl who moved the U.S. from Ghana years ago, working with with huge names from Beyoncé (remember that FIRE Pepsi commercial she did back in 2002? Yeah, thank Boz for that) to the late CEO of Apple Tim Cook.

Julie Greenwald

As chairman & COO of Atlantic Records as well as the rest of her life, Julie Greenwald has proven that she not only gets the biz — she's using it to put more good into the world. Under her watch, the label saw 18 Grammy nominations & became the not simply the only label to have the RIAA certify four albums across Gold & Platinum, but the record label with the most RIAA-certified singles. With a particular interest in helping others, she pushed for a mentality at Atlantic that's more focused on great artists than just market share. We love what this #GIRLBOSS is doing at Atlantic & hope to see more powerful women at the helm of the industry.

Patty Jenkins image from Wikipedia/Gage Skidmore. Ava DuVernay photo from TheSource.com. Grimes photo from LiveNation. WondaGurl photo from Hollywood Reporter. Bozoma Saint John photo from Blavity.com. Julie Greenwald photo from Billboard.

#WWAPD (What Would A Publicist Do): 8 Local partnerships to lift your career

If you're a local musician who wants to increase your visibility we've compiled a list for you. These are partnerships you can make within your local music scene to benefit both parties. 

After all, these are give-and-take partnerships. As a musician, you have several services to offer. Here are some ideas to get your creative gears going.  

Photo of Sam Lao by D Magazine.

Photo of Sam Lao by D Magazine.


Okay, this one seems obvious but are you actually on a first-name basis with your local record store? This partnership has unlimited perks like in-store events, discounts on your record for fans & more. 


Quality photos and videos of your work are a must. It's important both parties have a clear picture (no pun intended) of what the final product should look like. Of course, there are professionals who are looking to make a living off of their creative work (just like you) so it would save resources to be on a friend basis.  


These are great sources of press for your music. A live studio performance will both promote their show as well as reveal you to their fans. This partnership is a great way to increase your fanbase. 

Photo by Cal Quinn for PaperCity Magazine

Photo by Cal Quinn for PaperCity Magazine


This one may not be as obvious as the others but it still holds possibilities. Could your band perform at one of their opening receptions or gallery premieres? What if the art gallery provided a mini-exhibit at your next performance? The list is endless if you think creatively. 


Supporting these smaller shops and promoting the brand to your local musicians is a great way to lead to a partnership. If you're not already a regular at the store, start there. 


The benefits of this connection are limitless. This can include designing of t-shirts, buttons & even album artwork. This partnership could allow you to handle your own merch from start to finish. The quality of merchandise can be greatly improved with someone who is experienced at what they are doing. 


Regardless of how strong your social media presence is you should be posting physical copies of announcements. It may be worth contacting your local print shop for a discount with exclusive use. As a return, you could promote to your fans and the local music scene. 


There are plenty of reasons to support local artists that are mentioned in our blog post Why You Should Get Involved In Your Local Music Scene. This is a great way to truly create a community of creatives. You never know what types of perks these connections will lead to. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Said Abusaud

My name is Said Abusaud and I am the photographer, visual artist, creative conceptualist and owner for a group I created called Afterglow Gallery. Afterglow Gallery is a members-only band of artists here in Dallas, TX. The team gets together every few months to create conceptual themed based photo shoots to give Dallas a new look on art. We’ve been getting together creating new ideas for over three years now and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to help me bring my visions to life. 

As a photographer, music is such an integral part of my life. All my photography, and the quotes and songs I coincide with them, have a hidden meaning. And nobody has ever been able to figure them out. I imagine one day someone will when i'm long gone. The following musicians I've selected in the playlist called goonie, have in some capacity, inspired me to create art. They all bring something rather unique to the table, all different spirits. I respect these artists more than they know, and I credit them for making me who I am today. A world without music is a world I wouldn't want to live in. The effect is unquantifiable, yet I always know how a song will make me feel. And when you lose someone, the song will always be there. As an artist and individual, I only show one part of my life. Today, you're getting a preview of the other side. Cheers. 

Mondays suck. We can help.

Ahhh, weekends. Two days of fun, relaxation & the opportunity to take your mind off your work hustle. Unfortunately, the joy of weekends is short-lived & often immediately followed by the Monday blues.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have an adventurous weekend & still be ready to take on anything work throws your way Monday morning using these easy tips.

Mondays suck blog.jpg


First things first, you need to take care of your body. Let's be honest: many twenty-somethings do a little bit of drinking over the weekend. Pair that with sleep deprivation & general exhaustion & your body will be too busy recovering Monday when you should be focusing on your hustle. Even slight dehydration can really affect your mood — & not just any drink will cut it. Chug that H2O and watch your health, your mood & your work improve like magic.


If there’s any time for a mini spa day, it’s Sunday night. Grab a sparkly bath bomb, a soothing sheet mask, or a relaxing scented candle & turn up your favorite jams. Stretch out into some yoga poses or settle in for a half our of meditation. Take care of your mind as well as your body so you can be in tip-top shape come Monday morning.


Scrambling to find your keys or those super important notes on your way out the door sets a frenetic tone for the rest of your day. Designate a spot in your house to put your keys, wallet, laptop or anything else you know you'll need & before your head hits your pillow, make sure everything is in one place. That way, when Monday morning rolls around, you won't have to frantically search your house like Gollum searching for his "Precious." Bonus: This also helps you cut down on the time it takes to get ready in the morning, which means MORE SLEEP! Speaking of which...


Look, we know it’s important to catch the newest episode of Game of Thrones to avoid internet spoilers. We also know the temptation to browse Facebook and Twitter into the wee hours of the morning is definitely not a good idea. Get a reasonable amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours) the night before work & we promise you won’t regret it. 


When it comes to your weekend activities, you do you. But if you really want to feel great come Monday, work exercise & outdoor activities into your weekend plans. Go for a hike, swim a couple of laps, hit the gym, or just take your dog for a well-deserved walk. Spending extra time outside can improve your mood & your focus, according to the Harvard Health Letter, & performing to your fullest #GIRLBOSS potential.

Ultimately, your Monday is a product of your weekend. Practice good self-care, manage your time wisely, prepare & you'll have no problem making the most of your time at work — after all, Tuesday is just around the corner.

Image 1 by Ban.do. Images 2 & 3 by Pixabay. Image 4 by Yeg Fitness.

3 Ways to Spark Creativity

There are times when trying to finish a project or write an essay but the creativity just isn’t there. You sit and sit at your laptop but the task just seems impossible. We’ve all been there. Here are some simple ways to get those creative juices flowing.

Take a Break

Why is that some of our best ideas come to us in the shower? Or right before we fall asleep? Or even when cleaning the kitchen? If you’re having problems coming up with an idea the best solution is to walk away. No, this doesn’t mean give up on the issue at hand. Rather give yourself some flexibility and time to think on the matter in a different way. When your brain isn’t straining itself to produce results it is able to open up and think calmly. Hence why you find your keys the moment you stop looking for them.

Switch it up

Try facing the situation from a totally different perspective. You can do this by going through the process backward or seeking contradictions. When mentally running through a process backward your brain will think of scenarios not thought of yet. As humans, we all have experience confirmation bias. This leads us to seek out facts and conversations that confirm our beliefs, ideas and opinions. Although this is a key part of our identity it can quickly lead to narrow-minded thinking. So, switch it up! The point is not to get upset or change your beliefs but to generate ideas you have not thought of before.

Give Your Mind a Workout

There are several different ways you can stimulate your creative thinking. A few minutes of alternative uses testing is a great way to do this. For example, take a common item like a paperclip and think of all of the different ways you can use this item. Give yourself two minutes to think of as many alternative uses as you can for said paperclip. It can open key chain rings, hold necklaces or clean under fingernails. Once the two minutes are up your brain is energized and ready to go. This is a great way to quickly energize your mind if you’ve been in a rut.

Now get to typing, running or whatever it is that inspires you! Turn on #GIRLBOSS mode and get to work. 

Photos courtesy of styledispatch.com

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Chad Goodson

Dallas-based artist Chad Goodson is on the move. With his acoustic driven, indie-soul sound you will enjoy smooth vocal melodies and tasteful guitar licks throughout his music. With influences such as Ben Howard, Allen Stone, and Stevie Wonder his versatile but consistent music will leave you happily heartbroken. With his debut single, "Looking Glass” released in April of 2016, this is one artist you will want to keep your eye on.

"My mood affects my music, and my music affects my mood. These songs are currently in my rotation of jams. I am drawn to songs that cause a natural reaction in me with either the lyrics, melody, production, or all of three. Being a songwriter I draw inspiration from many different places which causes my taste in music to be very wide. This playlist is a perfect example. If you aren't jamming these songs, then you should be."

Morgan Sullivan
What People Don’t Understand About Millennials

Disclaimer: Before you eye roll this is not the typical article about millennials. People love dissecting the millennial generation. Are they entitled? Are they technology obsessed? Are they going to save the planet? This is a realistic view of why some millennials act they way they do and what we can do to address real problems the generation is facing.

A past article from TIME magazine states: “They have trouble making decisions. They would rather hike in the Himalayas than climb a corporate ladder. They have few heroes, no anthems, no style to call their own. They crave entertainment, but their attention span is as short as one zap of a TV dial.”

Contrary to popular belief, this piece was addressing the Baby Boomers’ criticisms of Generation X. The truth is, every generation looks at the one behind them with annoyances.

Cellphone Addiction

Employers regularly complain about the difficulties of keeping millennial employees off their phones long enough to do their job. Although, it should come to no surprise that millennials aren’t the only generation facing a cell phone addiction. Smartphones are so addicting because they trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine or “happy chemicals”. We can all curb this instant gratification by slowly weaning off of our devices. Start slowly with 15 or 30 minute periods of not glancing at your device and increase as necessary to get the job done.


In a world of Instagram selfies, Twitter rants and Snapchat pictures that disappear in 10 seconds millennials are used to intangible and instant moments. This is why so many young adults admit issues when trying to form lasting bonds offline. A good way to combat this feeling of being "disconnected" in the real world is scheduling coffee dates with friends. By making time for face to face conversation you can fill the void of loneliness you may experience while scrolling online.     

Instant Gratification

Millennials grew up in an environment where everyone received a trophy just for running the race. This can be a hard mindset to break when starting to climb the corporate ladder. “By being deceived in this way, many millennials have been deprived of the most valuable growth experience in all of life—learning from our failures", said Dr. Sherri Sami. A rude awakening comes when we realize that if we aren’t experiencing failure we aren’t growing. A way millennials can overcome this false sense of instant gratification is by withholding requests for pay raises and promotions. Look to the more experienced professionals in the office or profession and study how long they worked before climbing up.

By being deceived in this way, many millennials have been deprived of the most valuable growth experience in all of life—learning from our failures
— Dr. Sherri Sami


To anyone who is anxious about what the world will become when millennials take over, just recall what was once said about you and the competence of your generation. Try to see yourselves in these young adults and you might be alarmed at the resemblances you discover. It is not the job of corporate America to step in and “fix” this generation. Personal responsibility for one’s own actions is the answer to fulfillment. It’s important to remember that several of the hurdles millennials face are not of their own creation. Societal changes are accumulated over generations of change. Most importantly, millennials are no less qualified than any generation before them to find their place in the world. 

Images courtesy of picjumbo and iStock.  

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Carolina Armstrong

Carolina Armstrong is the City Director of Sofar Sounds in Dallas and Fort Worth, a proud part of 357 cities for whom the company is curating secret shows globally in 2017. She's passionate about bringing the magic back to live music, making new friends, and getting people closer to artists and each other. She'll probably try to hug you. Come check out a gig by visitingsofarsounds.com/dallas-fort-worth 

"I think we live in such an exciting time, musically, for collaboration and access, creative risks and artist evolution. Those things happen so much more frequently and quickly than they used to. I added two songs from each artist here so you can get a taste of the breadth of talent just from one song to the next, some a year apart, some from the same album, just a great showcase of what artists can do."

5 Ways to Make Rejection Hurt Less

Rejection sucks. There are no two ways about it. We've all been there. It can be as small as getting a negative comment at the office or getting dumped after the first date. Or as serious as not landing your dream internship or receiving nagative feedback from a project a work. But like anything in life, rejection is what you make of it. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind for when you receive an e-mail with less than joyful news. 

Realize Rejection Happens to Everyone

Rejection is bound to happen. No one is perfect at everything all the time. This is not the time for comparison games. Even though all your fellow #GIRLBOSSES lives look perfect online realize that you’re playing the same facade. We all hide our insecurites, but know you're not alone in receiving a "no". 

Try not to take rejection personally 

Focus on the helpful advice you receive and apply it strategically to your work. However, do NOT apply it to yourself personally. Steer clear of negative thoughts like “I’m a failure”, “they don’t like me” or “I’ll never succeed at this”. Believe it or not, this could be feedback that can make all the difference down the road. 

If you’re not facing rejection, you’re not shooting high enough

If you’re not receiving any rejection are you really trying hard enough? The wise Amy Poehler once said “Quiet our voice because we are worried it is not perfect? I believe great people do things before they are ready.” Per usual, our girl Amy is spot on. Some of the best opportunities in my life have come from jumping the gun, but so have some of my worst rejections. You may not be experienced enough to speak at x conference, handle x project or lead x team but you never know until you ask! 

Rejection will make you stronger (really) 

If you’re ready to try again even after receiving negative feedback then that means you are passionate about your goal. This is the kind of mentality that will guide you through any hardship. Give yourself a mental break after the difficult news, but try to find the perserverance to try again tomorrow. After all, diamonds require pressure. 

You will succeed again 

Rejection will hurt, but don’t doubt your abilities! You are a beautiful, hardworking #GIRLBOSS (we’re all about lifting women up here at CultureHype). Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from doing what you love. 

I hope this advice will help you face rejection head on and shoot for the stars! Now go seize the day ladies. 

Images courtesy of askthemonsters.com and peels.  

Does the thought of networking make you cringe? Read this.

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ll probably have to do a bit of networking at some point. This is super true if you’re at a point in your life when you’re looking for opportunities — a new job, a new client, or a new professional connection. Unfortunately, networking can be intimidating & can often make you feel a little bit awkward (or a lot). 

Be yourself.

You’ve probably seen or heard this phrase before, usually written in a swirly font over a stock photo of a landscape or a small animal interacting with a flower. There’s a good reason for it — it’s true. Authenticity is key when meeting anyone. Forcing yourself to act completely different for the sake of impressing another person is going to make you & your audience uncomfortable & less receptive to your dynamite pitch/qualifications/message. People respond to authenticity.

Pitch, please.

Before the next time you go anywhere, figure out what you want out of a potential encounter & take a few minutes to write it down. This is your “elevator pitch,” or the 15-30 second summary of who you are, your goals & how you plan to achieve them — the time it takes to go up an elevator. You don’t have to recite it to every single person you meet, but it’s good to have in the back of your brain in case someone throws a question at you when you least expect it.

Ask questions, take names.

When you embark on a networking adventure, you’re bound to meet many new people. The best way to connect with them is to ask questions. Ask them about their work & really take the time to listen & find out what’s important to them. Make sure to remember at least one important detail about them & make a note, either on paper or in their contact info on your phone or email address book. Keeping track of all of these names, jobs & details is only going to only get more difficult if you don’t stay organized, so make sure to find a system that works for you & stick with it.

Networking can happen anywhere, at any time.

Networking is just a fancy way of saying “meet people & start a relationship.”  You never know who you’ll run into out in the wild — it could be a grocery store, a luncheon, a restaurant. In fact, the majority of our clients we met out in the wild. Don’t obsess over finding those connections, but keep that thought in your head when you’re deciding what to where & how to conduct yourself in certain places. And when that spur-of-the-moment conversation pops up, don’t be afraid to talk about your goals or ask for a follow-up meeting. 

There is no “right” way to do it.

This. This is the most important aspect of networking, no matter how awkward you are. Be your most genuine self & take a real interest in the people you meet. There’s no right way to network because people communicate in different ways. Even an uncomfortable silence can be an opportunity to ask a question and show your willingness to adapt to any situation. Work on honing your own communications skills, & when opportunities arise, take them — even if you’re a little awkward. Think of networking as a blind date. The more anxious you are about it, the more uncomfortable and miserable you'll be. If you focus on the present & treat people like humans, you'd be surprised at how many opportunities will come your way. 

Images from Pixabay.com

#MUSICMONDAY feat. D and Chi

D and Chi are a Dallas Indie pop duo that's taking what they learned on the streets of the Bishop Arts District to the world. Either backed by a full band or playing acoustic, this duo can showcase what's sure to be hit songs that'll be stuck in your head until the next show you go to.

All of these songs are songs that have been influencing our writing as of late. Some are local/friends and others may be undiscovered in Dallas but nonetheless you'll love the list. We encourage you to guess which songs are from D and which are from Chima.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Elena Alvarez

Elena is one of our new interns at Culture Hype! She just graduated from UNT with a degree in public relations!

"These songs emulate who I am as a being (at least this week). Fun and rhythmic and always a little upbeat. It an eclectic little mix that transforms from rock to RnB and I couldn't think of any better way to describe myself. It's easy to jam to but so hard to get out of your head. Enjoy!"

How To Spruce Up Your Online Persona And Protect Your Reputation

Why your reputation matters online

It should be no surprise that your first impression on the Internet is largely important. Even though your family and friends who look you up already know the real you, it's about informing others you have not met you IRL. Future employers and co-workers are trying to create an image of how you may fit in their work culture. It’s important to make sure what they find matches who you are (or who you want them to think you are).

Step 1: Research yourself (and remove what you don’t like)

Before you do a good old Google search on yourself you need to log out of all accounts or use a friends laptop. This way the search won’t be biased based on your activity. If the search results don’t match up with the “you” the public needs to see then there are steps you can take to tweak the results. Remove information from Google and Google Images with these forms. However, they only work for pages that have been taken down, or old, cached versions of pages that are active. Your best bet for Facebook is to delete any information or pictures you don't want public for the world to see. A good mantra for Twitter is "think before you tweet" because it is easily the most public social network.  

Step 2: Improve your online persona

Now, that you have erased what you don't want future employers seeing work to improve your online presence. Freelancers and entrepreneurs alike need to control their image. A humorous approach to halting online embarrassment is downloading Internet Shame Insurance. The extension only gives warnings when you're about to post a status update or reply all. So, the next time you draft a tweet you will be reminded that "Everyone can see this. That includes your grandma, priest" etc. This is an easy way to make you think twice before posting. 

Step 3: Keep it updated

Now that you’ve done all this work to spruce up your online presence you owe it to yourself to keep it up to date. This means repeating this process every one to three months so you’re not in a hurried mess the next time you have a job interview or are up for a promotion. An ideal online reputation does not have to boast perfection, just truth. Hopefully, this will help take your online presence into your own hands instead of leaving it to Google. 

Photo 1 courtesy of freepik. Photo 2 courtesy of shutterstock. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Lauren Gordon

Lauren is a senior public relations student at the University of North Texas with a passion for blogging, DIY, food and learning about the world. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, coffee lover and constant smiler who can (almost always) be caught eating. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish work focusing on travel.

This playlist is a wonderfully weird compilation that shows Lauren’s love of country, pop and everything in-between.