#MUSICMONDAY feat. Meredith Erikson
Los Angeles 2.jpg

Meet Meredith Erikson, one of CultureHype’s fall interns! She’s a graduate from the University of North Texas (UNT), who majored in journalism with a focus in public relations & a minor in sociology. She aspires to work for any group that values social good, diversity, & creativity, which is why she’s more than thrilled to be a part of #TeamHype.  

 She’s always on the hunt to discover something new in her city, whether it’s a restaurant, happy hour, or museum, she’s passionate about anything that expands her knowledge. In her off time, catch her vibing to some hip-hop, reading autobiographies of her favorite celebrities, or binge-watching Broad City. She loves traveling, especially to Los Angeles for its beautiful scenery, beaches, & eclectic food. After working in Thai cuisine for several years, it’s her dream to travel, & maybe even live in Thailand one day. Also, she can’t wait for the day she has a house, so she can own lots & lots of pit bulls.

I use music for every occasion in my life. From a party to cooking, to just relaxing in my bed, my best memories are always tied to a song. This playlist matches the variety of moments in my life.
— Meredith
Self-Doubt is a Bitch, These Quotes Will Help You Overcome It

Earlier this week, I kicked off a two-part blog post recapping my time in Ohio a few weeks ago for entrepreneur/podcaster Lewis HowesSummit of Greatness. My fav takeaways came in the form of moving quotes from incredible speakers from across the world. Click here to read my recap of Day 1 on the blog — chock full of #inspo from speakers like filmmaker/viral content creator/storyteller Jay Shetty & violinist/dancer/artist/author Lindsey Stirling. It’s cold & rainy outside, & it’s taking all of my strength to not stay in bed under my blanket & flip on Netflix. Read on for some inspo to get out of bed & hit the ground running! I know I need it today.

Lewis Howes, Athlete/Author/Podcaster - The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, Athlete/Author/Podcaster - The School of Greatness

Focus on three things daily: health, heart & happiness.
Become more interesting by being interested.
You’re missing out on freedom if you’re not being vulnerable.
Shaun T., Fitness mogul/choreographer

Shaun T., Fitness mogul/choreographer

Fear = False Evidence Appearring Real.
If you prioritize you, everything else will fall into place.
Find your fight, light your fire & don’t let anyone get in your way.
Eric Thomas, “The Hip-Hop Preacher”

Eric Thomas, “The Hip-Hop Preacher”

Cut negative people out of your life & surround yourself with people who think you are great. Get in the environment of greatness.
I had average skill, but phenomenal will.
If you try to be someone else, you will fail. The only thing that changed was that I decided, ‘I belong here.’
In-Q, Poet & Speaker

In-Q, Poet & Speaker

I undefined myself to find myself.
Compassion if you don’t love yourself is incomplete.
All of my success was informed by my failures.
Dr. Tererai Trent, Scholar/Humanitarian/Author

Dr. Tererai Trent, Scholar/Humanitarian/Author

I am the mistress of my own destiny. If you believe in your dreams, they are achievable.
Your dreams in life will have greater meaning when they are tied to the greater culture.
Women & girls are going to change the world, if we like it or not.
Give yourself permission to be authentic. Come home to yourself — own who you are & own your voice.
Amy Purdy, Para-Snowboarder/Author/Actress/DWTS Finalist

Amy Purdy, Para-Snowboarder/Author/Actress/DWTS Finalist

You never know when your detour will lead to your destiny.
The stories that we are the most scared to share are the stories we should be sharing. Your story, your truth, is your purpose.
Accept what is & daydream what can be. Hardships don’t disable, they enable.

Learn more about Lewis Howes & the Summit of Greatness at the Ohio Theater. Let us know which conference you’re looking forward to, or which quote was your fav on social media!

xo, Amber aka “HBIC”

Image 1 courtesy of ShineText. All other images courtesy of individual speakers.

Stop Everything & Read These Quotes for a Dose of #Inspo
File Oct 16, 11 53 49 AM.jpeg

As an entrepreneur, I often need a dose of #inspo in my life. Navigating the highs & lows of the day-to-day isn’t always easy. What do I do when I need to kick ass on a presentation or send a daunting proposal? I look for inspiration in podcasts, online articles & books. Podcaster & entrepreneur Lewis Howes & his School of Greatness podcast is one of my favs. Last year, I took the leap & attended his live podcast conference event in Columbus, Ohio. This year I returned with some huge takeaways that I wanted to share with our network. His podcast serves as a vessel of knowledge, chock-full of interviews with incredible entrepreneurs from across the globe. Read on for a few quotes that really stuck out to me from speakers at his 3-day conference.

Lewis Howes, Athlete/Author/Podcaster – The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, Athlete/Author/Podcaster – The School of Greatness

Self-doubt is the silent killer of BIG dreams.
I’m not attached to when or how, I’m just committed to making it happen.
Go all in on your fear until it disappears
Jay Shetty, Filmmaker/Viral Content Creator/Storyteller

Jay Shetty, Filmmaker/Viral Content Creator/Storyteller

Create a life, not a resume.
You can’t be anything you want, you can be everything you are.
Make small, incremental changes consistently. Small step, BIG priority — rather than BIG step, small priority.
Lindsey Stirling, Violinist/Dancer/Artist/Author

Lindsey Stirling, Violinist/Dancer/Artist/Author

If you’re not enough without a gold medal, you won’t be with it.
Some of my most defining moments were my failures, because I didn’t let them define me.
By finding the courage to be ourselves, we gain the power to make a difference.
Dr. Mark Hyman, Physician/Medical Director/Author

Dr. Mark Hyman, Physician/Medical Director/Author

You’re the CEO of your own health, live your life on purpose.
The power of community to create health is far greater than any clinic or hospital
Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist/Author

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist/Author

Unless you’re willing to let your old self die, you’re just a living pattern.
We’ve been raised to look outward. When we look within, we find the truth.
To be free is to trust that you are whole, abundant & worthy.

I hope these quotes inspired you as much as they inspired me! Stay tuned for my fav quotes & takeaways from Day 2 at the Summit of Greatness. Learn more about Lewis Howes & the event here.

xo, Amber aka “HBIC”

Image 1 courtesy of ShineText. All other images courtesy of individual speakers.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Joshua Fleming from the Vandoliers
I’ll start you off with our title track from our latest album. All of these songs are different & have an influence on me as a writer. They’re favorites from my friends, bands we’ve toured with, & those who inspire me. All great bands, all great writers, & different from the norm.
— Joshua Fleming

The magic for Joshua began the night he went to a Bad Religion concert with his sister, where he was inspired to create his own sound. Catch the Vandoliers onstage this weekend at Smoked Fort Worth, a BBQ showcase of the best Texas barbecue & live music. The all-day celebration will take Fort Worth by storm this Saturday, Oct. 13 from 2 to 6 p.m. in front of the Livestock Exchange Building at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. It’s a can’t miss & the Fest’s first-annual Fort Worth event.

We’ve got a double win for everyone, on this #MUSICMONDAY! Love a bit of country music & BBQ? Well keep reading, because we’re giving you a treat. Meet Joshua Fleming, the mastermind behind the alt-country band, the Vandoliers. Joshua brought together a group of DFW musicians who felt extremely proud of their marvelous homeland. They put their own spin on Texas country & threw in a dash of punk roots to create a sound that caught Rolling Stone’s attention. This Texas lover wanted to express his love for the great Lone Star State with the new single “The Native.” One listen stirs up memories of “East Dallas dive bars, Pantego pool halls, small towns, big cities, & the rolling ribbon of bluebonnet-covered highway that stretches throughout the state”.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Grecia Gonzalez
ch 2.JPG
I love driving with my windows down & blasting this playlist. It has a little of everything I love, from old throwbacks to songs I reflect to, and my favorite… country!
— Grecia

Happy Monday, but also Happy October 1st! Spooky season is in session ladies and gentlemen. Grecia is starting off this Fall her Senior year at the University of North Texas! #GoMeanGreenCaw;) She’s an Integrative Studies major with her focuses being in Journalism, Communication, & Theatre, along with a Marketing minor. With graduation being around the corner in May, you can expect her gushing with excitement and nerves to enter the adult world. She's excited to join the #TeamHype family & start her journey here! If sunshine could be a person, Grecia would be it. Her energy and good vibes are contagious & she’s passionate about empowering & inspiring those around her. This world traveler got to adventure across 7 different countries this summer & got to eat like a queen through it all. She got to spend her 21st birthday in Paris watching the Effie Tower twinkle at midnight, a dream come true. Fun Fact: She's never visited Disney World, but catch her this Spring Break making this fairytale come true. Some of her all-time favorite things in life are turtlenecks, sunflowers, board games, & ramen. You can find her shopping for her next baby plant or eating pizza with a glass of wine.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Lauren Smola

It's Monday, so you know what that means...#MusicMonday time! We are welcoming a fresh group of interns for this Fall, one of which is our marvelous Lauren. This beach bum lover will be graduating from the University of North Texas with a BBA in Marketing this coming December. She is in the hopes of moving back to her hometown of Austin, the city she loves deeply, in pursuit of finding a job in the creative marketing industry. You will most likely find this spunky soul somewhere at a small dive bar live music show, at different coffee shops around town, or curled up with her 9-year-old dog-child watching Netflix. Lauren prefers a minimalist lifestyle over a boujee one so that she can save up for her next trip, because who doesn't love traveling. Over this past summer, she was able to go to Alaska, Miami, and North Carolina! She takes these trips with her friends or her other half, where in either case, she plans the whole thing. She is always down for a new experience that 99% of the time includes some freebies. Lauren is one of our adventure seekers, who is determined on living life to its fullest potential & enjoy every step of her journey. Watch her thrive in her last couple of months in Dallas as a part of #TeamHype!

This windows-down type of playlist pairs with my double-sided style of 70’s and sometimes indie rock looks. It’s filled till the last note with soulful, foot tapping beats, mixing some OG old-school jams with fresh new artists.
— Lauren Smola
#MUSICMONDAY feat. Charlie J Memphis
Photo Credits to Cal Quinn

Photo Credits to Cal Quinn

“Here is a list of songs that currently move me. They made this list because they have been influential in developing my sound, inspired my writing, or just allowed me to escape. I listen to music across all genres while seeking out great writing & unique artists, which often leads to hours on Spotify going down the rabbit hole seeking artist with original sounds like The Builder and Butchers or Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.”
— Charlie J Memphis

Another Monday calls for another round of #MUSICMONDAY. This week we’re introducing 17-year-old Swamp Rock artist Charlie J. Memphis! “What do you do when you’re an old soul trapped in a young man’s body?” Well for Charlie that means dusting off an old guitar & powering it up with a gritty American sound!

Growing up in the west suburbs of the windy city we know as Chicago, Charlie grew up like most boys who loved playing with the classic Lego sets, video games, & had a deep interest in history. As a history lover since a young age, he’d go out & visit downtown Chicago’s museums & was first introduced to music by his dad & from there he wrote his first punk song at the age of 12 titled, “Heroes & Villains”. This rock artist was enrolled in the School of Rock in Naperville Illinois, & from there his music journey took off. After playing in some bands & getting the amazing opportunity to play in a number of famous venues like Lincoln Hall, Double Door, & Subterranean! After moving down to the good ol’ south of Texas, he took a step back from his music to find out who he. “My writings for the new EP 'Bloody is the Water', are a reflection of this time. I then began working with a vocal coach & fine tuning my music”, Charlie tells us. Stoked to release & share his first EP with the music world, on October 19th at Good Records, he has a great ambition to continue learning for the rest of his life & is determined in helping bring back the beauty of raw music.

Watch Charlie perform at Smoked Fort Worth on Saturday, October 13, & come to get a taste of his unique style of music.

Hello, World!

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Emily Berger
My music taste is just like my week, all over the place! I enjoy all genres & decades of music. Currently, I have been obsessing over European music. Here are just some of my new favs!
— Emily

Meet our new Creative Assistant, Emily Berger! Emily is a Photojournalism major at the University of North Texas. She is kicking off her Senior year with #TeamHype as a Fall 2018 intern. Fluent in German (her minor), she is also studying Anthropology in school. The rockstar photographer has been mastering her craft for six years now & dreams of becoming a freelance cultural photographer after graduation. On her bucket list is traveling & photographing the world!

The craft beer fanatic frequents breweries & music venues across DFW in between road trips to fests across the U.S. In her free time, she can be found trolling YouTube for new beauty buys from her fav vloggers. A true Texas gal, Emily currently resides in Denton with her orange Tabby, Snacks.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Buffalo Black

"Buffalo Black is an unprecedented synergy of soul, expressionism, & lyricism, unlike any previous rapper or performing artist to date. Born & bred in the inner city of Dallas, Texas, Buffalo is a 5 year veteran & an alumni of the University of North Texas. With one listen, you discover why Buffalo Black is one the best kept secrets in hip-hop from a lyrical & visual perspective. He not only continues to push the envelope artistically, but he shines a light on modern issues in a progressive manner. He incorporates cinematic elements with his story-telling while soulfully weaving lyricism with righteous fervor.

On February 13th of 2015, Spike Lee released, "Da Sweet Blood of Jesus", by which Buffalo Black scored a major placement with his record "Enter The Void" from his debut LP "Buffalo Black LP". The record is not only featured in the film but was released on the soundtrack distributed by EPIC Records & soon became a fan favorite of Vice Magazine online when reviewing the film.

This playlist is a reflection of the energy & attitudes I’ve been on so far this year. There are some tracks that’ll make you jump, think, & love someone all at the same time.

His song, "1984" & latest album "Surrilla", garnered attention in national outlets such as 2dopeboyz, DJBooth, & Hip Hop DX, while being nominated as, "Best Song", "Best Music Video," & "Best Hip-Hop Act" at the 2015 Dallas Observer Music Awards. In 2016, the artist won again in the "Best Songwriter" category. Buffalo Black has been billed with such prominent Acts as GZA, Mos Def, D.O.C. Kool Keith, Rakim, Ty Dolla Signs, Living Colour, Jose James, Doomtree, Young Fathers, Isaiah Rashad, Bishop Nehru, & more." Most recently, he released, "Be Like Water", a powerful piece that emphasizes his ability to flow & apply his style behind diverse, vivid audio landscapes. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat Sydney Anderson

Meet our new pop-country client, Sydney Anderson! She began her quest as a singer at the age of 8, performing country classics like “Leavin’ on Your Mind,” on music row stages such as Tootsies & The Stage. Over the past decade, Sydney has performed the National Anthem for both minor & major league sports teams across Texas, as well as military events, &and national races drawing in crowds of over ten thousand. Talent, drive, & a smile that just doesn’t quit allowed her to sing at local fairs, nightclubs, & opry houses on a weekly basis consistently for several years now. In the past Sydney has captured the title of CCM’s “It Girl,” & has opened for artists such as Three Dog Night.

Sydney has also dabbled a bit in voice-over work. Her voice can be heard currently in The Voice Karaoke app, The Karaoke Chanel, & commercials for Travel Dallas. Her true passion is for storytelling, & this is evident in her songwriting. Sydney’s music is a blend of Texas & Nashville country, full of sass &and energy.  

Watch her new music video "Fool Like You" on YouTube & stay tuned for her EP out Sept. 14 on iTunes & Spotify! Listen to her #MUSICMONDAY playlist below.

This playlist is a mix of throwback & new country. Lyrics are what I connect with most, & this batch of tunes lyrically could never go out of style. A couple of these songs I’ve been covering for years & the majority have influenced me deeply as a songwriter & performer. I’m a sucker for a sad country song & good storytelling.
— Sydney
#TeamHype Spotlight: Nelli Tokleh
Nelli T.jpg

Here at #TeamHype, we're all about celebrating our peers! In today's #TeamHype Spotlight, we are highlighting a CultureHype OG, Nelli Tokleh, our first ever employee -- besides co-founders Amber & Jarrod, of course.

After jumpstarting her PR career at CultureHype back in 2012, Nelli has had the opportunity to work at some amazing companies. With some persistence & dedication, she's been able to reach her career #GOALS. The CultureHype fam is super proud to show her off!

How has working at CultureHype helped you in your career so far?

“In grad school, I was working for Amber to gain PR experience while finishing my MBA program. I was trying to stay ahead of the curve in the PR industry while in school. So when Amber offered me a gig at CultureHype, I snagged it quick! I was actually Amber’s first hire for the agency. My role was to work with several consumer brands & find them editorial opportunities. So gaining these skills early on in my PR career was very valuable!”

How was the transition from college into the workforce?

"It was an emotional roller coaster. From moving back into my parent’s house from my college apartment to looking for a full-time PR job, there was a lot of stress. But the hard work & all of those internships paid off when I landed my first job about a month after graduation. Then adulthood happened...working an 8-5 job, paying bills, (& student loans!), etc. Most new grads will agree that it’s not an easy transition but having supportive friends & family around you can make all the difference as you ease into a new routine."

What is your day-to-day life now working at Dala Communications?

"I’m a Senior Account Executive at Dala, & I do a lot of traditional PR work, which I love. I’m working with several clients from the B2B to B2C space, as well as nonprofit."

What do you love the most about working at Dala Communications?

"In PR, every day can be different, so it keeps things exciting. The clients I get to work with have such great stories, & I love being the storyteller for their audiences and the press."

What are some tips you can give readers to help them find the job of their dreams?

"If you’re in college get internships in whatever field you're majoring in because it’s a valuable experience to put on your resume, & it’s a great way to get portfolio samples. It makes you more marketable for a job when you graduate. Also, don’t be shy to connect with someone who you would be interested in working for one day. So if you’re interested in sports, for example, contact the PR manager for that team. Send them a Linkedin request, follow them on Twitter, reach out online to ask for opportunities.

How do you think persistence is important in this industry?

"Persistency allows you to grow & develop. You press on, even when the situation can be tough. As a result, you can achieve that goal you're going for & become a stronger, successful person in your career." 

What has been your biggest accomplishment within your career in Public Relations?

"It's hard to name just one. I love working with nonprofits and getting to tell their story to the public. The best feeling is knowing you've made a difference for an organization who may not always have the help & resources available. Whether it's increasing their Facebook likes or getting them an article in a local community paper, the small things can have a huge impact on an organization." 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Ghost of Blind Lemon

Join Ghost on Aug. 4 from 6 to 11 p.m. at Oak Cliff's Spinster Records for a local live music celebration as our music blogger friend celebrates 11 years with a slew of Dallas-based musicians! The event will showcase acoustic performances by Megan Storie & Jacob Furr, followed by full-on rock debacles  by Mean Motor Scooter & Hand Drawn Records signees Meach Pango.  Then, head over to Double-Wide for a psych rock filled lineup featuring Caved Mountains, Corner Suns, & Sunbuzzed.

If you want to tune into Chris's radio show you can catch Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio every Wed. night at www.deepellumradio.com

Listen to #MUSICMONDAY with Ghost of Blind Lemon! Back in 2007,  Chris Mueller chose the name Ghost of Blind Lemon as a tribute to Blind Lemon Jefferson, one of the earliest musicians of note to play in Deep Ellum. Since then, "The Ghost," has not only been blogging about Deep Ellum & the music scene, but has booked showcases at various Dallas venues such as Club Dada, Opening Bell Coffee, Free Man, & much more for over a decade. In addition to scoring gigs he also is the host of his own radio show on Deep Ellum Radio.

In addition to the blog, Chris works as a teacher at a Charter high school.  When he's not obsessing about local music, he likes to spend time with his cats, play Sudoku, & other "nerdy" things.

I started the playlist with Old 97’s & Deathray Davies because those were the two bands that were most instrumental in my introduction to the Dallas music world. From there, I chose a list of some of the acts who have made the greatest impression on me (musically &/or personally) over the past eleven years. The last two tracks are newer releases that I feel are the best representatives of what the metroplex has to offer right now musically.
— Ghost
#MUSICMONDAY feat. rocker Bryce Bangs
Photo credit: Justin Hamra

Photo credit: Justin Hamra

These are the songs that have been on steady rotation in my house for the last month or so. Some old tunes, some brand new ones. It’s a nice mix of melt-your-face rock ‘n roll, drink away your blues, & party ‘til the sun comes up. 
— Bryce Bangs

Meet #MUSICMONDAY's Bryce Bangs is a Dallas Native who combines blues, rock, & soul in his new self-titled album which debuted this summer with a sold-out record release show at Granada Theater.

Bryce Bangs is a Dallas native who combines blues, rock, & soul in his new album. Growing up, he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Ryan Bingham, Notorious B.I.G., Black Keys, & Gary Clark Jr. When he's not recording he loves cooking stir fry, collecting bolo ties, & supporting his alma mater Texas Tech fam. 

“Bryce & his following are ones to watch as they climb the ladder,” said Granada Theater owner Mike Schoder after the artist opened the venue’s recent Bob Schneider show, “expect a fun party where the music takes you away.”

Bryce Bangs’ self-titled sophomore album is now available for purchase on iTunes & streaming on Spotify. For more information about the artist, please visit www.brycebangsmusic.com


#MUSICMONDAY feat. Kelsey Shoemaker
aKUjIGmd_400x400 copy.jpg
Monday’s can be difficult because your mind is tired & unproductive. I wanted to make a playlist that can set the tone for the week with beats that wake you up from that lazy Monday coma.

It's a new week & that must mean we have another #MUSICMONDAY playlist for you! Meet Kelsey Shoemaker, CultureHype’s new content creator. Kelsey is currently a Senior at the University of North Texas (UNT) studying Photojournalism. She is passionate about photography, having previously interned at D Magazine, College Fashionista, & now CultureHype. Kelsey loves surrounding herself with other talented individuals who have a strong visual & aesthetic style, the reason why she loves serving as Visuals Editor for her college paper North Texas Daily.

In her free time, Kelsey loves pouring wine glasses & putting on her Netflix queue which includes teen soap operas & murder documentaries. Kelsey also enjoys reading, coffee, cheese, and is obsessed with pasta.  

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Kenya Mavhera
Photo Courtesy: Tyler Dozier

Photo Courtesy: Tyler Dozier

“I was really able to pour my passions into this playlist. I’m all about empowering women. One of my favorite motivational quotes read; 'Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!' & this playlist describes that perfectly!"

July already..?! We are halfway through the summer! Stay tuned for this week's #MUSICMONDAY featuring our curly-headed intern Kenya Mavhera! This new #TeamHype member was born in Utah but is practically a Texas native. Kenya is currently a Senior at the University of North Texas (UNT), where she is pursuing a degree in Public Relations. Kenya has a passion for interacting with people and the world around her, this bubbly firework is always up for new conversations with new individuals! Kenya is always down for a spontaneous adventure and loves trying new things! During her free time, you’ll catch Kenya planning her next travel vacation, attempting to yoga, or striking a pose in front of the camera.

This free-spirit has a true passion for women empowerment & is all about #GirlPower. Kenya plans to go into the entertainment industry of PR & dreams of moving to California one day! This bilingual future #GirlBoss is one to look out for.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Stephanie Beckers
Photo credit: Tyler Dozier

Photo credit: Tyler Dozier

My playlist really describes my taste in music. From R&B to country, & everything in between, these songs will always make me feel something!

Meet Stephanie Beckers, a recent graduate from the University of North Texas (UNT)! Stephanie, one of our new #TeamHype summer interns, majored in Public Relations with a double minor in business & Spanish. The bilingual communications maven has a passion for dancing, music, & traveling. Catch her getting her fitness on, planning her next trip or concert, or looking for the cheesiest 'zza in town when she's off-duty. 

She loves watching videos of sloths on the internet & dreams of traveling to Thailand one day to make her dream of hugging baby elephants come true. Stephanie aspires to spread positivity & good vibes while bringing humor into people’s lives. The music aficionado has diverse tastes, spanning genres & languages.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Andi Benson
These are just a few of my favorite songs and artists in the world. I’ve gotten to see a lot of these songs live, so I have some awesome memories associated with this playlist. I love music that can match my mood, whether I’m happy or sad, & act as a soundtrack to my day.

She’s a recent graduate from the University of North Texas (UNT) & one of the newest members of #TeamHype. Andi, our new Account Executive, has been drawn to the alternative/folk/indie music scene since middle school after her best friend's older sister gave her a mixed CD, & she got to hear “good” music for the first time. Some of Andi's proudest moments include being handed the microphone at an Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros concert & seeing her favorite artist, Shakey Graves four (coming up on 5) times. Prior to joining #TeamHype, Andi spent time on Red Bull's "Wings Team" & as an Entertainment Intern at The Rustic. 

Andi’s free time consists of doing yoga, binge-watching Netflix, & scoping out new sushi places. She loves collecting lavender-scented anything & is working on becoming a better plant mom. Andi finds inspiration from music, the amazing people she works with, & of course her ultimate #girlcrush, Stevie Nicks.

HypeFest Diary: Meet Larry Gee
&nbsp;Courtesey of Karlo X. Ramos

 Courtesey of Karlo X. Ramos


This year HypeFest will have many artists but there is no one like Larry Gee on the lineup. Larry Gee is are neo R&B/Pop artist who does not shy away from being unique. He will push the boundaries and challenge the norms of pop, and rhythm and blues sounds. Some of his songs have a spacey vibe to them that you can sit back and chill to while others are upbeat and get you out of your seat wanting to dance.


Inspiration is key in artistry and there are a lot of pioneers that paved the way for others to express themselves, and Larry was no exception. Larry was inspired by the “king of pop”, Michael Jackson. Larry says the moment when he knew he wanted to pursue a career in music is when he was, “watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk on the Motown 25th Anniversary shown in 1983.” I hear a lot of Michael Jackson’s influence in Larry’s music. Jackson fuses Pop, R&B, and Rock, elements in his music, and Larry followed in his footsteps by mixing elements from Pop, and R&B, placing him in a genre known today as alternative R&B.


Larry says that “Everyone in the game” is inspiring him right now. He goes on to say that ” there is so much good music out there!” This is true! There are so many artists across the board that are killing it in the music game; but there are artist such as SZA, Daniel Cesar, DVSN, Majid Jordan, and the Weekend, that his sounds align with. Larry along with these artists are innovating R&B creating newer and fresher sounds that keep fans wanting more.


Courtesey of Rico DeLeon

Courtesey of Rico DeLeon

Larry has grown as an artist from the day he started singing his first notes to where he is today. Now with some experience under his belt he says, “ I am more aware of the music I want to create.”  

For HypeFest he says “ We should be on the lookout for fun sounds and some special guest” so come and check out Larry Gee along with special guest at the Rustic June 16th from 12pm to 2am. Be on the lookout for new music coming from him soon. To connect with Larry you can go to his Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and to listen to his music you can go to Spotify.  


Amber LaFrance
HypeFest Diary: Meet Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials


We are so excited for #HypeFest this Saturday, June 16th from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m at the Rustic in Dallas!  Help us celebrate our five year anniversary as an agency with live performances from our favorite local artists. Take a look at our HypeFest Diary to get to know the artists performing at the event!

As a Dallas native, Kurk Thurmond has got a lot of soul to share.  Kirk Thurmond and the millennials consider themselves a soul band, with a pop act performing a mix of pop and r&b.

At a young age, various things shaped Kirk Thurmond into the musician he is today including his upbringing in Dallas, his lifestyle growing up in the Dallas neighborhoods has influenced his life and passion for music in nothing but a positive way.

“As a Dallas native, in particular, I've become very aware of Dallas music and how it's influenced popular music in the last decade or so. I've spent a good bit of time in other "music cities," and Dallas is one of the most underrated hubs for talent that I've ever come across. KTAM has dedicated itself to continuing the tradition of influencing American music from right here in DTX.”


Although Kirk had many musical influences growing up, he recollects that Stevie Wonder taught him the most significant lesson, leaving her with inspirational words that have impacted her life as a musician and continue to do so.

“The best the I learned at a young age was from Stevie Wonder. He taught me that music doesn't have to be simple to feel simple.”

When asked about plans for Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials, Kirk sheds light on his ever-evolving ideas and an open mind for music. Kirk wants to produce timeless music that is inspired by the musicians that once inspired him.

“We've recently dedicated ourselves to recreating musical moments that we will never forget. There are a handful of songs/albums that I can remember changing my life. I want to pull the timeless aspects of that music and try to create new and fresh moments for new listeners or people that may not have grown up with the musical foundation that I did.”

When asked why Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials are psyched to perform at this summer’s hype fest the reply was simple, they are excited to play new songs, gain new listeners and have a fun time!

“KTAM has been growing as a group of friends, which has grown us as a band. It's funny how that goes hand in hand. So our show has stepped up quite a bit. We have plenty of new songs under our belts, new licks, new moves, new grooves. We're excited to show them to the HypeFest crowd. We are a guaranteed good time!”

#GetHyped and don’t miss Kirk Thurmond and the Millennials perform at this year's HypeFest at The Rustic, June 16th, starting at 12 p.m. For more information on 88 Killa, check out his Facebook!  Learn more about the event and artists performing at Hypefest on our Facebook event page & RSVP to save your sp


Amber LaFrance
HypeFest Diary: Meet Remy Reilly
Courtesy of J.Waffles

Courtesy of J.Waffles


This year is Culture Hypes first Hypefest! While you are there you will be able to see Remy Reilly perform, a 14 year old singer/songwriter from North Texas that has a very mature and soulful voice.

Remy discovered her love for music at the age of 11 by taking drum lessons and had her first performance at the age of 12. This propelled her into pursuing music more seriously.

It's not easy to be a singer/songwriter at a young age but Remy makes it look effortless as she is creating catchy songs that are being played on the radio. She overcomes adversity and that’s what makes her special.

“Becoming an artist at this age gives me the opportunity to practice my craft and dedicate more time to writing,” she tells us. “It also makes me want to inspire more young people to do what they love. That you can do anything you want at any age.”

As a child, Remy was musically influenced by her parents. Her mom introduced her to hip-hop and R&B and her dad showed her rock. She said she listened to The Cure, ZZ Ward, and Billy Joel.
Now, Remy’s music has an impact on people and her voice influences others. She hopes to show her fans that they have the ability to “Do whatever it is they are into. That they can pursue their dreams at any age, and to just have fun.”


Courtesy of Will Von Bolton   

Courtesy of Will Von Bolton

In the next couple of years, Remy wants to have a band, open for bigger artists, and drop a new EP. She can definitely reach those goals because she is persistent, disciplined and ambitious.

HypeFest gives an opportunity for Dallas’s artists to come together and celebrate all kinds of music. It will be a fun place for people to come and relax, eat and enjoy good music. Remy thinks “having all the creatives of Dallas in one festival gives a good chance at networking and meeting new people not only in the arts but in other industries too.”

This rising star is someone to look out for as she grows as an artist and makes more music. Remy will be performing Saturday afternoon on June 16th along with an amazing lineup of Dallas artists. Come check her out at Hype Fest 2018. To connect with Remy you can follow her on Facebook or if want to listen to her music you can go to Spotify!#GetHyped#HypeFest18#CultureHypeArtists.

Amber LaFrance