#MUSICMONDAY feat. The Mammoths

Austin-based band The Mammoths is heavy-hitting sounds, the band’s influence into a melting pot of blues-rock psychedelia in their impressive debut. Each member of the band possesses a deep-rooted passion in music. Comprised of four members: lead singer David Kapsner; lead guitarist Michael Jekot; bass player Tyler Rush; & percussionist Tim Durand, The Mammoths have refined their sound and found their sweet spot in blending elements of blues, rock & psychedelic into their songwriting, with face-melting guitar licks, hard-hitting drumbeats & soulful vocals. 

“We each picked a few songs that we grew up listening to & that we’re currently jamming to. Those are all over the map, but each represents our individual style & personality. Needless to say, the playlist is a bit of a #musicrollercoaster. We hope you enjoy it!”