#MUSICMONDAY feat. Nicollette Mollet


"Music is this mystery that has a way of swaying our moods & emotions & it can even harbor memories. With the right kind of playlist, my subjects feel they can be whoever they desire to be in front of my camera."

Graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas in 2013 with a BFA in Photography, Nicollette Mollet has continued to build her successful photography business from the ground up in Dallas, TX.

Mollet specializes in fashion and beauty portraiture, balancing commercial work as well as her high school senior portrait photography business, SENIORS by Nicollette. 

With ambitions to continue growing & learning, she finds it personally fulfilling to help people see themselves in a new light and to create lasting, tangible memories for people to cherish throughout their years. Over the years, we've done some amazing shoots with Nicollette - she's our go-to for high-fashion, creative photography. 

Check out her website, Twitter, and Facebook for more information.