#MUSICMONDAY feat. Jake Ryan Hull

I love to scour the internet for brand new songs that fit my current mood or tastes. But being a small business owner, I can have 100 different emotions each day. I usually try to find songs that have been released recently or have not picked up a lot of traction yet because I like to test my skills at spotting rising talent early. I constantly add and subtract to this playlist but I have a sub-playlist for all of the past songs that have passed through.

Jake is the creator/director of Cinderblock sessions. He started film in early 2011 upon leaving highschool. After receiving a camera as a present, he bullshitted his way into several jobs by acting like he knew what he was doing. By doing that, he learned the ins and outs of creating succesful projects from great minds. He loves long walks on the beach but he hates sand. He is a creator of all arts.

Amber LaFrance