LEV’s infectious lyrics alongside dreamy synths & booming beats serve as a formidable nod to ‘70s disco & ‘80s synth-pop. LEV is set to release her debut LP later this year.

I have a very wide array of taste in music like most musicians & artist do.  One thing I can say is if I find a song that truly speaks to me, I will literally put it on repeat until the song is worn out just enough that one listen a day will suffice. I have songs on this playlist that I’ve danced my heart out to in Dance clubs, & songs that take me back to a memory that’s pleasant to me, and when I want to go back and feel that, I will play that song.  I create playlists for certain activities I’m doing. For example, when I’m rollerblading I find songs that I can skate to the perfect rhythm.  As for my running playlist, I actually listen to a lot of Café Del Mar instrumental or the Washed Out album. And when I’m journaling in the mornings I love to listen to Day Wave. So I hope you enjoy this beautiful playlist I would like to name ‘Captain Random.’
Amber LaFrance