What a Journalist Wants

When you work in public relations, knowing how to communicate with journalists is a crucial skill. The folks over at Muck Rack Daily conducted a survey of journalists from across the country, & their results can help you craft your message so they will want to tell your story.

Keep your Twitter game strong

Snapchat & Instagram may be growing in popularity, but most journalists see Twitter as the best place to share their thoughts, stories & connect with other people. Still not convinced? The survey also showed that 72 percent of journalists track how many times their stories are shared. Make sure you have a good presence on Twitter you never know what opportunities you will find.


When you pitch to a journalist, you’re officially in the business of persuasion. Tailoring your message to the individual journalist you want to reach is super important if you want them to listen to what you have to say. In fact, 22 percent of the journalists said a lack of personalization is surefire way to  make them reject your pitch immediately. So, do your research & make sure you send that pitch between the hours of 9 a.m. & 11 a.m., the best time to pitch to people in the media.

Steer clear of emojis

While emojis are a fun way to personalize your texts or order pizza (thanks for that, Pizza Hut!), journalists don’t want to see them in your pitch. Ditch ‘em & highlight what makes your pitch unique instead.

Email, Don't Call

Reporters receive tons of pitches and requests every day. If they took everyone's phone call, they would never have time to write about anything. Your flawless copy, newsworthy angle & personalization will speak for itself.

Image from Pexels.com