How to Ditch Stress as a Status Symbol

A conversation during brunch with your girlfriends can quickly turn into an all-out competition of who is busier. A simple question like, “What have you been up to?” escalates to “I’ve had x projects at work, x dates for lunch and x amount of workout classes to go to.” A phrase that constantly slips out is “I am so busy”. When we’re not busy being stressed we’re busy talking about it. Stress may be the saddest American status symbol but we’re all competing.

A lot of us females are trying to do it all. We are trying to compete with the flawless fitness model on Instagram and excel in our careers. The truth is that we are stretching ourselves too thin. Spin class after work, balancing weekend brunch plans and working from home leaves us feeling pretty frazzled. Being stressed should not equate to being in demand but that’s how we measure it.

Okay, so I admit I have a problem. How do I stop? We’ve got it covered for all you hard working ladies out there.

Learn to say no

First things first! Do no feel compelled to say yes to every project. Sometimes we girl bosses truly take on more projects than we can handle. Although we want to contribute as much as we can at work, home and with friends we have to learn when to say no. Turning down tasks that won’t add anything except stress to your life does not make you weak. At the end of the day, the only one responsible for your own happiness is you.

Take a break

Our minds are not designed to work for hours on end. A great way to break the monotony is to take a walk after lunch, call a loved one or scroll through some of your favorite Pinterest boards. Don’t feel guilty for taking a well-deserved break because it will help productivity in the long run.


By prioritizing tasks you should be able to focus on one project at a time. This way you’re not shocked when you’re about to sink into your bed and remember you have a huge assignment due for work. That’s the worst! Make a list in order of the most important tasks and reel in that accomplished feeling when you check them off. This process should provide some clarity and let your day feel manageable.

Reward yourself

Yay! You completed that huge work project but instead of rewarding yourself like you should your mind is filled with a list of all of the other things you need to accomplish. Instead of self- defeating thoughts you should reward yourself with a short break or some kind of treat. Then get back to work!

Be proud of all the work you’re completing and know you are valuable. No matter how full (or empty) your agenda is.

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