#MUSICMONDAY feat. Silas Nello

Silas Nello hails from Dallas. Like so many other people that call Dallas home, he grew up somewhere else.

Silas Nello weaves the spirit of these conversations in the music. Half rock and roll, half folk - blending the domestic dialogue with frustration, the music is playing for you. He's been a server. He's been a bartender. He's been your confidant at the bar and shared a long conversation with you while you waited in line at the store. 

Silas is on the Hand Picked Tour Aug. 22 to Aug. 27. You can find more information about the tour here.

"These songs came to me either organically or through friends over the past year while I was working on my album and broadened my creative outlook tremendously.  I think there's something to be said about "timeless" works of art and I feel that all of these tracks fall right into that category. Enjoy."