How to Get More Work Done (Without Working Harder)

We all wish there were more hours in the day. Sometimes it just seems impossible to finish everything that needs to get done. Luckily, the team here at CultureHype has some tips to share for top level productivity. Read on to become the ultimate #GIRLBOSS who gets work done and has free time for brunch.

Designate optimal work time

When are you most alert? Do you find it easiest to tackle projects right after your morning coffee? Or are you a late riser who can concentrate best in late morning after reading the paper? When you designate this work time is up to you and your internal clock. This is so you can avoid those times in college when you tried to cram a late-night paper with no creativity or effort left in your bones.

Walk away – but come back!

The most productive employees are the ones who take breaks. If you feel your energy depleting grab a snack and water or watch a funny video on YouTube. Doing something you enjoy will energize you for whatever you work on next.

Make a to do list with deadlines

Even with the endless amount of list apps sometimes the best thing is a to-do list on a physical piece of paper. Put this on your desk where you will see it throughout the day. Not only will seeing it make you accountable but checking off that box is oh so fulfilling.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything that needs to get done we don’t fully focus on the task at hand. This is an ugly cycle of being stressed that leads to not finishing tasks and guess what? Being more stressed! To avoid this conundrum, get rid of all distractions and clear your mind before starting a task. This way you will finish it faster and with less pressure. 

Now, go get work done! Be proud of the extra hours you’ve earned to slack off now. 

Images courtesy of Exabytes.