The CultureHype Collective: Meet Jayson LaFrance


If you had to choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Creative. Technical. Analytical.

When you find yourself in a creative rut, where do you seek inspiration?

Travel really clears the mind & opens up opportunities for creative thinking.

Who is your fashion icon?

Benedict Cumberbatch. Scarves are the best male fashion accessory.


None yet.

What is unique to you about Dallas?

I feel like there is still a lot of opportunity for growth & collaboration in the creative community here.

EVERY FRIDAY we'll be rolling out a little something called The CultureHype Collective. What is that? One could call it a dream team, our crew of preferred vendors who are killing it in the Big D & beyond. Meet The Collective.

Jayson is more than just a web & design specialist, he sees the big picture. His forte is creating unique & strikingly functional experiences for clients & kick-ass branding initiatives. Analytical & creative, Jayson is also the man behind the brand new Longhorn Ballroom, CultureHype & BJ Stricker websites - & a part of the LaFrance family, the owners who've renovated the historic space.

If you had to pick one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Magic Sword's "Legend" EP

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Anything from N'SYNC or Backstreet Boys.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

Probably my 'Space Cat' T-shirt

Jayson LaFrance

What is your biggest goal/dream for your career? Being able to work completely remote so I can travel for extended periods

How did you come about being involved in the business you’re in?// When did you know that’s what you wanted to do? Building websites require a mixture of both creative and technical skills that I love.