#MUSICMONDAY feat. Clair Reilly-Roe


As the baby of 3 in a house of British-Trinidadian-Canadians, Clair was raised on Macrobiotic Food, Transcendental Meditation, Gregorian Chants and Energization Exercises.  She spent her high school years playing basketball and pro-snowboarding, before trading her Burton for a Gibson to live in New York City. Clair took a big bite of the big Apple— from wedding singing for NYC’s social elite, bottle service waitressing in exclusive nightclubs, performing on Live with Kelli and Michael for CeeLo Green, and playing with both a psychedelic/jazz/improv trio and a kids hip hop group— she conquered the rat race just in time to hear the West Coast calling. It was a rocky road to California, but the soft sand and Prozac sun helped her see through the vapors to find herself living in the Laurel Canyon backyard Tipi of actor Jeremy Sisto.  Up next...  A live tour, playing at amazing Vintage Stores across the USA!

These songs give me an endless kaleidoscope feelings.  Some of them make me wanna dance and get high, some of them make me want to cry and hide out for days.  I think both extremes - and everything in between - are all equally important in order to live a full life and fuck shit up doing it your own way. 

Morgan Sullivan