#MUSICMONDAY feat. Relvyn "Vinny" Lopez

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Introducing Relvyn Lopez aka “Vinny”, a new intern at #TeamHype & music playlist guru! Graduating from UNT this May with a bachelor’s degree in PR, he aspires to use his knowledge & skills to work his way into the music industry & become a recording artist of his own. He wants to raise Latin/Hispanic representation in the music industry & eventually become a creative director for a major fashion brand. His favorite artists range in genre, from Banks and Florence + the Machine to Frank Ocean, SZA, Daniel Caesar, and Sabrina Claudio to Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa. Ultimately, R&B is where his soul lies.

“These songs are not only pretty fresh but have had an everlasting effect on me. These are the songs I’ll listen to years from now with nostalgia and remember the exact relative emotion I was feeling while listening to it. They’re happy, they’re sad, they’re corny, but above all these songs are just beautiful.”

Amber LaFrance