THIS IS ME: Nothing but good vibes with Sam Lao

Sam Lao exudes creativity. The rapper-singer from Dallas, Texas enjoys decorating her loft with the art from which she draws a lot of her inspiration. In effect, her & her partner--photographer/artist Jeremy Biggers--have transformed their home into an expressive mecca; a monument to artistry.

“I like a lot of visual noise to go along with my audio noise,” she says.

She is constantly writing or workshopping music in her home & needs a vibrant environment to keep fueling her creativity. The end result: Lots of colors & patterns.

“I actually assign a color to every song,” she says. “It’s a bit like synesthesia, & my home is a collection of those songs & colors.”


Each room aids in her creative process, fostering as an atmosphere of innovation & experimentation. If Lao is ever in need of inspiration, all she has to do is turn to the artwork adorning her home.

“The furniture is pretty minimal,” she says with a laugh. “But what we do have, we now get from places like Pier 1.”

“Beyond that, it’s a lot of work we find at art shows.”

When her & her partner seek out new works to add to their home decor, they never embark on a shopping trip with a specific agenda.

“A lot of what we buy is just pieces that inspired us in the moment,” she describes. “We let it speak to us.”


A lot of the time, that means supporting underrepresented artists.

“I empathize with groups that yearn for representation. Whether it’s artists of color or LBGT artists, I always try to support their work.”

Lao has carved a niche in the Dallas music scene with her signature style & sound. Her music & music videos have already landed her numerous accolades. She now hopes to bring that style into your living room with a playlist made exclusively for Pier 1 customers. 

“It’s all about creating good vibes,” she says of the playlist. “It’s great to listen to when you get off work, you’ve finished that daily grind & now you’re just trying to unwind.”

As Sam Lao knows, unwinding isn’t too difficult when you surround yourself with a decor that speaks to you.

Stay in touch with Sam on Instagram. Join her as we roll out a new Pier 1 experience on April 21 in Arlington (4145 S. Cooper St.) from 3 to 5 p.m. as she shares her home décor favs with us in person over a glass of rosé. In the meantime, see what's new online as Pier 1 gives DFW a sneak peek into their new look! Follow Pier 1 on Pinterest to check out Sam's playlist. 

Written by Tyler Hicks. Images courtesy of Jeremy Biggers for Pier 1.