HypeFest Diary: Meet Becky Middleton

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The countdown has begun, we have two more days to go until our all day HypeFest! With celebration in the air, we are excited to wrap up the week with the artists we will be showcasing on The Rustic’s stage from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. on June 16th.

Meet Becky Middleton, a soul, pop, and roots artist who has been groovin’ her way through the Dallas music scene. The sound of her upcoming record is super soulful and piano heavy. The powerful vocals Becky possess will give you Adele/Aretha vibes that make you want to sing along and sway to the beat of the song.

Growing up, her dad would play her all of his old vinyls from Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Beatles, The Beach Boys,  Johnny Cash, etc. Another music idol she loves is Whitney Houston. Music has always ran in her family, she was always in church and school choirs. She never decided she wanted a singing career but knew it was the only thing she ever wanted to do since a young age.

Within Becky’s music, you can expect to relate to her lyrics as she always wants to reach her fans wherever they’re at.

“Beyond being a serious musician and making good art that is timeless, I always want what I write to speak to people on a personal level,” she tells us. “It is the highest commendation when someone comes up to me after a show and says that a song really spoke to them or described what they are going through.”

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Throughout her life, Becky faced many obstacles that she had to overcome to be where she is today. For many years, she would record and sing backup for other people; she had a limitless voice for those projects but not of her own. This album is really where she found her own voice.

“I had people in my life telling me what I needed to sound like. And it all changed when I stopped trying to be what people wanted me to be,” Becky told us. “Around the same time, I went through this breakup where I was writing these new songs and so it all kinda came out in this new sound for the record.”

Becky states that first and foremost, she is a singer. She is classically-trained and loves singing to all genres for different projects. To her, the sky's the limit in the studio. Also, when it comes to recording, she has one rule. Do NOT use autotune.

“You have to have more than one fire going at the same time, always pushing forward in an artistic career,” she explains. “For me, that starts with sitting at my piano or guitar and writing.”

She plans to continue growing as an artist by always listening for new inspiration. She has been newly inspired by personal things in her life as well as beautiful music such as Musgrave’s new album. She envisions her music winning her a Grammy award one day! (She’s pretty sure she practiced her speech in the mirror when she was a kid.)  

Not only is Becky excited to perform on such a great stage such as The Rustic for HypeFest, but she is thrilled to kick it with her CultureHype Fam while enjoying some amazing food.

Make sure to check out her album release later this year along with many more shows in July. For more information on Becky Middleton, check out her website at: http://www.beckymiddleton.com/. Also, #GetHyped and RSVP your spot on Facebook to attend HypeFest this Saturday!  

Images 1 and 3- photo courtesy of Nicolette Mollet

Amber LaFrance