HypeFest Diary: Meet Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials



We are so excited for #HypeFest this Saturday, June 16th from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m at the Rustic in Dallas!  Help us celebrate our five year anniversary as an agency with live performances from our favorite local artists. Take a look at our HypeFest Diary to get to know the artists performing at the event!

As a Dallas native, Kurk Thurmond has got a lot of soul to share.  Kirk Thurmond and the millennials consider themselves a soul band, with a pop act performing a mix of pop and r&b.

At a young age, various things shaped Kirk Thurmond into the musician he is today including his upbringing in Dallas, his lifestyle growing up in the Dallas neighborhoods has influenced his life and passion for music in nothing but a positive way.

“As a Dallas native, in particular, I've become very aware of Dallas music and how it's influenced popular music in the last decade or so. I've spent a good bit of time in other "music cities," and Dallas is one of the most underrated hubs for talent that I've ever come across. KTAM has dedicated itself to continuing the tradition of influencing American music from right here in DTX.”


Although Kirk had many musical influences growing up, he recollects that Stevie Wonder taught him the most significant lesson, leaving her with inspirational words that have impacted her life as a musician and continue to do so.

“The best the I learned at a young age was from Stevie Wonder. He taught me that music doesn't have to be simple to feel simple.”

When asked about plans for Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials, Kirk sheds light on his ever-evolving ideas and an open mind for music. Kirk wants to produce timeless music that is inspired by the musicians that once inspired him.

“We've recently dedicated ourselves to recreating musical moments that we will never forget. There are a handful of songs/albums that I can remember changing my life. I want to pull the timeless aspects of that music and try to create new and fresh moments for new listeners or people that may not have grown up with the musical foundation that I did.”

When asked why Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials are psyched to perform at this summer’s hype fest the reply was simple, they are excited to play new songs, gain new listeners and have a fun time!

“KTAM has been growing as a group of friends, which has grown us as a band. It's funny how that goes hand in hand. So our show has stepped up quite a bit. We have plenty of new songs under our belts, new licks, new moves, new grooves. We're excited to show them to the HypeFest crowd. We are a guaranteed good time!”

#GetHyped and don’t miss Kirk Thurmond and the Millennials perform at this year's HypeFest at The Rustic, June 16th, starting at 12 p.m. For more information on 88 Killa, check out his Facebook!  Learn more about the event and artists performing at Hypefest on our Facebook event page & RSVP to save your sp


Amber LaFrance