HypeFest Diary: Meet Goodnight Ned


The date is getting closer and we can't stop the hype! In a week, you will get to experience our first-ever HypeFest at the Rustic from on June 16 from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. Our all day mini-music fest will celebrate all of our accomplishments as a five year Marketing & PR agency. What better way to celebrate than being surrounded by great music and company?!

Check out some of our favorite music clients that will be performing on stage and keep up with HypeFest Diary to learn more about what makes each of these artists one-of-a-kind!

Meet Goodnight Ned, a band of brothers that's keyboard fueled and guitar-driven with catchy songs and a fiery presence on stage!

The band was born after they realized these individuals shared interest in bringing as many influences and skill sets together to see how they could move not only other people, but also themselves.

“It started with two friends and acoustic guitars,” they told us. “It’s been one long evolution since then that has led us to Matt and Emsy. It all goes back to a desire to find out for ourselves what our sound is and what we could do musically.”

The band is truly a sum of its parts. Matt is an absolutely rock solid and technically proficient drummer with an ear for harmonies and a great pop sensibility. Emsy is a true musical genius who hears possibilities in the songs that nobody else can. Additionally, his work on the synth has taken the band closer than ever to what they want to create. Chase brings grit, passion, and poetic lyricism to everything he does. He gives them the grunge, the rock, and the lyrical heart of the band.  


From the beginning of their music career, it was bands that embraced harmonies and timeless sounds that influenced a role in the genre of music they produce. Dr. Dog, The Band, The Beatles and Delta Spirit were early influences on Goodnight Ned.  

They have also always tried to emulate the soundscapes of bands like My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala, Midlake, and Pink Floyd. If you mix in about a hundred other sounds, you’ll start to get close to nailing down their distinctive genre and music style. Their rock roots are a foundation to work off of but it also gives them a relative place to explore far away from.

In the past, as their sound evolved, the band underwent some sonic growing pains. There have been periods of adjustment following lineup/personnel changes. Regardless, their dedication to follow their passion has led them to become the artists they are today.

“The growth we have gone through comes from sticking it out and realizing that this music is something we deeply enjoy making and care about,” they explained to us.  “That it should always carry on.”

An unforgettable event that Goodnight Ned has experienced is the crazy circus-themed album release party that they threw with CultureHype. This was by far one of the most fun shows they have ever had.

“Our favorite moment was having Amber Ferris, Sam Lao, and Taylor Nicks up on stage to sing a Stones song with us,” they say. “Second favorite: the bearded lady contest!”

That out-of-the-ordinary party really showed what can be done with creative collaboration and how a show can be turned into more of an event. They believe that is one of the aspects of Dallas music to this day that really shines.

At Hypefest, they may be one of a few bands that will be offering rock and psych vibes, however, they are confident that their sound and sentiment fits in with anything. They’re excited to come together with the other bands and artists to give the audience a great show!

To keep up with Goodnight Ned, make sure to follow them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/GoodnightNed/. Don’t forget to RSVP your spot for Hypefest on our Facebook event page & check out the other great artists you will see on this day!

Amber LaFrance