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This playlist contains a collection of songs that have inspired me as a songwriter the past couple of years. I included artists & bands that I have listened to for many years, & also some newer ones I discovered most recently.
— Brigitte

You won’t find many singer-songwriters channeling the work of Abraham Maslow, but Brigitte Mena is not like most artists. The North Texas native derives inspiration from the famed psychologist & his contemporaries to create driving songs equipped with haunting vocal melodies & infectious hooks. “I am constantly inspired by human behavior, & the way we think, feel, & respond to various situations & stimuli,” she says. It makes sense— before taking up music full-time, Mena studied psychology at Southern Methodist University.

Music has always been a part of Mena’s life, but the singer got serious in high school. She started crafting original work & started her first rock band during her freshman year in college. As she developed her artistry, she also developed a deep love & fascination for the study of Psychology. She soon discovered that her two passions could be easily merged & started writing music that explores a topic we can all relate to: human behavior.

Her debut album “Maslow” is an atmospheric exploration through personal hardships, told through the lens of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

“I create a story that is relatable to a wide range of listeners,” she says. “These are songs I think we can all resonate with in one way or another.”

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