Cough Syrup is one song that honestly changed my life. I love when artists write about not giving a damn about anything else than just living their life. This song inspired me to start writing songs that make people feel nostalgic, & that also make everything else feel like background noise except what you’re doing in that moment.
— Sophia

Ever since writing, recording, & releasing her first EP “Runaway”, Sophia Annello’s life has changed in so many ways. She has played more & more venues around the DFW area, has done a tour of the Rustic venues, & has also recorded & released 2 more singles. Sophia has reached 4 million Facebook video & ad plays on her title track “Runaway”, 300,000 video views of her single “Falling”, 1.3 million video views of a cover video on Facebook, almost 400,000+ total spotify streams, over 1 million soundcloud streams, & many more amazing accomplishments.

Sophia is very inspired by the artists on these lists because of their amazing songwriting & vocal talents. They showcase & create art that is unique to them, & create it in such a way that makes people feel everything they say simply over a recording. It is incredible, & Sophia strives everyday to create art that impacts people in the same way. She went from playing every Monday night for tips as a high school freshman, to playing some of the biggest live music venues in the Dallas area. She is so proud to be an established singer-songwriter, & hopes to release an EP by the end of summer before she attends college.

Amber LaFrance