These are my jams! I honestly listen to music from every genre & every language, but I narrowed it down to these top tracks I’ve been listening to recently.
— Adri

Adri Lavigne is a trilingual singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas. Originally from a village in the countryside of France with only 300 people, Adri moved to the U.S. at the age of 10 not speaking any English. However, after dedicating himself to learn the English language he has now become completely fluent in English, French, & Spanish. Adri uses this to his advantage in order to differentiate himself in the music industry by composing & performing songs in 3 different languages.

Discover his chill acoustic vibes as he will be releasing 12 new tracks this year, the first one being “Take Me Home”. He has been writing “Take Me Home” on and off for 10 years & it has grown to be a very personal song to him. “Take Me Home” comes out on Friday April 26th & will give you a great taste of what’s to come next!

Amber LaFrance