This playlist definitely represents my personality! I wake up listening to worship music. As the day goes on, I need something more relaxing to focus & be productive. By the end of the day, my upbeat songs are a must to power my drive home & workout sessions. This playlist has a little bit of everything, which is perfect for when you can’t choose a specific genre or mood.
— Estephania

The best time for new beginnings is now. Meet our first graphic design intern, Estephania Garcia. Estephania is a senior at the University of North Texas at Dallas & is thrilled to be part of #TeamHype this semester.

She’s obsessed with bold tassel earrings, tacos, horchata, & good music. Designing & working out are two of her greatest passions. Meeting new creatives & entrepreneurs is her new favorite thing to do because she enjoys learning about others’ business journeys, as she aspires to be a total #BossBabe entrepreneur one day.

On her free time, she enjoys watching scary movies & spending time with family & friends.