Happy beats to listen to with the windows down on a sunny afternoon
— Grace Yrastorza

You already know what day it is… Happy #MusicMonday music connoisseurs and madams! Grace is a senior at Baylor University but she likes it so much she’s taking a victory lap! When she’s not busy living the life of a Corporate Communications student, she loves to shop, make VSCO edits, and rewatch old Disney movies. Born in California, migrated to Nebraska, and landed in Texas, she’s sugar, spice and all things nice. She’s excited to join the #TeamHype family and learn from the best! Her entire mouth is sweet teeth, so consequently she is an avid proponent of the phrase “treat yourself.” She speaks fluent Vine, quotes Bridesmaids too often, and occasionally delivers witty one-liners. her favorite thing to do in Dallas is explore, which she does with the help of her favorite instagram accounts @thedallasyum and @dallasites101. In another life, Grace would have been a sloth (#enneagramtype9) or Ruth Kearney so she could be married to Theo James. 

Amber LaFrance