These songs are the songs that got me through the most weirdest, traumatic, & liberating times of my journey through making this upcoming project & visuals I’m releasing this next month.Some have been with me since I could listen at all, some I realized knew me & read me more then I could read myself, & some of these gave me vibes I never knew I needed.
— Loners Club

She goes by Loners Club. LC for short. She's a 22 year-old singer-songwriter/ director from Garland, Texas. She's into loud, love, color & Sailor Moon, & yes, she's the only loner in her club. LC is a first gen Cameroonian-American who makes art you can dance to in your tears while motivating you in your lone honesty. She identifies as bi-sexual goddess & her overall purpose is to redefine the word 'loner' & show the world that there’s no negativity in being alone cause learning about you is the most beautiful thing you can master. Especially when you're falling apart.

Already being a royal to 'Tha Undrwrld' she plans to take the entertainment world by storm so she can inspire other first gen-African kids to write their own story if they please instead of living the plan handed before them. She wants to teach the world that its 100 % alright to not give a f**k.

Amber LaFrance