This playlist is just as suitable to cry to in your room or play while on a picnic with friends on a sunny day.
— Ellee McMeans

Happy Monday guys & gals & everyone outside & in between! Meet Ellee, a DFW native who is currently living it up (slaving away) at UNT as a dual major in Art History & Communication Studies. Ellee’s love for art is what got her interested in the creative & cultural scene in Dallas & what landed her right in the lap of Team Hype. Her favorite things include out of the box fashion, waking up early to cook brunch with friends, & long, romantic walks to Trader Joe’s. Growing up on bluegrass music & classic rock that was blasted in the car by her parents, Ellee’s music taste has adapted from those inspirations, after a rather unfortunate country faze in middle school, to be comprised of indie folk, alternative, & americana music. She loves any music that has a sense of nostalgia behind it, that can place you onto a Colorado mountain drive or in your favorite coffee shop from back home, with the sound of the melody.

Amber LaFrance