Inspirational Quotes From Legendary Musicians

Culture Hype has tapped into the power of good quotes before, specifically as a means of addressing self-doubt. This is a problem just about all of us face at one point or another, and sometimes the right words can help to counter the negative feelings, or offer valuable perspective. Furthermore, when those words come from known, admired, and/or trusted sources - like popular musicians - they can be all the more effective!

That isn't to say we should blindly follow advice from the artists we like. In most cases, they lead very different lives than we do, and have their own struggles. They also typically aren't authorities on self-help or anything similar. However, as most music fans will agree, musicians do tend to be deep thinkers, and are certainly capable of offering some inspiring words!

With that in mind we're looking at a handful of quotes from these figures that can make you think, pick you up on a bad day, or maybe even inspire you in aa bigger or broader way.

"The roughest roads always lead to the top."- Christina Aguilera

This first quote is a nice one to start with because it's so simple. Christina Aguilera may be past her heyday as a recording artist, but she's still very prominent in the public eye (in part through stints hosting The Voice) and still reminds us, now and then, of her incredible vocal talents. Aguilera's quote can be a nice reminder in a vacuum, but in the context of her career it's also a nice reminder that even someone with natural talent, who ultimately "made it," had struggles along the way.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."- Kurt Cobain

It's a shame that Kurt Cobain may best be remember now for his untimely death - but so it seems to go for so many of music's brightest minds. In his brief time as one of the great rock stars in the world, Cobain was a passionate advocate for independence and personal expression, and this quote sums up those tendencies wonderfully. It's an inspiring reminder to accept, embrace, and even celebrate the person you are deep down.

"I don't really live on compliments. In fact, they have a way of distracting me."- Jimi Hendrix

Another artist who passed away far too young, Hendrix actually remains shockingly present. His music is virtually guaranteed to grace a soundtrack or two every year; numerous modern artists openly claim him as inspiration; and he's the source material for one of the free slot gaming experiences that have modernized casino gaming on the internet. The films and slot game in particular expose modern audiences to Hendrix's actual music, which tends to include a lot of good quotes as well. But this quote, from an interview Hendrix once gave with Dick Cavett, might be his best. It's not that it tells us to reject compliments - but it does inspire us not to needthem, and to recognize their distracting quality.

"My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them."- Bono

To call this quote inspiring is a little bit tricky, because it's not as if you need to go out and find flawed heroes if you've got your own already! However, to think that someone who's attained the off-the-charts success Bono has is inspiring in and of itself. U2 may not be what it once was, but the Bono-helmed group continues to sell out stadiums and pump out new music decades into its existence on the popular stage. They've done it all with relatively little controversy, as rock groups go, also, which makes one wonder if they even know what "doing it wrong" feels like! Still, the reminder that flawed people can be admired - can even be heroes - can make you more willing to look past your own faults or shortcomings and move on.

"Before you give up, think of the reason you held on so long."- Drake

This is a particularly appropriate quote from Drake these days given that the famous hip-hop artist was finally rewarded for "holding on so long" as a Toronto Raptors superfan! The Raptors recently won the NBA Championship, and Drake - who sits on the sideline at the team's home games - turned the celebration into his own hug-fest. Good thing he never gave up on the team! More seriously though, it's a very helpful quote, and one that gives us a fresh way of thinking about those moments in life when we consider abandoning goals or efforts. If you can remember why you want something, or what makes it special or valuable to you, you might just find the strength to carry on.

We could go on, frankly, but this list encompasses musicians from a range of genres and eras, and conveys a variety of inspirational ideas. One thing's for sure: If you're feeling down or need a boost, the music world probably has some wise words for you!

Amber LaFrance