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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Jessica Smith
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Meet Culture Hype intern Jessica Smith! She is 21 years old. Born in Austin, Texas & grew up in  McKinney, Texas. She is a Junior, public relations major with a minor in marketing at UNT.  She is passionate about writing, music, fashion, poetry & art. In the future, Jessica aspires to work as a publicist  in the entertainment industry. 

I like to think my music varies. Although my favorite music is R&B (80s-early 2000s) and Hip-Hop, I also love alternative music. I feel like I have a new favorite song every week. There is just so many good music being made that it makes it hard to choose! But here my list is…for the time.
#MUSICMONDAY feat. Terrence Spectacle

Terrence Spectacle is a hip-hop lyricist set to release his sophomore EP, "One Summer Night" at a release party at Cinderblock on March 31. In his new project, Spectacle relives a year of his life in every song. 


"If I had a grain of sand for every night I spent singing out my lungs, I might be in an oasis in the Sahara, sipping exotic juice out of a coconut with an umbrella bendy straw."

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Dustin Blocker

It's that time of the week again! #MUSICMONDAY is back with a brand new playlist courtesy of Dustin Blocker, Chief Creative Officer (COO) at Hand Drawn Records/Hand Drawn Pressing. A reformed rock n' roller who spends is mornings drinking coffee, days pressing records & nights dreaming about how to press coffee into records. Located inside a 10,000-square-foot facility in Addison, Hand Drawn Pressing is revolutionizing the way musicians press vinyl. With the world's most state-of-the-art vinyl press opening this November,  Hand Drawn Pressing is the newest addition to our #TeamHype roster.

Here with 10 tracks from the local record label's roster is Dustin's #MUSICMONDAY playlist titled "The Vinyl Revolution." Tune in on Spotify for some wow-worthy tunes by Andrew Tinker, Bad Mountain, Brandon Callies & the American Revival, Cut Throat Finches, Exit 380, Un Chien, and W.A. Fite. Rock on, people! 

Our roster is pretty incredible and we’re excited to make it easy for these artists and others to connect with fans via vinyl. This playlist is a taste of what Hand Drawn Records is all about, enjoy!