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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Artist Uprising
Photo by: David Porcheddu

Photo by: David Porcheddu

"An autumnal mix with some slight hints of halloween from your ArtUp team"

Artist Uprising intends on finding undiscovered and emerging talent from all types of creative and entertainment fields. After that, they introduce them to you in a way that is authentic to the heart of the artist. 

By combining storytelling with traditional print media, their goal is to become the most trusted source for presenting the freshest talent in every creative industry. The dream team sets out to encourage, promote and create opportunities for emerging talent to hit a "tipping point" in their career. 

Artist Uprising just released a limited edition merchandise line with a mission to abolish "starving artistry." Click the link to pre-order: here

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Merrick Porcheddu

Today's #MUSICMONDAY is provided to you by Merrick Porcheddu, the founder of the Artist Uprising app, a new social network & mobile app exclusively for the local art scene. Dallas was the first city launched earlier this year & the app is now available to creatives in Austin, Nashville & Detroit. The big news on the street for Porcheddu & her team is the exciting release of their first print publication, "Artist Uprising", featuring insider stories on the Top 25 Most Influential Creatives of Dallas. The first issue will be a limited edition, so be sure to grab yourself a good cup of coffee (or bourbon) & curl up to read your collectors copy, which can be found at our favorite places around town such as The Joule Hotel, {neighborhood} & the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA).

Pre-order a copy of Artist Uprising at & channel your inner creative.

“These songs remind me to reflect upon my own creative soul, and the cadence moves me to help fashion a world in which the souls of other artists can be discovered.”