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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Merrick Porcheddu

Today's #MUSICMONDAY is provided to you by Merrick Porcheddu, the founder of the Artist Uprising app, a new social network & mobile app exclusively for the local art scene. Dallas was the first city launched earlier this year & the app is now available to creatives in Austin, Nashville & Detroit. The big news on the street for Porcheddu & her team is the exciting release of their first print publication, "Artist Uprising", featuring insider stories on the Top 25 Most Influential Creatives of Dallas. The first issue will be a limited edition, so be sure to grab yourself a good cup of coffee (or bourbon) & curl up to read your collectors copy, which can be found at our favorite places around town such as The Joule Hotel, {neighborhood} & the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA).

Pre-order a copy of Artist Uprising at & channel your inner creative.

“These songs remind me to reflect upon my own creative soul, and the cadence moves me to help fashion a world in which the souls of other artists can be discovered.”