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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Jessica Smith
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Meet Culture Hype intern Jessica Smith! She is 21 years old. Born in Austin, Texas & grew up in  McKinney, Texas. She is a Junior, public relations major with a minor in marketing at UNT.  She is passionate about writing, music, fashion, poetry & art. In the future, Jessica aspires to work as a publicist  in the entertainment industry. 

I like to think my music varies. Although my favorite music is R&B (80s-early 2000s) and Hip-Hop, I also love alternative music. I feel like I have a new favorite song every week. There is just so many good music being made that it makes it hard to choose! But here my list is…for the time.
#MUSICMONDAY feat. Keyana


“My playlist describes me perfectly: A pretty girl that likes trap music! I'm also obsessed with R&B music from the late 90's & early 2000's.”

It's #MUSICMONDAY time! Meet Keyana Underwood, a new #TeamHype addition & 22-year-old senior at UNT. This CultureHype intern has a unique style & one-of-a-kind personality.. Keeping up with the latest trends & celebrity gossip has always been an interest of hers, she could not see herself doing any other job besides PR! Born & raised in Memphis, Keyana can spot great food & entertainment from a mile away.  During her free time she likes to travel, shop, go to concerts, seek new adventures & work on her blog Key's Kloset.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Gabi Saithsoothane

Gabi Saithsoothane is the Culture Hype dream team's former intern. Three words to describe her: creative, outgoing, and unconventional. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she has always loved the different types of cultures and styles that can be found here. She just graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in public relations and a minor in anthropology. Music, fashion, and makeup are just a few of her favorite things. She aspires to continue expanding her knowledge in public relations, music, and fashion. She has her own unique style and has a very diverse music taste. From EDM to rap to pop, she basically loves it all. 

"These are some dope songs that I've probably listened to way too many times." 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Brandon Callies

Brandon Callies & the American Revival is an Austin based rock n roll outfit. "Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet" describes the band pretty well, since they are just as inclined to do stripped down acoustic sets as they are to do loud rock sets. 

Each track on this list played a pivotal role in my musical journey. They all influence my writing in some way, and I may not have even started playing if it weren't for some of these bands/artists.

#WWAPD (What Would A Publicist Do): 8 Local partnerships to lift your career

If you're a local musician who wants to increase your visibility we've compiled a list for you. These are partnerships you can make within your local music scene to benefit both parties. 

After all, these are give-and-take partnerships. As a musician, you have several services to offer. Here are some ideas to get your creative gears going.  

Photo of Sam Lao by D Magazine.

Photo of Sam Lao by D Magazine.


Okay, this one seems obvious but are you actually on a first-name basis with your local record store? This partnership has unlimited perks like in-store events, discounts on your record for fans & more. 


Quality photos and videos of your work are a must. It's important both parties have a clear picture (no pun intended) of what the final product should look like. Of course, there are professionals who are looking to make a living off of their creative work (just like you) so it would save resources to be on a friend basis.  


These are great sources of press for your music. A live studio performance will both promote their show as well as reveal you to their fans. This partnership is a great way to increase your fanbase. 

Photo by Cal Quinn for PaperCity Magazine

Photo by Cal Quinn for PaperCity Magazine


This one may not be as obvious as the others but it still holds possibilities. Could your band perform at one of their opening receptions or gallery premieres? What if the art gallery provided a mini-exhibit at your next performance? The list is endless if you think creatively. 


Supporting these smaller shops and promoting the brand to your local musicians is a great way to lead to a partnership. If you're not already a regular at the store, start there. 


The benefits of this connection are limitless. This can include designing of t-shirts, buttons & even album artwork. This partnership could allow you to handle your own merch from start to finish. The quality of merchandise can be greatly improved with someone who is experienced at what they are doing. 


Regardless of how strong your social media presence is you should be posting physical copies of announcements. It may be worth contacting your local print shop for a discount with exclusive use. As a return, you could promote to your fans and the local music scene. 


There are plenty of reasons to support local artists that are mentioned in our blog post Why You Should Get Involved In Your Local Music Scene. This is a great way to truly create a community of creatives. You never know what types of perks these connections will lead to. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. D and Chi

D and Chi are a Dallas Indie pop duo that's taking what they learned on the streets of the Bishop Arts District to the world. Either backed by a full band or playing acoustic, this duo can showcase what's sure to be hit songs that'll be stuck in your head until the next show you go to.

All of these songs are songs that have been influencing our writing as of late. Some are local/friends and others may be undiscovered in Dallas but nonetheless you'll love the list. We encourage you to guess which songs are from D and which are from Chima.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Elena Alvarez

Elena is one of our new interns at Culture Hype! She just graduated from UNT with a degree in public relations!

"These songs emulate who I am as a being (at least this week). Fun and rhythmic and always a little upbeat. It an eclectic little mix that transforms from rock to RnB and I couldn't think of any better way to describe myself. It's easy to jam to but so hard to get out of your head. Enjoy!"

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Lauren Gordon

Lauren is a senior public relations student at the University of North Texas with a passion for blogging, DIY, food and learning about the world. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, coffee lover and constant smiler who can (almost always) be caught eating. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish work focusing on travel.

This playlist is a wonderfully weird compilation that shows Lauren’s love of country, pop and everything in-between.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Sterling Stinson

My name is Sterling Stinson, I am a 19 year old college sophomore studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing at TWU. I'm originally from Indiana but I got to Denton as quick as I could. I work for/with an organization called Denton Together, which puts on Band Together Denton, a multiday, multivenue house show festival hosted around Denton in January, as well as Denton Free Week which will have its first annual festival from August 28th to September 2nd (applications are still open to play it until May 31st) and we are looking to add a couple more things under the Denton Together umbrella here in the future. I am not musically gifted in any way, but I love the Denton music scene dearly, so I put my business skills to work by helping recruit sponsorships so that we can keep doing what we're doing. 

I love the Denton music scene. It is full of people who manage to somehow pull off being great musicians and great people (which makes the rest of us look bad sometimes, but we'll allow it). This list is just a few songs by just a few of the many Denton bands that I love. Give it a listen, maybe you'll find your new favorite band here, too. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel is a Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. She handles the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. She is also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast.

"I picked these songs because of the way they make me feel when I play them. There isn't just one genre of music that I identify myself with. Each song on this list takes me back to a special place. Music is the soudntrack to the moments in my life."

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Kendall Falcon

Clan of Cro designer, Kendall Eckerd Falcon, is known for her balance in compositions, playful silhouettes & delicacy in detail. Her work is created for real expressive women, with boundless aspirations and an artful view of the world. 

"The music I listen to rotates seasonally, as that's the way my design cycle works. I make one playlist that I use by default until I'm ready to work on my next collection. I choose songs that incite creativity, keep me motivated through late nights of work and also hint to the past, music that helps me relax. This playlist is a selection from my mass playlist currently, which I've titled 'This Woman's Work' because what's playing in my studio is what keeps me going creatively and is a supplement to my work as a designer.”

20 Best Blogs for Women in their Twenties

Twentysomethings don't have it easy. This is the time to explore different interests whether it's fashion, careers or travel (or a mix of all three). It's okay to not know where you're going to end up & hopefully, these bloggers can help you figure it out along the way. We've compiled a list of twenty blogs you need to bookmark now. 

Photo courtesy of 

Photo courtesy of 

1. Levo

Professionally, Levo is where it's at. You can find everything from weekly articles to videos from top professionals in the field. You can even find an e-mentor online through their services.

2. Brooke Saward of World of Wanderlust

Brooke is major travel goals after traveling to dozens of countries and making a living off of her journeys. This is a must read for any twenty-something wanting to be a jet setter (& envy- worthy photos). 

3. Career Girl Daily

This lifestyle blog screams #GIRLBOSS. This is a go-to resource for every situation from being confident in the office to what questions to ask after an interview. It's a professional bible of sorts. 

4. Confused Millennial

Your twenties are hard. This blog will help you get through this thing called adulting. Rachel is relatable when explaining what has worked for her. 

5. Lauren Conrad

What kind of compilation of blogs would this be without mentioning Lauren Conrad? In the slim chance that you haven't checked her blog out yet you're in for a treat. There is also a book club, which is always great for reading inspiration. 

6. Carly of The College Prepster

She may not be in college anymore but Carly's blog is just fun. She started her blog as a freshman in college and it has evolved with her lifestyle through the years. 

7. The Everygirl

Who is this blog for? Every girl! 14 women who give great life advice run the site. The Career Profiles are worth the read because successful women really dive into what got them where they are today.  

8. GenTwenty

"What is compound interest?" and "How do I check my credit score?" All of the questions you're embarrassed to ask your parents & too scared to ask your co-workers are explained in the simplest terms. GenTwenty is basically your genius girlfriend that answers your questions 24/7. 

9. Amanda Holstein of Advice from a Twentysomething

Amanda has been sharing her wisdom since 2012 so there is tons of helpful content on her blog. She's down to earth & likely going through the same struggles you are.  

10. Girlboss

The name speaks for itself. This is the Holy Grail for independent women. Complete with a podcast, foundation & rally this is a sisterhood to keep your eye on. 

11. Lauren Berger of The Intern Queen

 Lauren Berger is the queen of internships. She has written two books & built an empire off of helping students land & succeed as interns. 

12. Smart Twenties

A neat aspect of Smart Twenties is the community on Facebook where followers of the blog can post questions & receive answers from other savvy women. This is a blog that provides in-depth advice to all of your burning questions. 

13. Lisa Tufano of Think Like A Boss Lady

Lisa Tufano documents her fashion & lifestyle in Los Angeles, CA. It's obvious she truly wants to help her readers with all of the chaos of entering the real world. 

14. Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

Upon discovering this blog it's hard not to scroll & click through for an endless amount of time. There is just so much content. An added bonus is The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast, which is a refreshing take on Q&A advice.

15. Gen Y Girl

Gen Y Girl is a millennial lifestyle & career blog written by Kayla Buell who works as a social media manager. She runs a YouTube channel & has even written a book for millennials entering the workforce. 

16. Elena Lyn Gross

On first glance, this blog is just dazzling. Elena has been featured in TIME, Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Refinery 29 and more. So you know you're getting advice from the best of the best. 

17. Endlessly Exploring

Kelly is a travel blogger from Australia that posts practical travel advice as well as dreamy photos of her adventures. Reading this blog will make you want to jump on the next departing flight to paradise.

18. Wonderlass

This is a resource for those who want to become bloggers or improve their current blog. Wonderlass is a basically a community of creative entrepreneurs. There are free & paid resources which are sure to spark your creativity. 

19. Simply + fiercely

Jennifer is a minimalist who loves inspiring other women. She posts monthly intentional plans & tries to make the most of life. Simply + fiercely is a refreshing spin on lifestyle blogs.

20. Create & Cultivate

This blog encourages women to group together to reach their wildest dreams. After all, we are stronger together! Collaboration is one word to describe Create & Cultivate.



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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Morgan Sullivan

Morgan is a second-semester intern at Culture Hype, because she just couldn't get enough of us the first time! She recently graduated from UNT with a bachelor's in journalism with a concentration in public relations. When she's not busy curating the #MUSICMONDAY blogs, she enjoys going to shows, drinking margaritas with her friends and eating an unhealthy amount of cheese. She also makes horribly stupid tweets, which you can follow @sadsquadch.

This playlist is a funky little collection of songs that make me happy - some of them are old, some are new, but all of them have a retro vibe. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Kris Norvet

Kris Norvet is an independent talent buyer, creative strategist and event producer for leading brand clients such as Red Bull, SiriusXM, the Tribeca Film Festival and Marriott. Norvet, a Dallas native, returned to the city in 2015 after 12 years producing events, festivals and concerts in NYC. 

Sometimes singing along at the top of my lungs to this playlist is the only thing that keeps me sane. Also, Ali was a good friend and originally from Dallas before his tragic death a few years ago - we could use his voice and perspective now more than ever. I miss him. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Ishmael Davidson

"I love to scour the internet for brand new songs that fit my current mood or tastes. But being a small business owner, I can have 100 different emotions each day. I usually try to find songs that have been released recently or have not picked up a lot of traction yet because I like to test my skills at spotting rising talent early. I constantly add and subtract to this playlist but I have a sub-playlist for all of the past songs that have passed through"

#MUSICMONDAY feat. BJ Stricker

BJ Stricker was born & raised in a small town in Wisconsin. An effortless blend of alternative rock, jazz-fusion & bluegrass, Stricker writes deep, meaningful lyrics hidden under laid-back, easy-to-listen to instrumentals.

Cheers to Monday for giving us another day of music & life. Here’s a pint sized list of music from some of the artists/groups I’ve personally been inspired by. 
— BJ Stricker

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Chris Norwood

Dallas based musician and singer/songwriter Chris J Norwood has a couple of different personalities.  None of which may ever be considered “cool”, or “hip”, or terribly “rock & roll”, but Chris is ok with that.  By all accounts he’s just an average guy who loves his wife, works hard, and tries to stay out of trouble.

Classically trained and drawing off of influences from America’s earliest musical traditions like folk, blues and jazz, Chris creates a sound that is strangely familiar, yet uniquely his own.  He’s been compared to Elvis Costello, and profoundly shaped by the music of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Josh Ritter, and Wilco, to name a few.  With a voice that is larger than expected, and lyrics that are poignant and honest, Chris has been captivating audiences and drawing them into an active and shared experience.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Vanessa Peters

This was an impossible task. I’m a Virgo. I agonize over playlists.

All I know is that now, more than ever, we need good songs. Here are ones that have been getting me through the day lately.

Check out indie singer-songwriter Vanessa Peter's #MUSICMONDAY playlist & see her live at The Kessler on April 8! 

Out last March, Peters’ recent album "The Burden of Unshakeable Proof" is her most personal release to date, showcasing the artist’s strong songwriting abilities and Americana folk sound. A Dallas native, she has performed over 1,000 times in 11 countries across the world over the past decade. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Patrick Stark

Patrick Stark is a critically renowned rock 'n roll chef. He is an avid musician who decided to combine his passions for music and food. He has been seen on the Food Network's "Cutthroat Kitchen," and was previously the executive chef at the Granada Theatre in Dallas. These days, Stark is focusing on the opening of The Brixton, a Harder Concepts restaurant and nightclub in Plano. Stark also plays in several local Dallas bands, including his latest project Amusé. 

Without music, my food would be lonely and dull.