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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Matthew Brinston

#MUSICMONDAY is back! This week we have a collection of songs by a brilliant creative, Matthew Brinston. 

He used to strike poses, as a model and rock out on his guitar in an indie rock band, but now he has found a passion for abstract painting. Now, 23-year-old Matthew Brinston has shown his art work at Dallas Observers "Artopia," Jannette Kennedy Gallery, The Misfit Gallery & more. 

In 2013, Brinston was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Hospitalized & pronounced dead by doctors, the young artist came out of his coma with a new lease on life. Painting to express his emotions & memories, he now spends every waking hour creating art. 

I work while I listen to this playlist. All of these songs have specific memories assigned to them or periods of my life. It feels good to retrace the beautiful memories, especially while Iā€™m doing what I love.