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The CultureHype Collective: Meet Kali Ah Yuen

EVERY FRIDAY we'll be rolling out a little something called The CultureHype Collective. What is that? One could call it a dream team, our crew of preferred vendors who are killing it in the Big D & beyond. Meet The Collective.

Kali Ah Yuen is a senior PR Executive here on the Culture Hype team. Starting as an intern while attending the University of North Texas, Kali has graduated & grown into a pitching maven. She is artistically rounded with a background in writing, singing, dancing, design & fashion. The music scene is where she thrives. 

What is your biggest goal/dream for your career?

It was to own my own public relations firm or at least make it to work for People’s Revolution, which is a huge fashion PR firm in New York/LA/Paris. However, getting my music going to the point where I can inspire & motivate others around the world would be amazing.

What is your random special talent?

I’m a singer-songwriter, but I’m not sure if that’s very random. If we’re talking more along the lines of a party trick...then I can mimick Lil Jon’s infamous “yay yeah” to a T.

What is your favorite perk of being in the PR business?

Gaining more knowledge & a unique experience that I wouldn’t get doing anything else. I really love learning the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work that goes into a project. You also get to meet a lot of cool people along the way.

If you had to choose three words to  describe yourself, what would they be?

Intellectual, free spirit.

When you find yourself in a creative rut, where do you seek inspiration?

Anything compositional. I’ll go to a scenic area, listen to some good tunes & let my mind wander. It usually sparks something inside & gets my creative juices flowing.

If you had to pick one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

As an avid music enthusiast, this is tough. It’s a tie between “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande & “In The Lonely Hour” by Sam Smith.


What do you bring to the DFW creative scene? Why are you proud of it?

Being from Hawaii, I think I bring the island vibes to Dallas’ creative scene. I’m all about supporting artistry & just hanging loose. I think sometimes it’s hard to be in the entertainment industry, but being kind & friendly never hurts.

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Any Beyoncé song.

Who is your celebrity crush?

As heartbreaking as it is, Paul Walker was my biggest celebrity crush. So, I’m gonna go with Justin Bieber.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

My distressed jeans jacket because it goes with everything.

What is unique to you about living/working in Dallas?

Just like the West & East coast, Dallas has it’s own creative scene & I’m here for it. The city is full of amazing talent & a little something everyone can take away from.


How did you come about being involved in the business you’re in? When did youknow that’s what you wanted to do?

I watched this reality show on MTV when I was growing up called ‘The Hills’ & loved Lauren Conrad’s lifestyle. So, when it was time to go to college I looked up what she majored in & went with what was closest: Public Relations. I graduated from UNT & ended up getting a job at the place I interned for. Now, two years later I’m officially in Dallas’ creative scene!

Who is your fashion icon?

Rihanna. I also  tend to look around for fashion inspiration everywhere from the streets to Instagram.


One right now, but more to come. It says ‘faith’ on my forearm to always remind me to stay strong throughout this journey.


How To Spruce Up Your Online Persona And Protect Your Reputation

Why your reputation matters online

It should be no surprise that your first impression on the Internet is largely important. Even though your family and friends who look you up already know the real you, it's about informing others you have not met you IRL. Future employers and co-workers are trying to create an image of how you may fit in their work culture. It’s important to make sure what they find matches who you are (or who you want them to think you are).

Step 1: Research yourself (and remove what you don’t like)

Before you do a good old Google search on yourself you need to log out of all accounts or use a friends laptop. This way the search won’t be biased based on your activity. If the search results don’t match up with the “you” the public needs to see then there are steps you can take to tweak the results. Remove information from Google and Google Images with these forms. However, they only work for pages that have been taken down, or old, cached versions of pages that are active. Your best bet for Facebook is to delete any information or pictures you don't want public for the world to see. A good mantra for Twitter is "think before you tweet" because it is easily the most public social network.  

Step 2: Improve your online persona

Now, that you have erased what you don't want future employers seeing work to improve your online presence. Freelancers and entrepreneurs alike need to control their image. A humorous approach to halting online embarrassment is downloading Internet Shame Insurance. The extension only gives warnings when you're about to post a status update or reply all. So, the next time you draft a tweet you will be reminded that "Everyone can see this. That includes your grandma, priest" etc. This is an easy way to make you think twice before posting. 

Step 3: Keep it updated

Now that you’ve done all this work to spruce up your online presence you owe it to yourself to keep it up to date. This means repeating this process every one to three months so you’re not in a hurried mess the next time you have a job interview or are up for a promotion. An ideal online reputation does not have to boast perfection, just truth. Hopefully, this will help take your online presence into your own hands instead of leaving it to Google. 

Photo 1 courtesy of freepik. Photo 2 courtesy of shutterstock.