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HypeFest Diary: Meet LEV
LEV 2 by Larry Gayao.jpg

Celebrating Dallas' thriving creative scene, we'll will be showcasing some of our fav music clients at our first-ever all-day mini-music fest. The extravaganza will be hosted at The Rustic on June 16 from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. & we hope to see you there as we celebrate FIVE years as a Marketing & PR agency! As the fest grows closer, we'll be profiling each artist in our HypeFest Diary. 

Meet electro-pop singer Holly Peyton, aka LEV ("lion" in Czech). The fierce pop star will be hitting the stage with her authentic style & down-to-earth persona. LEV hopes to playing at more city-wide events this year, raising awareness of Dallas' rising pop scene.

She hopes to leave an impression on the audience at HypeFest by letting people feel the fun & passion she has for her music on stage. Not only will her unique voice rock The Rustic stage, but her vintage threads will show off the musician-cum-Instagram-vintage-boutique-owner's creative side. 

Her side gig, an online vintage clothing store called Drifters Vintage feeds her shopping addiction & makes her some side cash. It also means she gets to shop for inventory ALL the time with her best friend (who happens to be the co-owner of Drifters). 

Aside from the usual worship team at church and school activities growing up, her first gig was in her hometown,  of Tyler, Texas. She performed with two of her buddies at a bar downtown called Ricks. The shows have changed dramatically ever since. She now exudes a fearless confidence & is very comfortable on stage interacting with the audience (she says her dance moves have gotten a little better too!) While LEV sings without an accent & refused to sing country-pop music no matter how many times she was asked, she still sports her Tyler accent & girly-tomboy style.

LEV by Larry Gayao.jpg

LEV always stands up for what she believes in & thinks it's important that other female musicians don't give up after their 20's. Her story inspires & pushes against a skewed industry standard.

“I have been following this dream since childhood, & I don’t want to give up on it just because of a number,” she told us. “I want to inspire other women to keep going because someone has to pave the way in the industry for that. Might as well be any one of us women out there pursuing their dreams.”

Catch LEV at HypeFest & on July 11 for the premiere of Smart Cookies Dallas, a docu-series spotlight on female artists in Dallas. You can also spot her onstage on August 18 at Doublewide performing with some of her friends dressed in drag. 

For more information on LEV, check out her website here: Learn more about the event and artists performing at Hypefest on our Facebook event page & RSVP to save your spot!

Images courtesy of Larry Gayao.