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THIS IS ME: Matthew Brinston mixes it up

The man that was given a second chance at life made sure it would be one full of purpose. Matthew Brinston creates abstract works of art that evoke what it means to reflect & realize your true potential. His works are vibrant with color & contrast, & his home offers much of the same. 

“I like mixing styles a lot,” he says. “It’s retro & modern all at the same time.” 

Much of the artwork comes from Brinston’s friends--fellow artists & musicians from the Dallas scene.  

“Sometimes we’ll find a piece of furniture or work of art that we love, but it’s always organic, & most of it is from people I know.”

“That way, the art tells the story of the community.” 

That story, according to Brinston, is all about moving forward--a theme he knows all too well. Five years ago, a motorcycle accident left him in a coma, & Brinston actually died for several minutes before being revived. That experience changed him, & on the three-year anniversary of his death, he hosted a showcase of his work with over 50 original pieces. Those pieces--& his work since--has all been about moving forward & influencing others through his art.  

This is clear the moment you set foot in his house--a studio loft that doubles as his workspace. Through original artwork & pieces by his friends, Brinston has created a safe haven that cultivates inspiration for his art & his music.

His experience changed his lifestyle & it reflects in his studio loft that doubles as his working space. He has created a safe haven that cultivates inspiration for both his art & music.

“It’s all organic,” Brinston says when asked how he decorates his home. “If it brings a new perspective to the table, then I want it in my home.”

He hopes his original work for Pier 1 customers--some custom-made tote bags--do just that.

Stay in touch with Matthew on Instagram. Join him as we roll out a new Pier 1 experience today, April 21, in Allen (170 E. Stacy Rd., Suite 2314, Building 2300) from 3 to 5 p.m. as he shares his home décor favs with us in person over a glass of rosé. In the meantime, see what’s new online as Pier 1 gives DFW a sneak peek into their new look! Pick up one of the artist's custom totes in-store today only, hand-painted by Brinston himself.

Written by Tyler Hicks. Images courtesy of Jeremy Biggers for Pier 1.