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This track-list is ‘the inspiration’ behind “Demigod”, every song means something special to me
— 7 Tha Great

Phantom City Records is on a mission to help Dallas artists reach their maximum potential by providing & sourcing professional recording studios, & executing & implementing 360-degree branding & marketing initiatives. No one knows this more than local rapper 7 Tha Great, whose recently released sophomore album, “Demigod,” is a Phantom City production.

7 Tha Great, aka Ladarrion Burton, has worked incessantly for over a year, writing, recording & packaging the long-awaited record. “Demigod” is a follow-up to his debut mixtape “7 Days,”

“Dude’s a hip-hop thoroughbred,” says producer & Phantom City Records co-owner Chris Nicolaou. “It’s like he was born to do nothing else but fit words together in 16-bar increments to spit at the world. But it’s his determination to learn, hustle & grow that sets him aside from everyone else.

That hustle made 7, a native of the Dixon Circle neighborhood, a perfect partner for Phantom City. The rapper’s homegrown label FGMG teamed up with a then unknown Phantom City Records in 2017. Since then, 7 has jumped at every opportunity to provide support, mentorship & corporate resources to help hip hop artists thrive in Dallas. The rising star plans to help transform Dallas’ hip hop scene for good.

Partnering with artists like 7, Phantom City Records strives to help artists get their music heard without tying them down with contracts that limit creativity.

“We’re changing the culture of hip-hop in our city,” 7 says. “Period.”

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Patrick Smith

"There are so many bands and songs that influence me heavily, so narrowing this playlist down was tough! Rock and Roll!! 🤘"

Since Patrick was little, he was fascinated with music. He recorded songs off the radio since he was 7 or 8 years old. When he turned 17, he played drums for a few months and then got hooked on the guitar. He played guitar for 5 years, writing and forming many different bands that never got off the ground. Finally in 2010, he switched to bass. Within a few months, he started getting offers to play bass with other people and he decided that he was going to go all in. He has been playing, teaching, and recording music full time for a living since 2011. He's traveled around the U.S. and a little bit around Europe. He currently plays with BJ Stricker & The Kings, Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat, SuperNova Remnant, Ryan Berg & The Velvet Ears, Nick Snyder & The Real Deal, Holy Roller Baby, and BadKid. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Milan Merlo

CultureHype intern, Milan Merlo, is the girl that spent her youth plopped in front of the T.V. watching E! News and liberally applying Jergens at home gradual tanner. Milan obsessed about the day she would grow up and be the career girl fashion icon behind a big name fashion magazine. Milan is a PR student at the University of North Texas and is a Texas girl born and raised. Her free time is spent drinking copious amounts of coffee, blogging and vacuuming after her always-shedding beagle, Moose. Check out her amazing lifestyle blog, Milan Darling, here

"This is my mecca of playlists with all my favorite songs and artists in one. They're all a little more laid-back picks I like to listen to when I'm driving, working or just in the mood to listen to something chill with a good beat."

#MUSICMONDAY feat. David Wilson

David picked up the guitar here and there from age 10 to 13 but it wasn't until 16 when he started playing seriously. Now he plays with several bands across the metroplex: BJ Stricker & The Kings, Electrik Ants, Badkid, Skruff, Sister Grove, ACB, and JDM Trio. Each project has a different style so he enjoys having that variety. 

On top of that, David works full-time at Nokia as an Information Security Analyst and will graduate from the University of North Texas in December. He has spent many nights playing out late and having to work at 6 a.m. the next morning. It takes hard work to be successful and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Come see David play at the BJ Stricker & The Kings Album Release Party at Deep Ellum Art Co. on December 8th at 9 p.m. Purchase tickets to the event here

"This playlist is a combination of songs I've really been digging lately as well as songs that I keep returning to over the years. Had to include one of the singles with BJ Stricker and a track from one my previous bands, King for President." 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Nicollette Mollet

"Music is this mystery that has a way of swaying our moods & emotions & it can even harbor memories. With the right kind of playlist, my subjects feel they can be whoever they desire to be in front of my camera."

Graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas in 2013 with a BFA in Photography, Nicollette Mollet has continued to build her successful photography business from the ground up in Dallas, TX.

Mollet specializes in fashion and beauty portraiture, balancing commercial work as well as her high school senior portrait photography business, SENIORS by Nicollette. 

With ambitions to continue growing & learning, she finds it personally fulfilling to help people see themselves in a new light and to create lasting, tangible memories for people to cherish throughout their years. Over the years, we've done some amazing shoots with Nicollette - she's our go-to for high-fashion, creative photography. 

Check out her website, Twitter, and Facebook for more information.  

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Artist Uprising
Photo by: David Porcheddu

Photo by: David Porcheddu

"An autumnal mix with some slight hints of halloween from your ArtUp team"

Artist Uprising intends on finding undiscovered and emerging talent from all types of creative and entertainment fields. After that, they introduce them to you in a way that is authentic to the heart of the artist. 

By combining storytelling with traditional print media, their goal is to become the most trusted source for presenting the freshest talent in every creative industry. The dream team sets out to encourage, promote and create opportunities for emerging talent to hit a "tipping point" in their career. 

Artist Uprising just released a limited edition merchandise line with a mission to abolish "starving artistry." Click the link to pre-order: here