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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Dyllan Chavez
This playlist really embodies my energy! At times I can be really high energy & have a bunch of ideas rushing through my mind, but others I’m really chill & like to reflect on my life & my goals. This playlist really gets me into the right mindset no matter how I feel that day.
— Dyllan

It’s a new year so lets start it off right. Our new Content Strategist, Dyllan Chavez, is a recent graduate and Marketing guru from the University of North Texas. Originally from Mexico, Dyllan loves exploring and strengthening his creative abilities, & has done everything from DJing to spray painting. In his spare time, you can find him scarfing down tacos, diving into Tilted Towers with his fellow lads, or spending time with the people he cares about the most.

One day, Dyllan hopes to help inner city reach their creative potential by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, & tools they need to succeed. He is always covered in “drip” (badass jewelry) & has a “cozy” but fashion-forward sense of style.

Six Pieces to Complete Your Summer Office Look

Texas summers can be challenging times for fashion lovers. On one hand, you have the sweltering heat outside that can melt even the sturdiest of makeup. On the other, you have the freezing cold tundra of the office, fueled by air conditioners turned up to the max. These looks will help you  dress like the fabulous #GIRLBOSS you are, both indoors and out.

Chic & Sleek Cape Blazer

This twist on a classic blazer is the ultimate piece to take your summer office look from simply professional to infinity & beyond.

Pretty in Pleats

This simple pleated skirt will have you twirling all summer. Wear it with a chic top and heels to work or with a T-shirt for a casual weekend look. 

Light & Breezy Jumpsuit

This classy, breezy jumpsuit will keep you nice & cool all day, especially if you have to work an outdoor event. Pair it with statement heels for a look that screams #GIRLBOSS. Bonus: it has pockets. 

Classic Denim Jacket

This denim jacket is a wardrobe staple that will keep you comfy in the office & all year long. Wear it over a maxi dress for a sweet and rustic summer look.

Fancy Floral Dress

Sweet, floral & perfect for helping you get in the creative mood to tackle that big project. 

Carefree Cardigan

Soft enough to keep you comfortable, small enough to roll up and stuff in your purse the second you exit the ice-cold office building. This thin-knit cardigan is a jack-of-all trades & the best part is it won’t break the bank!