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Girl bosses we love: BTS in entertainment


Patty Jenkins

You’ve probably heard of a little film called Wonder Woman — it’s only the highest grossing live-action film directed by a woman. But Jenkins’ career didn’t begin with the awe-inspiring Amazon. Her 2003 film Monster (produced by & starring fellow #GIRLBOSS Charlize Theron), was named one of the best films of the decade by film critic Roger Ebert. Jenkins found her ultimate success through her hustle. To raise the money to make Monster, she made many short films, wrote her own screenplay & cast a young actress named Charlize Theron, who went from being relatively unknown to winning the Oscar for Best Actress. This lady never quits & we can't wait to see what she makes next. 

Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay.jpg

If there’s any one person in the film industry to look out for right now, it’s powerhouse director Ava DuVernay. In 2012, she directed the immensely powerful historical drama Selma, becoming the first black woman to have a film nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. But she didn't stop breaking ground there; DuVernay is also the first woman to direct a film exceeding a budget of $100 million for her work directing Disney’s upcoming A Wrinkle in Time. Her movies aren’t the only reason we love Ava DuVernay — before jumping head-first into the film-making world, she ran her own public relations firm The DuVernay Agency. Throughout her entire career, she has never stopped helping other artists and creators. She often uses her voice to call for inclusion and empower women and people of color, both within the industry & without.



This. Woman. Does. It. All. Known by her stage name Grimes, Canada native Claire Boucher writes, produces, engineers, & performs music as well as editing & writing videos. The ultimate musical Renaissance woman, Grimes began her life in Canada studying neuroscience before she went on to become one of the most eclectic & forward-thinking artists out there. When she’s not spitting out ethereal experimental music or writing the next big hit, she devotes her time & resources to advocating for equal opportunities for girls in STEM fields, even doing an interview with Teen Vogue from the 2017 Apple WorldWide Developers’ Conference.


WondaGurl is the the alter ego of Canadian-Nigerian Ebony Oshunrinde & she is absolutely SLAYING the scene right now. The kicker? She is only 20 years old. That’s right. Twenty. Since winning The Battle of the Beat Makers contest at 15, her career has skyrocketed. While most of her peers were graduating high school & starting college, WondaGurl was creating music with artists like Jay-Z (bringing to life the song “Crown” from his “MCHG” album), Travis Scott & Drake. This young producer has a big bright road ahead of her — & we’re happy to join her ever-expanding fan club.


Bozoma Saint John

Named Billboard’s  “Executive of the Year” in 2016, Bozoma Saint John is everything we aspire to be. Currently the Chief Brand Officer for Uber, Saint John cemented her legacy as one of the greatest names in music as the Head of Global Consumer Marketing at Apple, where she spearheaded the successful Apple Music streaming service. Saint John has come a long way from the pop-culture-obsessed 13-year-old girl who moved the U.S. from Ghana years ago, working with with huge names from Beyoncé (remember that FIRE Pepsi commercial she did back in 2002? Yeah, thank Boz for that) to the late CEO of Apple Tim Cook.

Julie Greenwald

As chairman & COO of Atlantic Records as well as the rest of her life, Julie Greenwald has proven that she not only gets the biz — she's using it to put more good into the world. Under her watch, the label saw 18 Grammy nominations & became the not simply the only label to have the RIAA certify four albums across Gold & Platinum, but the record label with the most RIAA-certified singles. With a particular interest in helping others, she pushed for a mentality at Atlantic that's more focused on great artists than just market share. We love what this #GIRLBOSS is doing at Atlantic & hope to see more powerful women at the helm of the industry.

Patty Jenkins image from Wikipedia/Gage Skidmore. Ava DuVernay photo from Grimes photo from LiveNation. WondaGurl photo from Hollywood Reporter. Bozoma Saint John photo from Julie Greenwald photo from Billboard.

How to Ditch Stress as a Status Symbol

A conversation during brunch with your girlfriends can quickly turn into an all-out competition of who is busier. A simple question like, “What have you been up to?” escalates to “I’ve had x projects at work, x dates for lunch and x amount of workout classes to go to.” A phrase that constantly slips out is “I am so busy”. When we’re not busy being stressed we’re busy talking about it. Stress may be the saddest American status symbol but we’re all competing.

A lot of us females are trying to do it all. We are trying to compete with the flawless fitness model on Instagram and excel in our careers. The truth is that we are stretching ourselves too thin. Spin class after work, balancing weekend brunch plans and working from home leaves us feeling pretty frazzled. Being stressed should not equate to being in demand but that’s how we measure it.

Okay, so I admit I have a problem. How do I stop? We’ve got it covered for all you hard working ladies out there.

Learn to say no

First things first! Do no feel compelled to say yes to every project. Sometimes we girl bosses truly take on more projects than we can handle. Although we want to contribute as much as we can at work, home and with friends we have to learn when to say no. Turning down tasks that won’t add anything except stress to your life does not make you weak. At the end of the day, the only one responsible for your own happiness is you.

Take a break

Our minds are not designed to work for hours on end. A great way to break the monotony is to take a walk after lunch, call a loved one or scroll through some of your favorite Pinterest boards. Don’t feel guilty for taking a well-deserved break because it will help productivity in the long run.


By prioritizing tasks you should be able to focus on one project at a time. This way you’re not shocked when you’re about to sink into your bed and remember you have a huge assignment due for work. That’s the worst! Make a list in order of the most important tasks and reel in that accomplished feeling when you check them off. This process should provide some clarity and let your day feel manageable.

Reward yourself

Yay! You completed that huge work project but instead of rewarding yourself like you should your mind is filled with a list of all of the other things you need to accomplish. Instead of self- defeating thoughts you should reward yourself with a short break or some kind of treat. Then get back to work!

Be proud of all the work you’re completing and know you are valuable. No matter how full (or empty) your agenda is.

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Girl Bosses We Love: The List

This model-turned-entrepreneur is the power behind FEED Projects, a company that sells quality bags while providing meals for hungry children all over the world. While she’s the niece of George W. Bush and the wife of Ralph Lauren's son David, she’s made a name for herself simply by pursuing a cause she’s passionate about.

Indra Nooyi

Hailing from India, Indra Nooyi has served as President & CEO of PepsiCo for ten years. She’s played a major role in shifting the food company to promoting healthier eating habits. She’s been featured on both Forbes & Fortune’s World’s 100 "Most Powerful Women" lists. Basically, she’s killing it.

Marissa Mayer

As CEO of Yahoo!, Mayer has found herself under fire for her attempts at restoring a failing company. While she may not have achieved the success story we were rooting for, she still serves as a role model for trying your hardest.

Whitney Wolfe

After a gnarly Tinder lawsuit, Wolfe made the comeback of the century—at least in the app world. She founded Austin-based Bumble: essentially a revamped Tinder that gives women the power to initiate conversations with their matches. Wolfe shows us how to make the most of a negative situation & come back stronger.

Rachael Chong

Speaking of making matches, Rachael Chong has created a platform that allows professionals of all industries to put their skills to a good cause. Catchafire is a website that matches individuals with projects dedicated to making a difference. We can all look up to Chong’s determination to spread positivity and help others.