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The CultureHype Collective: Hand Drawn Pressing
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EVERY FRIDAY we'll be rolling out a little something called The CultureHype Collective. What is that? One could call it a dream team, our crew of preferred vendors who are killing it in the Big D & beyond. Meet The Collective.

If you didn't notice vinyl was back, you might be living under a rock. After a HUGE resurgence in the market, good ol' vinyl record sales are at an all-time high & we're lucky enough to work with the most high-tech vinyl pressing plant in the world - plus,  it's right here in North Texas. Say hello to Hand Drawn Pressing, the manufacturing arm of Hand Drawn Records, focused exclusively on vinyl record pressing. Get to know label co-founder/CCO Dustin Blocker below!

What is your favorite perk of being in the music business?

Finding NEW music, at the very heart of it, I'm a huge music fan, so a lot of fun to find new acts daily!

What is your biggest goal/dream for your career?

To continue to grow this business into something my kids can one day run for me. I'm ready to retire & go on vacation!

If you had to pick one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

No way. Unanswerable.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

Black t-shirt.

How did you come about being involved in the business you’re in?

I've never not been in it, singing since I was a kid, and my love of singing has driven me into places no one could have predicted!

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