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Why you should get involved in your local music scene
Credit: Dallas Morning News from Suburbia Music Festival 2015

Credit: Dallas Morning News from Suburbia Music Festival 2015

Is your dream to receive a Grammy Award & national recognition? Are you a music publicist who wants to pitch Rolling Stone and tell them about your newest band discovery? You have all these plans, but you don’t know how to get there? Start today and engage with your local music scene! It does not matter where are you from, seek for local musicians and artists & become a part of the music community in your area.

Dallas has a strong music scene, but it’s just starting to garner national attention. Dallas supports local bands & proudly hosts & promotes them during local music festivals & other events. We have so many fests (Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Untapped Festival Dallas, Index Fest, Edgefest to name a few). So, if you want to follow the footsteps of: Norah Jones, Kelly Clarkson, Erykah Badu & Nick Jonas, it’s the best time to explore local bands and network in your area.

If You’re A Band:

Build A Community

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others! Try to go to local shows & support local venues. See what companies are doing bigger events in town like Transmission Entertainment or Communion Music. Fans are more excited about your talent when they see that you support local community & you belong to the same circles as them! 


Network with other bands; get to know your fans & community. Stick around after the show, buy some drinks and enjoy meeting new people. More people you meet more chances that somebody will get interested in your d your music. You will have fun & at the same time you may land your band a new opportunity for a show. Offer to swap shows. Now, you don’t need to go to every show. Think of it as music networking – you pick & choose what fits you and is worth your time. 

Learn From Others

According to Sonic Bids Blog, real insight from experienced people can be an invaluable aid in your journey through the independent music world. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask questions & work on collaborations with other bands. When you’re an indie musician, you’re your own manager, publicist & more – it’s better to learn the basics of other roles in the music industry. Know a booking guy at Club Dada? Ask them their advice on booking an upcoming show. Have drinks with your friend who just happens to take photos for the Observer? Ask them what they’re looking for coverage-wise in the music scene.

Study What Other Musicians Are Doing

Is there a music festival coming up? Check it out & see what others are doing.  It’s great to see for yourself what others are doing & how they interact with the crowd. Also, it is another great opportunity for you to meet other musicians and people from the music world. What are these artists doing on social media? Which bands are drawing the biggest local crowds? Think about adding them to your lineup as a headliner. 

If You’re Music-Obsessed And Aspire To Have a Career In The Biz:

Go To Local Shows And Support The Scene

Volunteer for local music events, read every publication in town that covers music & get to know local musicians. See who comes to see them & what articles are published about those shows. Listen and take notes about things that are buzz worthy. Observe & listen what people are talking about it, what makes them react the certain ways while a band is on-stage! Get involved & buy tickets to local shows, purchase some merch & keep the local music scene thriving.

 Maintain A Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is great, especially when promoting local events & artists. We somehow are all connected & the word spreads out even faster when we get to be involved in the same activities. Share, comment & spread out to the world. Re-post & share local music news & happenings, “Like” bands’ Facebook pages & follow them on Twitter & create your own social media personality. 

Look For Other Networking Opportunities

Make nice with local bands & venue managers. Always introduce yourself. Whether it’s volunteering to sell merch for one show or helping out with a festival on-site, you’re gaining invaluable experience & making contacts that will last forever. Remember, the scene is smaller than you think – even worldwide. Music professionals are interconnected and last for life, so be a good representation of your personal brand.

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