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My very FIRST webinar! Take your social media to the #NEXTLEVEL


First of all, I TUNED in with a buddy, I find buddies are good for running ideas by each other during a webinar...& also making fun of cheesy infographics in the PowerPoint ;)

Did you know that 87% of small businesses use Social Media Marketing (SMM)? It's 2015, so if your brand isn't actively engaged on social media, you're behind the curve. Before you consider tuning into this webinar (courtesy of Constant Contact, my fav email marketing site), think about goals for your business. Being a PR firm, my business is unique and strategies on different platforms need to be tweaked, since I'm not directly selling a product (CLOTHES!) to customers.

Facebook (Your Main Squeeze)

It's important to remember that Facebook is LOW volume/HIGH value. Are you confused yet?! Don't be. It just means that you don't need to post several times a day & content needs to be incredibly valuable to your followers. It's also important to note that they now prevent others from promoting content if it falls along these lines:

  • Posts solely push to buy or install an app
  • Sweepstakes without any context
  • Re-using content from ads


  • Use brief & casual language
  • Always include visual content (photo/video/meme)
  • Encourage conversations (it is called SOCIAL media!)
  • Drive traffic to your blog or website
  • Check out your Facebook Insights page every few months to see if you should tweak your game plan
  • Likes are GOOD, Comments are BETTER, Shares are BEST 
  • Use the 80/20 rule: 80% casual content and 20% about business
  • Post 3x per week min/10x per week max

TWITTER (Your Chatty Coworker)

I must admit, these Twitter tips surprised me! To use it to its full advantage, I really need to come up with a daily Tweet Plan. After all, it is the MOST time-consuming network to manage.


  • Create 1:1 relationships (If you like someone, tag, follow & mention them!)
  • Drive readers to links
  • Things that tend to work: inspo, news, humor & shout-outs
  • Use the 80/20 rule: 80% curated content/20% stuff you create
  • ALWAYS weigh in on an article, etc. if you share it (#expertstatus) instead of just RTing (always tag the original source)
  • Post 5x per week min./NO LIMIT (this platforms for you, talkaholics)
  • ALWAYS use a hashtag (choose your own or weigh in on another topic)
  • Use memes/videos/photos
  • Check your Twitter Insights every few months & tweak your game plan 
  • CHEAT: Use HootSuite (I'm #OBSESSED)

They also got into something called #TweetChats, but recommended I try one out first before running one! We'll see...

LINKEDIN (Your College Valedictorian) 

Guys, it's all about business here. It would be ridiculous to post vacation photos, pictures of things you ate or a rant about your new ex on LinkedIn. Your boss or future boss is looking (cue Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me"). Honestly, since we're a boutique firm the LinkedIn tips didn't really translate. I did snag a few tricks that I'm planning on using very soon! Weekly, maybe? Like Facebook, LinkedIn is LOW volume/HIGH value.


  • Keep an up-to-date resume
  • Follow companies you admire in your industry
  • ALWAYS be professional, formal & tactical
  • Reach #expertstatus: share blogs/stats/memes/videos/industry studies that are relevant
  • Check out who's on their "Top Influencers" & what they're doing

PINTEREST (Your Artsy Galpal)

This platform is CLEARLY all about those pics, 'bout those pics, 'bout those...where was I? Pinterest is something I haven't entirely figured out, so I was particularly "PINTERESTED" in what they had to say (haha webinar buddy inside joke, I stole that from you). It's MEDIUM volume/HIGH value. Don't go giving yourself carpal tunnel with too much Pinning, you'll miss the point.


  • Use it to create mood boards or campaign/event inspo (my FAV use)
  • Use it to amplify your branding
  • Share visual content always 
  • Categorize your boards with GOOD keywords
  • Create curated content (tips & tricks)
  • Pin visual content from your site
  • Analyze Pinterest Insights every few months & tweak your game plan
  • Enable "rich pins" (more on this later...I'm new to this one)
  • Enable the "Pin It" function on your site
  • Invite a "Guest Pinner" that makes sense for your brand

INSTAGRAM (Your Selfie-Obsessed Bestie)

Ah, boggle my MIND! I have a problem with over-elaborating & not taking "cool" enough pictures. I've been working on this the last few months & am so glad they touched on this in the webinar. This is the LEADING platform today! It's LOW volume/HIGH value.


  • Post photos & video clips
  • Show your personality to build the company brand 
  • Share behind-the-scenes pics (ex: events, concerts, fashion shows)
  • Share company behind-the-scenes pics (ex: employees, corporate environment, fun stuff you do daily!)
  • Become the go-to source for something
  • Register for Iconogram & check out your analytics (PS it's FREE)
  • Post 5x per week max
  • Try weekly themes to make your life easier (ex: #MCM, #WCW, #TBT)
  • Golden number? 11 hashtags
  • HINT: Look on Iconogram for the TOP trending #hashtags


Social media is constantly changing. Don't let is overwhelm you (or make you feel old), just give it a try! It's there to help you reach a new audience that was virtually unreachable before the social media BOOM. I'm looking forward to upping our social media GAME. Overall, I felt the webinar was a great crash course. I'd love to learn more about SnapChat and Periscope for business NEXT! Who's with me?