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When I listen to music, my reaction to a song on any given day is 100% unpredictable...sometimes I can’t hold back from jamming, sometimes I’m shocked to the point of jaw-dropped silence, & a time or two I’ve audibly screamed! It amazes me how lucky we are to be experiencing the sounds that we do, in addition to the sounds that have come before.
— Sierra

Meet Sierra, a Houston native who will happily respond when called anything that translates to the likes of music lover, playlist perfectionist, podcast addict, or a girl who laughs so much that it yields the soreness of an intense ab-workout. Most recently she’s test driving the title #TeamHype PR Assistant – it has a nice ring, don’t you think?

Sierra is a senior at the University of North Texas studying public relations & minoring in social sciences. #CollegeLife has been a totally beautiful whirlwind the past year – the beautiful part being the abundance of “aha!” moments & nuggets of inspo that have her 100% stoked for endless possibilities of the future. She’s hypest lately for brand strategy, experiential marketing, & developing innovative ways to story tell. Nothing will ever replace what she loves the most – music! She has big dreams of pursuing artist & tour management, with the end goal of creating her own music festival.

Outside of work, she loves thrifting, drinking strong coffee, cleaning her most faithful pair of Adidas, catching shows, & falling in loves with dogs online that she can’t adopt just yet. When you see her at upcoming events, be sure to say what’s up!