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5 Phrases to Stop Saying at Work

Think of the last conversation with the most negative co-worker. How did you feel after that conversation? Most likely you will be ignoring that person from now on instead of looking for their advice and friendship. How about a coworker you met who was extremely nice but sounded like they had no confidence? That’s probably not someone you trust to be on your team. It’s clear that none of us want to be THAT girl at the office. Here are 5 phrases to stop saying at work so you can sound like the poised, assertive and confident #GIRLBOSS that you already are. 

“Don’t worry about it” 
Not only does this demonstrate that the work you did didn’t require much effort but it also makes that person feel silly for thanking you. Instead, own up to the great work you did and acknowledge them by appreciating it. Also, this phrase is super casual and not quite professional for the office. Better yet, show gratitude by saying “you’re welcome”. You deserve to be valued! 

“I’m not an expert but…” 
By doing this you are listing flaws in your thoughts before you even share them. This is not a good way to start a sentence because it immediately primes others to think “Well, she said she’s no expert…”. This along with other negative introductory phrases disqualify your idea before it’s even acknowledged. It is most likely a sign of modesty or shyness. Definitely not a good idea for future reference.

“I feel like…” 
Guilty! This phrase is typically used to set up a phrase you feel unsure about or could be offensive. Our advice, cut it to stop sounding like a valley girl to the max. Picture telling your boss “I feel like I deserve a promotion.” That doesn’t sound very compelling, does it? The same goes for the phrase “I think…”. Instead, save time by telling people what you really mean.  

I am not telling you to never apologize because that is definitely wrong. What I am saying is do not be that girl who apologizes for EVERYTHING. When her boss gives her one piece of advice, she replies “Sorry I…” or trips over a trash can and yells “Sorry!” to those around her. This are all mundane/ small situations that do not issue an apology. By constantly saying “sorry” are not only annoying others but also continually putting yourself in the wrong. If you do feel the need to apologize or address a situation please utilize other phrases like “Okay, I know not to do that next time” or “That’s a great idea! I’ll try that next time!”. That way you’re only apologizing when it’s sincere and appropriate. 

"Uhmmm" and "Just"
Even though all of us are blameworthy for saying this at one time or another doesn’t mean we can’t erase them now. Speakers who routinely say “um”, “uh” or continually sigh prevent their listeners from grasping their message. We’re all human but eliminating these unnecessary fill words will improve speeches to the nth degree. Another annoying filler you may not notice you use is “just”. It may sounds respectful but it always put you in the inferior end. Erasing this qualifier makes you sound much more confident.  

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How to Get More Work Done (Without Working Harder)

We all wish there were more hours in the day. Sometimes it just seems impossible to finish everything that needs to get done. Luckily, the team here at CultureHype has some tips to share for top level productivity. Read on to become the ultimate #GIRLBOSS who gets work done and has free time for brunch.

Designate optimal work time

When are you most alert? Do you find it easiest to tackle projects right after your morning coffee? Or are you a late riser who can concentrate best in late morning after reading the paper? When you designate this work time is up to you and your internal clock. This is so you can avoid those times in college when you tried to cram a late-night paper with no creativity or effort left in your bones.

Walk away – but come back!

The most productive employees are the ones who take breaks. If you feel your energy depleting grab a snack and water or watch a funny video on YouTube. Doing something you enjoy will energize you for whatever you work on next.

Make a to do list with deadlines

Even with the endless amount of list apps sometimes the best thing is a to-do list on a physical piece of paper. Put this on your desk where you will see it throughout the day. Not only will seeing it make you accountable but checking off that box is oh so fulfilling.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything that needs to get done we don’t fully focus on the task at hand. This is an ugly cycle of being stressed that leads to not finishing tasks and guess what? Being more stressed! To avoid this conundrum, get rid of all distractions and clear your mind before starting a task. This way you will finish it faster and with less pressure. 

Now, go get work done! Be proud of the extra hours you’ve earned to slack off now. 

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What Listening to Music at Work Does for Productivity (It’s Pretty Great)

Across the office, someone is cursing at a jammed printer. Jeff is loudly munching on chips in the cubicle next to you. Would plugging in headphones be rude? Does listening to music even improve concentration? Luckily for you, many instances and studies prove so.


When it comes to repetitive tasks the answer is yes. Research from Applied Ergonomics discovered “that music is effective in raising efficiency in this type of work even when in competition with the unfavorable conditions produced by machine noise.” Therefore, listening to music when working on repetitive tasks increases work speed and productivity. According to a study on the effect of music listening on work performance found “results indicated that state positive affect and quality-of-work were lowest with no music, while time-on-task was longest when music was removed.” This could be why surgeons listen to their favorite tunes in the operating room.If you are just looking for background music, ambient tunes are the way to go. 

Increased Mood

Not only can music help productivity but it can also boost your mood. Nothing gets those creative juices pumping better than a good Spotify playlist. The brain releases dopamine when listening to your favorite songs, which leads to overall efficiency. When we feel better, we work better. Even if you see co-workers with headphones you may want to check with your boss to make sure it fits company guidelines. This is a great way to break the monotony of the work day. 

Keep it Simple

However, if you’re listening to new music or a song that is too wordy it can backfire.  Especially if paired with a new project at work. This is because your brain is working too hard trying to digest the music so your tasks suffer. So, it's best to listen to music you already know or just listen when working on projects you are already a pro at. 

So, crank it up! Ultimately, listening to music will benefit your workday productivity. Just don’t get caught dancing on top of your desk. 

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Our top tips for increased productivity

If you're anything like us, you've got a lot on your plate this time of year. With warmer weather making us dream of summer vacation & our New Year's Resolutions slowly fading away, it's time for a pick-me-up in our productivity. We've put together a list of some of our top tips to get stuff done!

Block it out

It’s way too common for our phones to be the biggest hindrance to our productivity. Our favorite app to keep us focused is Forest. Set a length of time you need to stay off your phone & plant your digital tree. If you leave the app, your adorable tree dies. Stay in the app until your time is over & watch your pretend forest flourish! If you focus long enough, a real tree will be planted thanks to you!

The Two-Minute Rule

If you have tasks that take less than two minutes to complete, do them right now. Respond to an email or make that quick phone call that you keep reminding yourself you have to do. Get the little things that clutter your conscience out of the way before moving on to the bigger tasks, & feel the stress wither away!

Prepare the night before

Spend just 15 minutes each night writing in your agenda, setting out your outfit or wrapping up those last-minute emails before you wind down. This can help ease your mind before you go to bed & start your day on a much better note come morning.

Be Urgent

If you can do it now, why don’t you? Even if you know you have plenty of time to get a task done, go ahead get it crossed off your list as long as you’re not already too burned out. Have a sense of urgency now & you’ll find yourself with much more free time later.

Designate time

You’ll be surprised how much you can get done if you plan ahead your productive time in advance. Even if it’s just half an hour, treat it like an appointment; put it in your planner, don’t be late & make the most out of that allotted time.

“Schedule” is the new “To-Do List”

Speaking of scheduling, we all have that one pesky item at the bottom of our to-do list that just won’t go away. Instead of pushing it to infinite tomorrows, set a time when you will actually do it. Write it down and/or set a phone reminder for those tasks we love to put off. Get it out of the way & get that weight off your shoulders.

Take the right kind of break!

If you have a lot of work to get done, try powering through for 90 minutes before taking a break—but make the break meaningful. Walk around, get a snack or even take a step outside if you can instead of refreshing your Twitter feed for half an hour. With all that you've been getting done, don't forget to give your brain the break it deserves!