Voyage Dallas introduces Leigha Lugo
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Stretching my curiosities and pushing my abilities with a “go big or go home attitude” has always been vital to my creative lifestyle
— Voyage Dallas

Leigha Lugo interviews with Voyage Dallas and talks about her project. To read the full article click here.

Amber LaFrance
Leigha Lugo Paints 3 Pianos for Dallas
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The goal is to create a communal, interactive setting for people to enjoy both visual art and music.
— The Dallas Observer

Artist Leigha Lugo has created something new and and exciting for Dallas's creative community. To read the full article click here.

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Maya Piata's releases sophmore album Vernal
Maya’s newest EP focuses on her growth and life as an artist, songwriter and individual. This theme of growth is perfectly represented by the title, Vernal, meaning “of the spring.”
— Crate Diggers

Maya released her second album on Friday and it is really good! To check out some of her songs and read about the creative process behind making her album click here.

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Silas Nello talks up new album to The Dallas Observer
Nello has spent the last 15 months writing, recording and preparing to release Out of the Light and playing shows every weekend. Soon, he’ll embark on his first Midwest tour.
— The Dallas Observer

Silas Nello discusses his new album along with his upcoming tour! To read the full article click here.

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HypeFest Recap by Crate Diggers
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There is no doubt Hypefest was a very successful event and five star display of the musical talent Dallas has to offer.
— Crate Diggers

Crate Diggers summarized the eventful day of HypeFest! To read more about what happened that day click here!

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