The Rustic provides a platform of students artists
The Rustic.jpg
The Rustic in Uptown will recognize National Music in Our Schools Month with a series of concerts performed by up-and-coming musicians in the Dallas music scene.
— Dallas Observer

Local young artists now have a stage to express there artistry thanks to the Rustic. To read the full album click here.

Amber LaFrance
Goodnight Ned's new song
A laidback, harmony-rich groove
— Central Track

Central Track featured Goodnight Ned's new single "We Bloom" on songs of the week! To listen to the song and read more about it click here!

Amber LaFrance
HypeFest Lives Up to Name
Culture-Hype celebrated their five year anniversary Saturday with an all day all night concert dubbed HypeFest at The Rustic.
— Dallas Observer

HypeFest was a success! Click here to check out more photos and to read more on the event!

Amber LaFrance
Maya Piata releases new EP
maya Piata.jpg
It’s the kind of song that would foreshadow a career of musical innovation
— Ghost of Blind Lemon

Maya Piata releases new EP, Vernal, at the Regal Room on Friday, June 8th. To read the full article click here.

Amber LaFrance