Hand Drawn signee Brandon Callies’ rock ‘n roll alter ego, Screaming Thieves, to release “Wandering Feet”


(DALLAS, October 2017; source: CultureHype) — Through distinct and vibrant sounds, Hand Drawn Records’ own Brandon Callies’ rock-and-roll alter ego, Screaming Thieves is set to release their new single “Wandering Feet” on Friday, Oct. 14. The single is a painfully honest account of a recurring character in the singer's’ life. Exploring darker, brooding themes, the single was recorded, mixed, mastered by Jamie Glasgow at Monument House Sound Company in Austin. “Wandering Feet” is the lead single off the Austin group’s new EP “Eagle Eye,” out next year. 

Out this month, the single focuses on a “girl that I've seemed to run into my entire life,” said Callies. “The one that’s hell-bent on bringing down everyone around her.” 

Distinctly different from Callies’ other projects, The Screaming Thieves embrace a harder sound than that of his Americana-rock group The American Revival. The group’s third album “Eagle Eye” serves as the group’s third release after their EP, “Demo,” and LP “Hooligans, Heathens, and Crafty Devils.” 

The Screaming Thieves are a band of hooligans, ruffians, heathens, and ne'er do wells that were formed in early 2014 by Callies. The band draws influence from such rock n roll outfits as Black Sabbath, Muddy Waters, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and MC5. If you are looking for rambunctious music, you've come to the right place. The features a rotating cast of players with Callies and Zach Arrington (Yes Sun Yes). 

“Zach and I come from different songwriting backgrounds, but we share a love for aggressive rock ‘n roll,” Callies said. “I tended to listen to more aggressive music when I was younger because it was off limits. My parents were against anything raunchy, so naturally it made it more appealing to me.” 

“Wandering Feet” releases on Friday, Oct. 14 and will be available on iTunes, via the artist’s website and Spotify. For more information on Screaming Thieves, visit ttp:// 

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