Six collegiate teams will square off in the 10th annual event this November

(Dallas, October 2018; source: CultureHype) -- The leaves are changing colors, and you know what that means: It’s time for polo. Polo may not be what you immediately think of when you think of fall, but that’s about to change. For the last decade, schools from across the U.S. have descended on Kaufman, Texas to compete against one another in one of the year’s can’t-miss college sporting events. Sponsored by the US Polo Association, the annual Fall Fandango Intercollegiate Polo Tournament turns ten this year with an event from Friday, Nov. 9 to Sunday, Nov. 11 at Legends Horse Ranch in Kaufman. Teams are expected from University of Texas, Texas A&M University, Oklahoma State University, Colorado State University, University of Arkansas, and Texas Tech University. It’s a festive event that showcases stellar athleticism and showmanship, and proves that polo is not what you think.

"The Fall Fandango Polo Tournament started back in 2008. It has been played in Ft Worth, Houston, Midland, Austin and now just outside of Dallas," said organizer Robin Sanchez. “This has historically been one of the largest gathering of Collegiate polo teams and players in the Nation,” says organizer Robin Sanchez. The first event was held in 2008, and subsequent programs have been held in Fort Worth, Houston, Midland, Austin and now Kaufman, just 30 minutes outside of Dallas.

Reigning champ Texas A&M claimed titles in the men’s and women’s divisions in 2017, but they are just one of 38 established USPA programs throughout the nation. Teams whose players have served in the military play for an additional honor--the Admiral Chester Nimitz Cup. It’s just another way the event honors the talented men and women who make polo a premier--and equitable--sport.

For a lot of these players, university is where they pick up the sport,” Sanchez says. “They create a lifelong passion and meet lifelong friends."

The Fall Fandango Intercollegiate Polo Tournament takes place this November at Legends Horse Ranch, located just 30 minutes from Downtown Dallas in Kaufman. Spectators are welcome to attend the matches and cheer on their hometown, alma mater or favorite team. Tickets are $15 per vehicle and available on Eventbrite, and you can browse the up-to-date schedule on Facebook. Proceeds from ticket sales go to support the collegiate polo programs. Donations to individual teams can be made at the event, and teams will be selling shirts, hats and other university gear.

For more information on the Fall Fandango Intercollegiate Polo Tournament, please see their Facebook event for more info.

Polo is the oldest team sport that is still played today. Modern polo was played by British Cavalry Officers and tea planters in Manipur around mid-1850’s, but its roots go back thousands of years to ancient Mongolia, Persia and China.

Fall Fandago Intercollegiate Polo Tournament

Polo is also unique in that professionals and amateurs compete on the same team. There are no restrictions on age or sex to compete in polo, and teams are made of up men and women of all ages. In fact, polo is the only team sport where men and women compete against one another.



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