Dallas-based mindfulness experts offer two trainings at the Crow Collection

(Dallas, October 2018; source: CultureHype) - Mari Woodlief’s life was changed by meditation. After being introduced to the art in 2015, the local public relations titan was so inspired by the power of meditation and mindfulness that she set out to create a gym for your brain – a haven, in which you can decompress, destress, exercise and, above all else, enhance your wellbeing. That became Mastermind: a local meditation studio turned consulting service founded in Dallas.

This fall, the Mastermind team will continue their quest to make mindfulness accessible to the masses with a weekend retreat. The Crow Collection of Asian Art is committed to sharing the transformative benefits of mindfulness. So much, in fact, that it opened a Center of Contemplative Leadership at The Trammell Crow Center and is integrating mindfulness practices into many programs. Workshops will take place from Saturday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 21 and again in 2019 from Saturday, Jan. 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to Sunday, Jan. 20 in downtown Dallas from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Trammell Crow Center is located at 2001 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas 75201.

Your $395 tuition includes eight hours of mindfulness training, parking vouchers, a year-long Artist Membership to the Crow Collection of Asian Art, a self-guided tour of the Crow, and a breakfast reception Saturday and Sunday, with lunch included on Saturday. The biggest benefits are the proven, long-term effects of mindfulness: benefits that are accessible to professionals of all ages and backgrounds. Interested parties can use the discount code “BEMINDFUL” for Oct. and “NEWYEARNEWYOU” for Jan. for $325 passes. 

“We are honored to provide programs like this retreat with Mastermind,” shares Beth Reese, Ph.D., Director of Education and Mindfulness for The Crow Collection. “As part of our mission to love and celebrate the arts and cultures of Asia, we embrace and integrate into our workplace these ancient traditions and research-based transformational tools. I have experienced first-hand how mindfulness-based practices empower humans of all ages to actively practice being aware, present, focused, empathetic, and compassionate to self and other in the midst of any circumstance.”

Through workshops, classes and custom events, Mastermind gives executives, athletes, students, teachers and Texans from all different backgrounds a space to reap the bountiful rewards of mindfulness and meditation. In fall 2018, the Mastermind team will host a two-day immersive mindfulness seminar, “Unlock Your Potential: Mindfulness for Brain Health,” inside the Crow’s Center for Contemplative Leadership. It’s just one example of how the growing Mastermind team continues to serve the Dallas area and help improve work and home lives for Dallas denizens through the magic of mindfulness.

“As a longtime admirer of the Crow’s commitment to preserving art and culture, I’m thrilled to collaborate with them to bring mindfulness and brain health to this beautiful, peaceful space. This is the perfect venue to inspire and enhance the restorative benefits of a mindfulness practice,” said Woodlief.

Dorsey Standish, an engineer-turned-mindfulness instructor, serves as Chief Mindfulness Officer at Mastermind and will lead the new Crow Collection offerings. Standish utilizes her deep knowledge of science, technology and the mind to help Mastermind pupils reap the rewards of mindfulness.

“I experienced stress-induced burnout while working in corporate America as an engineer,” said Standish. “I committed to a daily mindfulness practice for calm, focus and sanity and dedicated my life to helping others discover the science-backed benefits of mindfulness meditation.”

Those benefits include higher focus, enhanced memory, stronger interpersonal skills, higher resilience against stress and anxiety and an improvement in overall well-being. While mindfulness is new to Dallas, it’s now become mainstream in the U.S. Corporate companies like Google, Aetna, Apple, Intel, Target, General Mills, and Nike are investing in what has become more than just a trend in the last few years. In fact, 22% of employers were offering mindfulness training programs in 2016 alone ( Mindfulness meditation has become integral to several Fortune 500 companies, and “bringing mindfulness to the workplace has decreased people’s stress levels while improving focus and clarity, listening and decision-making skills, and overall well-being” (

The two-day event is designed to help participants attain all those benefits--and so much more.

Unlock Your Potential: Mindfulness for Brain Health” will teach mindfulness as a way of bringing great awareness, ease, energy, and freedom into daily life. The team will take participants on a journey through the historical evolution of mindfulness, important brain health benefits of practice, the study of the pillars of mindfulness and various mindfulness techniques--all in a supportive environment structured to lay the foundation for a sustainable personal practice.

“[J]ust as we learn to play the piano through practice, the same goes for cultivating well-being and happiness.” - Richie Davidson, neurologist at the Center for Healthy Minds (


About Mastermind

Mastermind is a mindfulness meditation consulting team guiding workshops, seminars and classes across the state of Texas. Mastermind-trained professionals make meditation accessible with fully guided, brain health based practices designed to reduce stress and improve focus. Mastermind facilitators lead science-based, research-backed mindfulness classes at the UT Dallas Brain Performance Institute, One Arts Plaza, Klyde Warren Park, and at other event venues for corporations, educational institutions, and private individuals. For more information, visit


About the Center for Contemplative Leadership at the Crow Collection of Asian Art

Find tranquility and contemplation in a daily retreat at the Center for Contemplative Leadership in the Crow Collection of Asian Art offices on the 35th Floor of Trammell Crow Center. Monday through Friday you can explore the benefits of meditation, yoga, tai chi and qigong. These practices, rooted in mindfulness and self-awareness, are scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve cognitive health, and cultivate moments of calm and balance as part of your work day. Come as you are: these programs are designed for professionals in business attire. For more information, please visit



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