Balady’s “Mustard” is a must-hear for lovers of lounge pop and fun, feel-good music


(DALLAS, October 2018; source: CultureHype) - Tippy Balady is on a quest to take over the Dallas music scene one syrupy sweet single at a time--and get into college, of course. The high school senior is currently balancing homework, college applications and an internship, and all that comes with being a budding music star: gigs, songwriting, recording sessions, and collaborating on her upcoming EP. To cope with all the chaos, Tippy dives into her music--and hopes you will, too. The pop singer-songwriter’s new single, “Mustard,” is out Friday, Nov. 2. It’s a feel-good tune with a groovy guitar riff. The song showcases her silky smooth voice and penchant for crafting pop tunes.

“Mustard is the perfect combination of cool lyrics and catchy melody that will put a knowing smirk of your face and leave you wanting more,” the artist says.

Tippy is a musical theater alum and current Booker T. Washington High School student who has shared the stage with Kristen Chenoweth, Miguel Cervantes and Jacob Banks. She joined her first rock band in fifth grade, after a serious career as a figure skater was derailed by injuries. She discovered her love for crafting her own songs, and dove headfirst into songwriting shortly thereafter.

Earlier this fall, the artist released her single “Begin Again,” a tune on which she collaborated with Jason Burt of Modern Electric Sound Recorders and Nik Lee of The Texas Gentlemen. The single currently boasts over 80,000 streams on Spotify, but Tippy shows no signs of slowing down. After “Mustard” drops, Tippy will return to the studio to produce an EP alongside Burt--a project the latter is excited to start.

“Tippy is the kind of artist we all love because she is transcendent and raw,” Burt says. “I’m so lucky to be able to watch her process her music and make it so unique and individual yet still so approachable.”

“’Prolific Tip’ is what I’m calling her these days. She’s got 40 songs in the bag and it’s fun to dig through them to see which will surface next.”

Tippy calls her style a fusion of pop and soul, but doesn’t subscribe to one genre in particular. Each song is different, and while “Begin Again” was bedroom pop, “Mustard” is much more of a lounge jam. But they do have one key thing in common: Both are upbeat bellwethers of an up-and-coming star with oodles of talent. 

Her EP, a music video, and more singles are all on the horizon, but for Tippy, it will always be about uplifting others through her music.

“Music is my way of managing all the craziness,” she says, “So if I can help others do the same, then I’m happy.”




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