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Pannek and Creasey continue the 10 Mural Project with their sixth installation and make plans to bring together local artists at Deep Ellum Art Co. on May 11

(DALLAS, March 2018; source: CultureHype) – Last week, the creative duo House of Pannek continued its 10 Murals Project at McMurry Metals (3013 Elm St.) Featuring pop culture characters Rick and Morty, a large hologram, and a DeLorean from Back to the Future, the mural is the seventh of ten murals by Deep Ellum resident and visual artist Preston Pannek and his girlfriend-business partner Adrienne Creasey. The mural project will culminate with a large-scale art show featuring work by Pannek and Creasey alongside other House of Pannek artists at creative multi-use space Deep Ellum Art Co. on Friday, May 11 from 7 to 9 p.m. with a DJ set by Blake Ward during the event. Pannek will team up with local artist Isaac Davies for a live, collaborative piece on-site. Deep Ellum Art Co. is located at 3200 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas 75226. 

“The small picture of what I want to bring is more murals to Deep Ellum,” said Pannek about the House of Pannek’s creative goals. “Our larger goal is to make Deep Ellum the most concentrated location for murals per square mile in the U.S. and create new opportunities for local artists’ work to be seen.” 

Deep Ellum business owners turn over exterior walls to Pannek and Creasey for playful interpretations of pop culture icons and cult classic references. In efforts to showcase more public art for Deep Ellum residents to enjoy, the artists behind House of Pannek also aim to create more paid opportunities for local artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Pannek and Creasey’s plans include bringing on a curated collective of local artists for commission work, hoping to connect creatives with local businesses as a way to bring murals of all sizes to the City of Dallas. “You can have your own art show forever if you have enough walls,” he says. Self-taught, Pannek learned to create art through trial and error. Picking up most of his techniques on accident, the artist has trained with local artist Izk Davies who has experience working with the Dallas Museum of Art. 

“Preston has lived in Deep Ellum most of his adult life and wanted to give back to the community that helped shape him as an artist,” said Creasey. “Creating ten free murals for the neighborhood of Deep Ellum felt like the perfect opportunity for him to give back while creating an awareness and growth of the art culture, specifically murals.” 

With each mural in the 10 Murals Project, the duo aims to kick it up a notch by going bigger and to the extreme. Currently on view are murals #1 and #2 at 3720 Canton St., a Pulp Fiction parody titled “Deep Fiction” with hundred dollar bills painted into it and a Betty Boop-Twiggy remix titled “Twiggy Boop”; #3 at 2925 Elm St. featuring Mario and Luigi in a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off parody titled “Mario Brothers Day Off”; #4 at 2911 Main St. featuring Daffy Duck in a Clockwork Orange parody titled “Clockwork Duck”; #5 at 3000 Elm St. featuring a play on The Wolf of Wall Street titled “Wolf of Bitcoin”; and #6 at 3100 Main St. titled “Fear and Loathing in Deep Ellum.” The sixth of ten murals features pop culture characters Porky Pig and Daffy Duck portrayed with layers of paint creating a holographic effect in the sun. Patrons can pick up multi- faceted crystal glasses from Wizards Vape Shop while supplies last to view the most recent mural in full effect at the corner of Main and Hall. 

“Preston is one of the first artists in Deep Ellum who fully embraced what we are doing and we couldn’t be more excited to host The House of Pannek Art Show,” said John LaRue, owner of Deep Ellum Art Co. “House of Pannek’s mural ‘The Godfathers of Deep Ellum Part 1’ was a collaboration between them and Isaac ‘Izk’ Davies and is one of our favorite murals featured at our space. The trio has also painted live in our Art Yard for patrons to watch live!” 

To keep up with The House of Pannek and the remaining four murals, follow the artists on Instagram here. 

About Preston Pannek 

Pannek did his first mural at Deep Ellum Art Company in July 2017. From August 2017 through October Pannek also live painted with fellow Dallas artist, Izk Davies, where he learned the art of spray paint. While doing so, Pannek and his girlfriend, Adrienne Creasey, started designing and painting murals at and on their loft. December 2017 while working on the first two free murals, out of the 10 Murals Project, Pannek and Creasey decided to launch House of Pannek. A self-taught painter and visual artist, he has showcased his work at Campisi’s in downtown Dallas, and in the Dallas Design District at Mecox, East & Orient, and Vinya. In 2015, Pannek showcased 50 paintings in a larger-than-life debut gallery show at LAB ART Texas in the Dallas Design District titled “Pieces of Me.” For more information on Preston Pannek, please visit

About Adrienne Creasey

Growing up Adrienne Creasey was influenced to peruse art by her grandmother, who was known for her oil paintings and abstract art. Creasey still to this day uses the brushes passed down to her from her grandmother to create art. Creasey trained to be a pastry chef and Worked for Cookies by Design as head of Research and Development using her art background to design new products.    


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