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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Dyllan Chavez
This playlist really embodies my energy! At times I can be really high energy & have a bunch of ideas rushing through my mind, but others I’m really chill & like to reflect on my life & my goals. This playlist really gets me into the right mindset no matter how I feel that day.
— Dyllan

It’s a new year so lets start it off right. Our new Content Strategist, Dyllan Chavez, is a recent graduate and Marketing guru from the University of North Texas. Originally from Mexico, Dyllan loves exploring and strengthening his creative abilities, & has done everything from DJing to spray painting. In his spare time, you can find him scarfing down tacos, diving into Tilted Towers with his fellow lads, or spending time with the people he cares about the most.

One day, Dyllan hopes to help inner city reach their creative potential by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, & tools they need to succeed. He is always covered in “drip” (badass jewelry) & has a “cozy” but fashion-forward sense of style.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Emily Berger
My music taste is just like my week, all over the place! I enjoy all genres & decades of music. Currently, I have been obsessing over European music. Here are just some of my new favs!
— Emily

Meet our new Creative Assistant, Emily Berger! Emily is a Photojournalism major at the University of North Texas. She is kicking off her Senior year with #TeamHype as a Fall 2018 intern. Fluent in German (her minor), she is also studying Anthropology in school. The rockstar photographer has been mastering her craft for six years now & dreams of becoming a freelance cultural photographer after graduation. On her bucket list is traveling & photographing the world!

The craft beer fanatic frequents breweries & music venues across DFW in between road trips to fests across the U.S. In her free time, she can be found trolling YouTube for new beauty buys from her fav vloggers. A true Texas gal, Emily currently resides in Denton with her orange Tabby, Snacks.

#TeamHype Spotlight: Nelli Tokleh
Nelli T.jpg

Here at #TeamHype, we're all about celebrating our peers! In today's #TeamHype Spotlight, we are highlighting a CultureHype OG, Nelli Tokleh, our first ever employee -- besides co-founders Amber & Jarrod, of course.

After jumpstarting her PR career at CultureHype back in 2012, Nelli has had the opportunity to work at some amazing companies. With some persistence & dedication, she's been able to reach her career #GOALS. The CultureHype fam is super proud to show her off!

How has working at CultureHype helped you in your career so far?

“In grad school, I was working for Amber to gain PR experience while finishing my MBA program. I was trying to stay ahead of the curve in the PR industry while in school. So when Amber offered me a gig at CultureHype, I snagged it quick! I was actually Amber’s first hire for the agency. My role was to work with several consumer brands & find them editorial opportunities. So gaining these skills early on in my PR career was very valuable!”

How was the transition from college into the workforce?

"It was an emotional roller coaster. From moving back into my parent’s house from my college apartment to looking for a full-time PR job, there was a lot of stress. But the hard work & all of those internships paid off when I landed my first job about a month after graduation. Then adulthood happened...working an 8-5 job, paying bills, (& student loans!), etc. Most new grads will agree that it’s not an easy transition but having supportive friends & family around you can make all the difference as you ease into a new routine."

What is your day-to-day life now working at Dala Communications?

"I’m a Senior Account Executive at Dala, & I do a lot of traditional PR work, which I love. I’m working with several clients from the B2B to B2C space, as well as nonprofit."

What do you love the most about working at Dala Communications?

"In PR, every day can be different, so it keeps things exciting. The clients I get to work with have such great stories, & I love being the storyteller for their audiences and the press."

What are some tips you can give readers to help them find the job of their dreams?

"If you’re in college get internships in whatever field you're majoring in because it’s a valuable experience to put on your resume, & it’s a great way to get portfolio samples. It makes you more marketable for a job when you graduate. Also, don’t be shy to connect with someone who you would be interested in working for one day. So if you’re interested in sports, for example, contact the PR manager for that team. Send them a Linkedin request, follow them on Twitter, reach out online to ask for opportunities.

How do you think persistence is important in this industry?

"Persistency allows you to grow & develop. You press on, even when the situation can be tough. As a result, you can achieve that goal you're going for & become a stronger, successful person in your career." 

What has been your biggest accomplishment within your career in Public Relations?

"It's hard to name just one. I love working with nonprofits and getting to tell their story to the public. The best feeling is knowing you've made a difference for an organization who may not always have the help & resources available. Whether it's increasing their Facebook likes or getting them an article in a local community paper, the small things can have a huge impact on an organization." 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Kelsey Shoemaker
aKUjIGmd_400x400 copy.jpg
Monday’s can be difficult because your mind is tired & unproductive. I wanted to make a playlist that can set the tone for the week with beats that wake you up from that lazy Monday coma.

It's a new week & that must mean we have another #MUSICMONDAY playlist for you! Meet Kelsey Shoemaker, CultureHype’s new content creator. Kelsey is currently a Senior at the University of North Texas (UNT) studying Photojournalism. She is passionate about photography, having previously interned at D Magazine, College Fashionista, & now CultureHype. Kelsey loves surrounding herself with other talented individuals who have a strong visual & aesthetic style, the reason why she loves serving as Visuals Editor for her college paper North Texas Daily.

In her free time, Kelsey loves pouring wine glasses & putting on her Netflix queue which includes teen soap operas & murder documentaries. Kelsey also enjoys reading, coffee, cheese, and is obsessed with pasta.  

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Stephanie Beckers
Photo credit: Tyler Dozier

Photo credit: Tyler Dozier

My playlist really describes my taste in music. From R&B to country, & everything in between, these songs will always make me feel something!

Meet Stephanie Beckers, a recent graduate from the University of North Texas (UNT)! Stephanie, one of our new #TeamHype summer interns, majored in Public Relations with a double minor in business & Spanish. The bilingual communications maven has a passion for dancing, music, & traveling. Catch her getting her fitness on, planning her next trip or concert, or looking for the cheesiest 'zza in town when she's off-duty. 

She loves watching videos of sloths on the internet & dreams of traveling to Thailand one day to make her dream of hugging baby elephants come true. Stephanie aspires to spread positivity & good vibes while bringing humor into people’s lives. The music aficionado has diverse tastes, spanning genres & languages.


Our team is full of hardworking dreamers who take off on new opportunities to expand & grow their professional & lifestyle experiences. Which means, it’s about that time for our next spotlight on former #TeamHype employees who are making their mark in the creative industry since spending time on our small, but mighty team. Today’s spotlight shines on the one & only Austin Rettig!

After interning for CultureHype last year, Austin went on to pursue a graduate degree & play basketball for The University of Tampa in Florida. Now, he resides in Manchester, England where he’s currently pursuing a master’s while playing basketball for the Manchester Giants. Austin makes the CultureHype fam proud as he continues his journey spreading his love for sports & education. 

What is the best part about playing for the Manchester Giants?

“I enjoy getting to live in Manchester the most. The city is vibrant & full of different cultures. My experience here has opened me up to a lot of new perspectives & views, which is something I take away as the biggest asset.”

You’ve played basketball for a while now, how do prepare yourself for each game?

“I eat a ton of carbs the morning of a game, study my opponent(s), & blast my pre-game playlist the entire day to pump up that adrenaline.” 

How do you perfect your professional skills on & off the court?

Austin 2.png

“On the court, it’s all a matter of repetition. You have to be anal in getting comfortable making shots, making plays, etcetera to the point where every game situations are simply muscle memory. Off the court, it’s the same strategy. I fully immerse myself in consuming content specific to my field & try to produce as much content as I can to actively interpret what I’ve learned.”

When & how did you realize basketball was the career path you wanted to take?

“I guess this can be the first time I say this’s not. I’ve always had a natural ability in basketball so I utilized it to get the things I really wanted without having to pay for them, such as my undergraduate degree, masters degree, & various travel experiences, including living in the United Kingdom for a year. However, now that I’ve gotten all I wanted from basketball, I can say farewell to the game & shift towards my real passions.”

What advice would you give to those wanting to pursue school & sports at the same time?

“Understand the necessary sacrifices you need to make. It is a directly competitive game so consistent progression & focus will consume a lot of your time. Also, see everything as a chance to learn & grow. Nothing is a failure.”

What is the most useful skill you’ve learned as a contributing writer for DFW Style Daily & an intern at Culture Hype?

“To simply trust my own creativity. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I would second guess my work a lot or try to make it ‘perfect’ all the time. But, perfection isn’t really possible, & that made me hesitant to release content. As a writer, I grew more when I accepted that everything won’t be perfect to me, but still may be great to others as is.”

How have your relationships with people help get you to where you are today?

“I personally think sustaining relationships is the most valuable key to my success. If you have a good reputation, in the eyes of many, you’ll be the first on their minds when an opportunity arises.  Networking is key, but I try to assure my reputation makes an impact.”

How do you maintain relationships with people in your industry?

“Two things: adding value & lunch/coffee. The best way to keep a good relationship with someone is to add value to their lives in whatever way you can, consistently.  Lunch & coffee sessions are great for maintenance, as well. It’s an actionable method that allows you to quickly & effectively connect & catch up.”

How do you keep your creative juices flowing?

“I’ve noticed that I’m most consistent with creativity when I’m exploring & curious. I’m always looking for new music, art, places to see, etc. That enables my perspective to stay open & learn new things that will inspire new creativity.”


Happy #HumpDay! We're launching a new series highlighting local creatives from our fam who give us a serious dose of career inspo. As an intern for CultureHype in 2015, 23-year-old Justin Chavez went on to make some major moves after graduating from the University of North Texas. Now an on-air personality for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Justin works for a nationally syndicated radio show on 106.1 KISS FM airing 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. From interviewing celebrities, attending lavish events, & traveling as perks of the job, he really is living his BEST life.

How has working at CultureHype helped you in your career so far?

"CultureHype gave me the experience I needed to understand how the media works. Public Relations is all about communication & relationships. Amber created an environment where you are meeting new people and networking. It was my first PR internship & made my resume stand out because of the skills I obtained through the CultureHype experience. Creating media lists & setting up events caught my employer’s interest!"

How was the transition from college into the workforce?

"I graduated with a full-time job! It was smooth as a butter. I knew from the start going into the workforce that employers are looking for experience NOT a GPA. I sought out as many internships as possible to build my experience. I had three PR internships & two jobs tailored to PR. For my last internship, I was a social media intern for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, tweeting out to 96 thousand people. Interning for the show turned into a part-time job and finally into a full-time salary!"

What is your day-to-day life now working at Kidd Kraddick Morning Show?  

"Day-to-day I am constantly thinking of ideas & content for the show. If I’m not planning a segment I’m thinking of something for the next one. It’s a lot of conversation, social media scrolling & people watching for this kind of job."

What are some cool events you attend now because of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show?


"I’ve been to ACL, Jingle Ball, resorts in different countries, etc. The coolest experience of them all was Kanye’s concert when he was on his Saint Pablo Tour in Dallas. Also, our boss took us to Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate new staff contracts & we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, saw Rihanna perform & I won $250 in Scrapps."

What are some of the weirdest interviews that you have done for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show?

"My first celebrity interview was V Awk. It was Demi Lovato & I fanned girled all over the place. I touched her arm like thirteen thousand times, squealed & brought up old stuff she was trying to move past like her Disney Channel show, 'Sonny With A Chance.' All she did was smile & gave me fake compliments. It was the coolest & most stressful time of my life."

What do you love the most about working at Kidd Kraddick Morning Show?

"The thing I love most about working at the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is working with the team. Everyone knows the cast: Kellie, Big Al, J-Si, & Jenna. They are just as lovable in person as they are on air. The support staff & my producers, Robert & Nick, are so supportive & encouraging. They are constantly giving me ideas & helping me up when I take a radio tumble. We’re a small team but we are a very close team. The love is there. I honestly could not ask for a better group."

What are some tips you can give readers to enter the job of their dreams?

"Britney Spears said it best 'You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch.' Don’t wait until you graduate to find a job. Start looking now. Start gaining experience. Start building your resume. Get more than one internship under your belt that way you stand out from all the other candidates. If you show that you are capable of taking on the tasks of a job you are applying for you are more likely to picked over someone who doesn’t have any. Feed your resume! Get to work bitch."