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#MUSICMONDAY FEAT. Marisa Peterson

Happy #MUSICMONDAY everyone! Meet Marisa, CultureHype’s new PR Assistant! Marisa is a senior studying Advertising, Sociology, & Fashion Merchandising at the University of North Texas in Denton. 

Marisa’s music taste depends on her mood; however, she doesn’t discriminate against any genre. Marisa’s #MUSICMONDAY playlist will give you an insight into the current songs she keeps on repeat. 

Marisa enjoys traveling to any beach (beaches > mountains any day!) music festivals & staying up to date with fashion trends, as she is also a stylist at Free People. Her guilty pleasures are binge-watching Friends on Netflix for the 10th time, or perfecting her açaí bowl recipe. When she’s not working you can find her at West Oak coffee shop in Denton drinking a vanilla latte or getting a quick workout in at the UNT rec. 

Listen to Marisa’s #MUSICMONDAY playlist below!  

I love songs with lyrics I can relate to or music that makes me roll all my windows down and vibe!
— Marisa
Amber LaFrancemusic monday
I gravitate towards listening to things that I can either sing along to or dance to. I love upbeat songs that put me in a happy mood.
— Cherokee

Meet Cherokee, CultureHype’s new PR Assistant! The fashion-savvy Dallasite studied Marketing and Fashion Merchandising at Texas Woman’s University (TWU) in Denton! How did she find CultureHype? Our #girlboss Amber met Cherokee at our girl’s only pool party series at W Dallas - Victory through our partner, Dallas Girl Gang. Can we say, girl power?!

Cherokee’s taste in music is very dependent on her mood. One day she could be listening to Alternative Rock & Indie music & then switch to Hip-Hop and R&B in an instant. Some of her go-to favorite artists include Ariana Grande, Paramore, Frank Ocean, &, most importantly these days, Meg thee Stallion.

Listen to Cherokee’s #MUSICMONDAY playlist below!

My music taste mimics my personality, jumping from latin classics like Mana, or funky music like the Internet.
— Rebeca

Meet Rebeca, CultureHype’s new PR Assistant. She was born in Chihuahua, Mexico but is a Dallas girl at heart. She loves learning about everything new in Dallas and enjoys taking pictures in cute places! Having worked in retail for 6 years, she has learned to take life on the spontaneous side. On her days off you can find her hiking/kayaking, or sipping fancy cocktails at the newest spots (current favorite The Henry). 

Her choice of music mimics her personality, depending on her mood she will she will jump from latin classics like Mana, Afro Beats like Davido, or funky music like The Internet. This list is her most played at the moment!

2018-12-02 10_08_12.381.jpg
My music taste can jump from Reggae to Rock or R&B depending on the type of mood I’m in. Sometimes I’m in the mood for all three in one day!
— Kiana

Meet Kiana, CultureHype’s new PR Assistant! Kiana is a Senior studying Public Relations at the University of North Texas in Denton. Coming from a musical background filled with singers & musicians, she learned to appreciate music at a very young age - she fits right into our creative, music-obsessed team.

Kiana’s creativity is expressed through fashion, makeup, & music - she even moonlights as a freelance makeup artist. She’s obsessed with Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Ari Lennox, & Alina Baraz. You can find her at the nearest Barnes & Noble reading poetry or murder mysteries! Listen to Kiana’s #MUSICMONDAY playlist below.

Music is a vital part of my daily routine. My playlists are catered to the seasons I’m experiencing or the life events happening around me. Music has grown to become a constant soundtrack playing in the background of my life. There’s a song for every emotion, & when I’m in a funk, music helps me get out of that. This specific playlist is dedicated to transition between Spring & Summer. Everything is blooming & it’s time to feel refreshed, but we can’t go through it without the perfect playlist.
— Hope

Meet Hope Alvarez, our new #TeamHype Content Creator! Hope is a Photojournalism major at the University of North Texas with a minor in LGBT Studies. (Go Mean Green!) She’s passionate about visual storytelling, music, & the wonderful world of social media. She believes in the power of creativity to create meaningful connections.

When Hope isn’t taking photos, you can find her at a concert or hanging out with her cats. Chicago is her favorite city, but she prefers New York style pizza rather than Chicago deep dish. Island in the Sun by Weezer is her favorite song, but Paramore is her favorite band. Come say hi to her at an event!

Music Monday Picture Dimensions.jpg
When I listen to music, my reaction to a song on any given day is 100% unpredictable...sometimes I can’t hold back from jamming, sometimes I’m shocked to the point of jaw-dropped silence, & a time or two I’ve audibly screamed! It amazes me how lucky we are to be experiencing the sounds that we do, in addition to the sounds that have come before.
— Sierra

Meet Sierra, a Houston native who will happily respond when called anything that translates to the likes of music lover, playlist perfectionist, podcast addict, or a girl who laughs so much that it yields the soreness of an intense ab-workout. Most recently she’s test driving the title #TeamHype PR Assistant – it has a nice ring, don’t you think?

Sierra is a senior at the University of North Texas studying public relations & minoring in social sciences. #CollegeLife has been a totally beautiful whirlwind the past year – the beautiful part being the abundance of “aha!” moments & nuggets of inspo that have her 100% stoked for endless possibilities of the future. She’s hypest lately for brand strategy, experiential marketing, & developing innovative ways to story tell. Nothing will ever replace what she loves the most – music! She has big dreams of pursuing artist & tour management, with the end goal of creating her own music festival.

Outside of work, she loves thrifting, drinking strong coffee, cleaning her most faithful pair of Adidas, catching shows, & falling in loves with dogs online that she can’t adopt just yet. When you see her at upcoming events, be sure to say what’s up!

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Meredith Erikson
Los Angeles 2.jpg

Meet Meredith Erikson, one of CultureHype’s fall interns! She’s a graduate from the University of North Texas (UNT), who majored in journalism with a focus in public relations & a minor in sociology. She aspires to work for any group that values social good, diversity, & creativity, which is why she’s more than thrilled to be a part of #TeamHype.  

 She’s always on the hunt to discover something new in her city, whether it’s a restaurant, happy hour, or museum, she’s passionate about anything that expands her knowledge. In her off time, catch her vibing to some hip-hop, reading autobiographies of her favorite celebrities, or binge-watching Broad City. She loves traveling, especially to Los Angeles for its beautiful scenery, beaches, & eclectic food. After working in Thai cuisine for several years, it’s her dream to travel, & maybe even live in Thailand one day. Also, she can’t wait for the day she has a house, so she can own lots & lots of pit bulls.

I use music for every occasion in my life. From a party to cooking, to just relaxing in my bed, my best memories are always tied to a song. This playlist matches the variety of moments in my life.
— Meredith
#MUSICMONDAY feat. Charlie J Memphis
Photo Credits to Cal Quinn

Photo Credits to Cal Quinn

“Here is a list of songs that currently move me. They made this list because they have been influential in developing my sound, inspired my writing, or just allowed me to escape. I listen to music across all genres while seeking out great writing & unique artists, which often leads to hours on Spotify going down the rabbit hole seeking artist with original sounds like The Builder and Butchers or Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.”
— Charlie J Memphis

Another Monday calls for another round of #MUSICMONDAY. This week we’re introducing 17-year-old Swamp Rock artist Charlie J. Memphis! “What do you do when you’re an old soul trapped in a young man’s body?” Well for Charlie that means dusting off an old guitar & powering it up with a gritty American sound!

Growing up in the west suburbs of the windy city we know as Chicago, Charlie grew up like most boys who loved playing with the classic Lego sets, video games, & had a deep interest in history. As a history lover since a young age, he’d go out & visit downtown Chicago’s museums & was first introduced to music by his dad & from there he wrote his first punk song at the age of 12 titled, “Heroes & Villains”. This rock artist was enrolled in the School of Rock in Naperville Illinois, & from there his music journey took off. After playing in some bands & getting the amazing opportunity to play in a number of famous venues like Lincoln Hall, Double Door, & Subterranean! After moving down to the good ol’ south of Texas, he took a step back from his music to find out who he. “My writings for the new EP 'Bloody is the Water', are a reflection of this time. I then began working with a vocal coach & fine tuning my music”, Charlie tells us. Stoked to release & share his first EP with the music world, on October 19th at Good Records, he has a great ambition to continue learning for the rest of his life & is determined in helping bring back the beauty of raw music.

Watch Charlie perform at Smoked Fort Worth on Saturday, October 13, & come to get a taste of his unique style of music.

Hello, World!

#MUSICMONDAY feat Sydney Anderson

Meet our new pop-country client, Sydney Anderson! She began her quest as a singer at the age of 8, performing country classics like “Leavin’ on Your Mind,” on music row stages such as Tootsies & The Stage. Over the past decade, Sydney has performed the National Anthem for both minor & major league sports teams across Texas, as well as military events, &and national races drawing in crowds of over ten thousand. Talent, drive, & a smile that just doesn’t quit allowed her to sing at local fairs, nightclubs, & opry houses on a weekly basis consistently for several years now. In the past Sydney has captured the title of CCM’s “It Girl,” & has opened for artists such as Three Dog Night.

Sydney has also dabbled a bit in voice-over work. Her voice can be heard currently in The Voice Karaoke app, The Karaoke Chanel, & commercials for Travel Dallas. Her true passion is for storytelling, & this is evident in her songwriting. Sydney’s music is a blend of Texas & Nashville country, full of sass &and energy.  

Watch her new music video "Fool Like You" on YouTube & stay tuned for her EP out Sept. 14 on iTunes & Spotify! Listen to her #MUSICMONDAY playlist below.

This playlist is a mix of throwback & new country. Lyrics are what I connect with most, & this batch of tunes lyrically could never go out of style. A couple of these songs I’ve been covering for years & the majority have influenced me deeply as a songwriter & performer. I’m a sucker for a sad country song & good storytelling.
— Sydney
#MUSICMONDAY feat. Ghost of Blind Lemon

Join Ghost on Aug. 4 from 6 to 11 p.m. at Oak Cliff's Spinster Records for a local live music celebration as our music blogger friend celebrates 11 years with a slew of Dallas-based musicians! The event will showcase acoustic performances by Megan Storie & Jacob Furr, followed by full-on rock debacles  by Mean Motor Scooter & Hand Drawn Records signees Meach Pango.  Then, head over to Double-Wide for a psych rock filled lineup featuring Caved Mountains, Corner Suns, & Sunbuzzed.

If you want to tune into Chris's radio show you can catch Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio every Wed. night at

Listen to #MUSICMONDAY with Ghost of Blind Lemon! Back in 2007,  Chris Mueller chose the name Ghost of Blind Lemon as a tribute to Blind Lemon Jefferson, one of the earliest musicians of note to play in Deep Ellum. Since then, "The Ghost," has not only been blogging about Deep Ellum & the music scene, but has booked showcases at various Dallas venues such as Club Dada, Opening Bell Coffee, Free Man, & much more for over a decade. In addition to scoring gigs he also is the host of his own radio show on Deep Ellum Radio.

In addition to the blog, Chris works as a teacher at a Charter high school.  When he's not obsessing about local music, he likes to spend time with his cats, play Sudoku, & other "nerdy" things.

I started the playlist with Old 97’s & Deathray Davies because those were the two bands that were most instrumental in my introduction to the Dallas music world. From there, I chose a list of some of the acts who have made the greatest impression on me (musically &/or personally) over the past eleven years. The last two tracks are newer releases that I feel are the best representatives of what the metroplex has to offer right now musically.
— Ghost
#MUSICMONDAY feat. rocker Bryce Bangs
Photo credit: Justin Hamra

Photo credit: Justin Hamra

These are the songs that have been on steady rotation in my house for the last month or so. Some old tunes, some brand new ones. It’s a nice mix of melt-your-face rock ‘n roll, drink away your blues, & party ‘til the sun comes up. 
— Bryce Bangs

Meet #MUSICMONDAY's Bryce Bangs is a Dallas Native who combines blues, rock, & soul in his new self-titled album which debuted this summer with a sold-out record release show at Granada Theater.

Bryce Bangs is a Dallas native who combines blues, rock, & soul in his new album. Growing up, he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Ryan Bingham, Notorious B.I.G., Black Keys, & Gary Clark Jr. When he's not recording he loves cooking stir fry, collecting bolo ties, & supporting his alma mater Texas Tech fam. 

“Bryce & his following are ones to watch as they climb the ladder,” said Granada Theater owner Mike Schoder after the artist opened the venue’s recent Bob Schneider show, “expect a fun party where the music takes you away.”

Bryce Bangs’ self-titled sophomore album is now available for purchase on iTunes & streaming on Spotify. For more information about the artist, please visit


#MUSICMONDAY feat. Patrick Smith

"There are so many bands and songs that influence me heavily, so narrowing this playlist down was tough! Rock and Roll!! 🤘"

Since Patrick was little, he was fascinated with music. He recorded songs off the radio since he was 7 or 8 years old. When he turned 17, he played drums for a few months and then got hooked on the guitar. He played guitar for 5 years, writing and forming many different bands that never got off the ground. Finally in 2010, he switched to bass. Within a few months, he started getting offers to play bass with other people and he decided that he was going to go all in. He has been playing, teaching, and recording music full time for a living since 2011. He's traveled around the U.S. and a little bit around Europe. He currently plays with BJ Stricker & The Kings, Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat, SuperNova Remnant, Ryan Berg & The Velvet Ears, Nick Snyder & The Real Deal, Holy Roller Baby, and BadKid. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Julie McCullough
Some of these songs pull me through, some remind me of beautiful times & people in my life; some take me back. Nonetheless, all of these songs transport me, even if for just a minute.

Julie McCullough is one of Dallas' top multi-hyphenates. This badass lady is not only the mind behind Folksie, a clothing line she launched in 2011, but also The Pin Show, a one-night event combining the best up-and-coming fashion designers & music acts on the runway.

Her path to maker, fashion designer, seamstress & producer was paved with grit, determination & a dedication to thoughtful design & collaboration. She aspires to be a champion for those who enjoy the process of hand-made goods while emboldening artists & entrepreneurs with her success as a passionate, self-made creator, designer & event producer.


#MUSICMONDAY feat. Jayson LaFrance

Jayson is more than just a web & design specialist, he sees the big picture. His forte is creating unique & strikingly functional experiences for clients & kick-ass branding initiatives. Analytical & creative, Jayson is also the man behind the brand new Longhorn Ballroom website - & a part of the LaFrance family, the owners who've renovated the historic space.

"While there was a lot of country music over the years at the Longhorn Ballroom, I wanted to show the diversity of music that was performed there!"

Click to listen to Jayson's eclectic #LonghornBallroom playlist featuring his fav artists who've performed on its legendary stage in the last 67 years. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Brandon Callies

Brandon Callies & the American Revival is an Austin based rock n roll outfit. "Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet" describes the band pretty well, since they are just as inclined to do stripped down acoustic sets as they are to do loud rock sets. 

Each track on this list played a pivotal role in my musical journey. They all influence my writing in some way, and I may not have even started playing if it weren't for some of these bands/artists.