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#MUSICMONDAY feat. Dyllan Chavez
This playlist really embodies my energy! At times I can be really high energy & have a bunch of ideas rushing through my mind, but others I’m really chill & like to reflect on my life & my goals. This playlist really gets me into the right mindset no matter how I feel that day.
— Dyllan

It’s a new year so lets start it off right. Our new Content Strategist, Dyllan Chavez, is a recent graduate and Marketing guru from the University of North Texas. Originally from Mexico, Dyllan loves exploring and strengthening his creative abilities, & has done everything from DJing to spray painting. In his spare time, you can find him scarfing down tacos, diving into Tilted Towers with his fellow lads, or spending time with the people he cares about the most.

One day, Dyllan hopes to help inner city reach their creative potential by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, & tools they need to succeed. He is always covered in “drip” (badass jewelry) & has a “cozy” but fashion-forward sense of style.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Joshua Fleming from the Vandoliers
I’ll start you off with our title track from our latest album. All of these songs are different & have an influence on me as a writer. They’re favorites from my friends, bands we’ve toured with, & those who inspire me. All great bands, all great writers, & different from the norm.
— Joshua Fleming

The magic for Joshua began the night he went to a Bad Religion concert with his sister, where he was inspired to create his own sound. Catch the Vandoliers onstage this weekend at Smoked Fort Worth, a BBQ showcase of the best Texas barbecue & live music. The all-day celebration will take Fort Worth by storm this Saturday, Oct. 13 from 2 to 6 p.m. in front of the Livestock Exchange Building at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. It’s a can’t miss & the Fest’s first-annual Fort Worth event.

We’ve got a double win for everyone, on this #MUSICMONDAY! Love a bit of country music & BBQ? Well keep reading, because we’re giving you a treat. Meet Joshua Fleming, the mastermind behind the alt-country band, the Vandoliers. Joshua brought together a group of DFW musicians who felt extremely proud of their marvelous homeland. They put their own spin on Texas country & threw in a dash of punk roots to create a sound that caught Rolling Stone’s attention. This Texas lover wanted to express his love for the great Lone Star State with the new single “The Native.” One listen stirs up memories of “East Dallas dive bars, Pantego pool halls, small towns, big cities, & the rolling ribbon of bluebonnet-covered highway that stretches throughout the state”.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Artist Uprising
Photo by: David Porcheddu

Photo by: David Porcheddu

"An autumnal mix with some slight hints of halloween from your ArtUp team"

Artist Uprising intends on finding undiscovered and emerging talent from all types of creative and entertainment fields. After that, they introduce them to you in a way that is authentic to the heart of the artist. 

By combining storytelling with traditional print media, their goal is to become the most trusted source for presenting the freshest talent in every creative industry. The dream team sets out to encourage, promote and create opportunities for emerging talent to hit a "tipping point" in their career. 

Artist Uprising just released a limited edition merchandise line with a mission to abolish "starving artistry." Click the link to pre-order: here

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Brandon Callies

Brandon Callies & the American Revival is an Austin based rock n roll outfit. "Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet" describes the band pretty well, since they are just as inclined to do stripped down acoustic sets as they are to do loud rock sets. 

Each track on this list played a pivotal role in my musical journey. They all influence my writing in some way, and I may not have even started playing if it weren't for some of these bands/artists.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. D and Chi

D and Chi are a Dallas Indie pop duo that's taking what they learned on the streets of the Bishop Arts District to the world. Either backed by a full band or playing acoustic, this duo can showcase what's sure to be hit songs that'll be stuck in your head until the next show you go to.

All of these songs are songs that have been influencing our writing as of late. Some are local/friends and others may be undiscovered in Dallas but nonetheless you'll love the list. We encourage you to guess which songs are from D and which are from Chima.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Lauren Gordon

Lauren is a senior public relations student at the University of North Texas with a passion for blogging, DIY, food and learning about the world. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, coffee lover and constant smiler who can (almost always) be caught eating. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish work focusing on travel.

This playlist is a wonderfully weird compilation that shows Lauren’s love of country, pop and everything in-between.

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Sterling Stinson

My name is Sterling Stinson, I am a 19 year old college sophomore studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing at TWU. I'm originally from Indiana but I got to Denton as quick as I could. I work for/with an organization called Denton Together, which puts on Band Together Denton, a multiday, multivenue house show festival hosted around Denton in January, as well as Denton Free Week which will have its first annual festival from August 28th to September 2nd (applications are still open to play it until May 31st) and we are looking to add a couple more things under the Denton Together umbrella here in the future. I am not musically gifted in any way, but I love the Denton music scene dearly, so I put my business skills to work by helping recruit sponsorships so that we can keep doing what we're doing. 

I love the Denton music scene. It is full of people who manage to somehow pull off being great musicians and great people (which makes the rest of us look bad sometimes, but we'll allow it). This list is just a few songs by just a few of the many Denton bands that I love. Give it a listen, maybe you'll find your new favorite band here, too. 

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel is a Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. She handles the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. She is also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast.

"I picked these songs because of the way they make me feel when I play them. There isn't just one genre of music that I identify myself with. Each song on this list takes me back to a special place. Music is the soudntrack to the moments in my life."

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Kendall Falcon

Clan of Cro designer, Kendall Eckerd Falcon, is known for her balance in compositions, playful silhouettes & delicacy in detail. Her work is created for real expressive women, with boundless aspirations and an artful view of the world. 

"The music I listen to rotates seasonally, as that's the way my design cycle works. I make one playlist that I use by default until I'm ready to work on my next collection. I choose songs that incite creativity, keep me motivated through late nights of work and also hint to the past, music that helps me relax. This playlist is a selection from my mass playlist currently, which I've titled 'This Woman's Work' because what's playing in my studio is what keeps me going creatively and is a supplement to my work as a designer.”

#MUSICMONDAY feat. Morgan Sullivan

Morgan is a second-semester intern at Culture Hype, because she just couldn't get enough of us the first time! She recently graduated from UNT with a bachelor's in journalism with a concentration in public relations. When she's not busy curating the #MUSICMONDAY blogs, she enjoys going to shows, drinking margaritas with her friends and eating an unhealthy amount of cheese. She also makes horribly stupid tweets, which you can follow @sadsquadch.

This playlist is a funky little collection of songs that make me happy - some of them are old, some are new, but all of them have a retro vibe.